Monday 25 March 2019
W 4th Ave and Monroe Street Mural, Artist: Kari Johnson, Eugene, Oregon

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The upper corners featured a fancy golden face against a red tiled background. Two hunters posed near a stream. One was using a spear to hunt fish in the stream. The other, armed with a knife, held a snake overhead. In the center of the mural, a family parked in a meadow planting or harvesting flowers. Notice the city in the distant background. The upper right of the mural featured an ominous sky filled with thunder clouds, all back-lit by a dramatic sunset. A baby sat on the ground next to a plant. At the baby's feet was the artist's signature, "Kari Johnson." View all


Sunday 24 March 2019
Firecrackers, In The 2019 Chinese New Year Parade, An Annual San Francisco Event, The Year of the Pig

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A man held a stout pole with a long string of fireworks attached to one end. As the firecrackers exploded in rapid succession, the pole was slowly lowered to keep all the explosions contained inside the wire screen. The aftermath of the firecracker display. One person inspected the pole for damage. Others searched the red litter for unexploded firecrackers. And yet others broke down the screen to carry it to the next intersection. Over it all lay a haze of smoke. A wire screen was set up in the middle of the intersection of California Street and Kearny Street. The stick would later be used to hold a long string of firecrackers. View all


Saturday 23 March 2019
Striking Back Mural 2015, Artist: Richard Louis Perri, An American Artist, With: Francesco Rosato and Grove Wiley, Merrill's Drug Store, 1091 Market Street, San Francisco, California

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The mural depicted the Merrill's Drug Center as it used to appear on Market Street in mid-twentieth century. The mural covered a boarded over storefront on Market Street in San Francisco, California. The mural showed a car parked in front of the store. An old car (lacking disk brakes, anti-lock brakes, and seat belts, and requiring leaded gas to run). The artists signed the work in its lower left corner: April 1,2015 Striking Back © Richard Louis Perri Francesco Rosato Grove Wiley One could almost confuse this art with a window into the past. A little out of focus, but showing an actual scene from the past. View all


Friday 22 March 2019
Huckleberry Bicycles, Street Murals, As A Form Of Art, 1073 Market Street, San Francisco, California

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A weathered sign over the entrance roll-up doors read, "Huckleberry Bicycles 1073." The rightmost of the two murals illustrated a person leaned back and slung low while riding a bicycle. The rider's arm on the handle bars was extremely long. A rack of rental (manual and electric) bicycles was located just down the street from the bicycle murals. Two murals where each one covered a separate roll-up door. The left of the two murals illustrated the word, "Bikes." The enclosed part of the letter b was painted to resemble a spinning bicycle wheel. View all


Thursday 21 March 2019
Woven Mural 2019, Artist: Alisia McCarthy, On Side of Proper Hotel, Street Murals, As A Form Of Street Art, 1100 Market Street, San Francisco, California

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The upper left corner of the mural. Up close, one can see that the mural is not totally woven. In fact it only presents the illusion of a weave. The closest shot of the entire mural, yet even this wide, the upper left corner was a bit truncated. Closer, one could see the right edge dotted with windows. The mural was large and visible from down the street. From the distance it looked like a woven rug without edge finishing. The mural was located at the "end" of "Charles J Brenham" Street, the name given to 7th street as it extended one block west of Market Street. It was also located on the back of the "Proper Hotel." View all


Wednesday 20 March 2019
New Powell Entry, To BART, And MUNI Systems, Stockton and Market Streets, San Francisco

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A new canopy over the BART/MUNI entry at Stockton and Market was partly obscured by construction and an elevator. The new entry canopy as viewed from inside the station looking up and out. The new canopy style entrance was one of only two such new entryway treatments. Eventually, all the Market Street subway entrances will all be given this new treatment. Signage was painted on the thick upright to the street side of the canopy. It said that this was entry to both BART and MUNI and access to the Powell Street Station. There was another new canopy at the Civic Center Station, and its sign indicated that other station. View all


Tuesday 19 March 2019
Film, Of The 2019 Chinese New Year Parade, An Annual San Francisco Event, The Year of the Pig

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A short film showing some of the highlights of the 2019 San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade. This film was shot at the corner of Kearny and California Streets. View all


