Monday 26 September 2022
Summer 2022 Inwood Re-blooming Daylily, As A Flowering Plant, In The Monster Raised Garden, Eugene, Oregon

A pair of Inwood Reblooming Daylily flowers overlapped each other as they both duked it out to face the sun. A closer view of one of the Inwood Reblooming Daylily flowers with its red wine colored inside, with cream petals. Many Inwood Reblooming Daylily flowers bloomed facing upward toward the sun. Many buds insured many more weeks of flowers to follow.
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Sunday 25 September 2022
2022 Hapet Blue Eyes Dahlia, As A Flower of the Americas, In The Monster Raised Garden, Eugene, Oregon

The wind had toppled two of the Hapet Blue Eyes Dahlia flowers. They still appeared pretty, despite hanging upside down. One of our Hapet Blue Eyes Dahlia flowers faced the morning sunlight and almost appeared to glow. One of our Hapet Blue Eyes Dahlia flowers leaned away from the sun, as if shy. A closer view of two of our Hapet Blue Eyes Dahlia flowers revealed their complex arrangement of petals. Our currently lone Dahlia plant grew on the side of our Monster raised garden bed between the second level and the hedge. Unlike last year, this year it had many blooms.
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Saturday 24 September 2022
Ludwig Van Beethoven Statue, Artist: Unknown, Bronze On Granite, On Base "Music Holding A Lyre," Golden Gate Park, By Music Concourse, San Francisco, California

The lower statue was the depiction of "Music Holding A Lyre." Where Music was personified by a woman who held a lyre in her left hand. The name "Beethoven" was left behind when granite had been cut away. The Beethoven statue was two statues in one. Atop a granite column was the bust of Beethoven. On a step below the bust, was a statue of Music. The front face of the statue stood on concrete with trees beyond it. Atop the granite column was a bust of Beethoven. The face of Beethoven gazed down with a fiercely serious continence.
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Friday 23 September 2022
Fast And Easy Mart, Artificial People, 140 B Street, Davis, California

A somewhat closer view of the three artificial men atop the Fast And Easy Mart who played horns. A group of three artificial musicians played music atop the Fast And Easy Mart at 140 B Street in Davis, California. An artificial man played an artificial trumpet atop the Fast And Easy Mart. Two more artificial men also played horns. The man on the left of the photograph, played and actual artificial trombone. The man on the right played a missing horn that was probably artificial too.
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Thursday 22 September 2022
Homeward Mural 2021, Artists: Dave Young Kim and Erik T Burke, Webster Street & Pacific Avenue, Alameda, California

A closer view of the old-time square-rigged sailing ship. The splashes of water either side of it were painted red. The artist's signatures were painted low and in a corner and were almost hidden by a parked car. The signature read: Dave Young Kim Erik T Burke 2021 An old-time square-rigged sailing ship was visible on the ocean when viewed through a human shaped window. A closer view of one of the two symmetric birds on either side of the old-time square-rigged sailing ship. A large yellow flower decorated the end of the side of the building above another. A large mural was painted on the side of one building and above another. It depicted sea birds and a sailing ship.
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Wednesday 21 September 2022
Costumes, In The 2022, Oregon Country Fair, Veneta, Oregon

A one-eyed creature with no arms walked through the Oregon Country Fair to the amusement of children and puzzlement of adults.
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Tuesday 20 September 2022
Heart Hands Mural, Artist: The Tracy Piper, Ferry Building, San Francisco, California

The literal word "Love" was painted on the back of one of the hands. The mural was painted on the plastic by artist Tracy Piper. It featured two hands forming a heart. Stars, triangles, X's, and half moons decorated the hands. A closer view of the right hand (the leftmost hand in the mural) along with its decorating symbols. The plastic column, upon which the mural was painted, covered a construction stairway. That column rose next to the front entrance to the Ferry Building. The mural was painted on a plastic column just outside the front entrance to the Ferry Building. The signature read, "@ thetracypiper." A closer view of the smears of paint that formed the backdrop to the hands.
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Monday 19 September 2022
Indigo Hammond and Playle Architects, Sculpture, Artist: Unknown, 909 5th Street, Davis, California

The cat sculpture, that stood on the right of the path, looked to its right. Two cat sculptures were located either side of the path into Indigo Hammond and Playle Architects. The cat, that lay on the platform to the left of the path, stared straight ahead. The two sculptures were located at the front of the Indigo Hammond and Playle Architects building.
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Sunday 18 September 2022
Former Temporary Transbay Terminal, Artist: Kate Tova, San Francisco, California

Kate Tova placed her signature at the bottom of one of the two pieces of her art at the former Temporary Transbay Terminal. A closer view of the painting on the rightmost side of the bus stop. One can just make out flowers and a butterfly wing. A closer view of the details of the paint inside the left side of the drippy heart. Her art radiated outward from the center post of a former bus stop. A drippy heart was painted on another bus stop in the former Temporary Transbay Terminal, South of Market, in San Francisco.
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Saturday 17 September 2022
Kaleidescope, As Art, Oregon Country Fair, Veneta, Oregon

Folks discovered the kaleidoscope and a few peered through them. An example of one of the views through one of the kaleidoscope, The mirrors formed a design from plants and a person walking past the other side. An eight-sided tube stood in the center of one of the paths through Oregon Country Fair. The tube was kaleidoscopic art with each hole through it formed from a kaleidoscope. The surface of the tube was a tile mosaic work of art.
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Friday 16 September 2022
SkyStar Wheel, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California

The SkyStar Wheel, in the distance, formed a round frame around a palm tree. The SkyStar Wheel had been installed at the eastern end of the Band Concourse in Golden Gate Park. A closer view of the cars with their doors on the side and surrounded by windows. A few movable signs were stood together and said, "Enter Here," and "Stroller and Bike Parking Here." The SkyStar Wheel rose very high above Golden Gate Park. Notice the ladders that extended from the center outward toward each car. A sign posted at the top of the stairs clearly spelled out "Passenger Restrictions." Among them was, "No guests subject to claustrophobia." The entry was up a few stairs and into a maze to await boarding.
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Thursday 15 September 2022
Public Transport, Tunnel Tops Park, The Presidio, San Francisco, California

A bus station lay below the Tunnel Tops Park and between it and the pond. The 30 Stockton bus ran from near the Caltrain Station at 4th and Townsend, and terminated here at this bus station. It returned roughly over the same route.
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