Monday 18 March 2019
Prologue, For The 2019 Chinese New Year Parade, An Annual San Francisco Event, The Year of the Pig

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The spot reserved for press photographers was across from check in point for the bleachers. That reserved seating was to the left of this shot. Uniformed police watched the crowd and monitored a gap in the fence to insure nobody would cross during the parade. Several motorcycle police rode ahead of the parade to insure that the route was clear. They paused at California street and waited for a few minutes for the parade to catch up. The sponsor of the parade, Southwest Airlines, led the parade. The actual parade followed this prologue. The fence, holding crowds back from the parade route, crossed California Street. View all


Sunday 17 March 2019
Solar Charging, For Electric Automobiles, As A Form Of Transport

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The sign at the back of the parking spot described how to use this solar charging station. It read (in part): Welcome to FREE EV Solar Charging Brought to you by the Port of San Francisco and Impark Parking, with a grant from the 11th Hour Project. A huge photovoltic array was suspended over a parking spot in one corner of a parking lot directly across the street from Java House in San Francisco, California. Two people walked past the charging station which can give you an idea of its size. Notice the white pad on the ground where the electric vehicle is supposed to park. View all


Saturday 16 March 2019
Robin Williams Mural 2018, Artist: Niño de Cobre, Near Jones and Market Streets, San Francisco, California

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The artist's signature was painted in the upper right corner of the mural. It read, "Cobre," and was followed by the smaller letters "AR" for Argentina. A closer shot of the mural, showing the face of Robin Williams framed by a nest of grey hair. The title of the mural was painted in the lower left of the mural. The title was "Robin Williams." An even closer shot of the mural focused on Robin Williams' left eye. One can almost feel oneself reflected in the cornea. A closer shot of Robin Williams' left eye. Notice the cracks between the boards upon which the mural was painted. View all


Friday 15 March 2019
New Light Rail Vehicle, SFMTA MUNI (LRV) Trolleys, San Francisco, California

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One of the new light rail vehicals in San Francisco pulled to a stop at a station on the J-Church line. Multiple inward facing signs showed the next stop. The next stop was also announced by a robot voice. The signs stayed lit while the car waited to board additional riders. So many signs make it difficult to miss a stop, and nearly impossible to board the wrong train. View all


Thursday 14 March 2019
Welcome Home 2019, Artist: Lori Chinn, Hearts of San Francisco, Twitter Sponsor

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A band of fog separated the front half from the back half of the heart. The left side of the heart featured a seal balancing four scoops of ice cream on a cone. The seal was under a "Haight Ashbury" sign, below a hard hit baseball, and next to the Transamerica Pyramid and Coit Tower. A cable car with a spout doubled as a coffee pot. It was surrounded by morning fog and next to the Ferry Building. The back (up stairs) side of the heart read, "Left My Heart In San Francisco." A cup of coffee tumbled off the Golden Gate Bridge, with Mount Tamalpais beyond Sausalito's fog. View all


Wednesday 13 March 2019
Here Comes The Sun 2019, Artist: Adele Gilani, Hearts of San Francisco, Bank of America Sponsor

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The left lobe of the heart showed bright red flowers growing from the center of a leafy plant. The other side of the heart featured a dark and a bright half. A bare tree grew up the left lobe of the heart, or blood vessels covered that lobe of the heart. The sign on the base of the heart, described: Hearts in San Francisco A Benefit for San Francisco General Hospital Foundation #HeartsinSF Here Comes The Sun Adele Gilani February 13, 2019 The right lobe showed blue flowers and a dawn colored sky over a deeply dark green bush. The bottom of the back side of the heart was a mass of colorful leaves. View all


Tuesday 12 March 2019
The Mural 2010, Above the Tenderloin People's Garden, Precita Eyes Mural Center, As A Collaboration Form Of Art, San Francisco, California

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The mural was tall and dominated the Tenderloin People's Garden. The mural was painted on the side of the McAllister Hotel and was partly hidden by trolley bus wires and the top of a trolley bus. A person handed out carrots to a line of grateful people. A musical staff dipped through the garden, with musical notes, butterflies and birds. A guitar player was the source of the music. The guitar emitted a rainbow staff filled with musical symbols. View all


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