Monday 22 April 2019
Blackbird Murals 2018, Artist: Shaun Burner, Bar Rouse, 9th Street between J and K Streets, Sacramento, California

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The first (leftmost) portrait was a formally posed aristocratic blackbird, with double breasted coat, a top hat, and a pair of shined shoes. The grand madam of the house was next, with tight pearls and a long formal dress. A portrait of a maid was next. She looked serious, with arms crossed. The second mural from the left exhibited a family portrait including a grandfather behind, a mother and father blackbirds, and a child blackbird. The blackbird murals were painted down an alley next to the former Bar Rouse restaurant. A child blackbird stood at the foot of the bed and tried to remain well posed. View all


Sunday 21 April 2019
Pony Express 1976, Artist: Thomas Holland (1917-2004), Bronze Sculpture, 2nd Street and J Street, Old Town, Sacramento, California

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The horse's head was sculpted in harsh detail. The rider was bent over the head of the horse and carried a whip in his right hand. The statue stood on a large boulder inside a fenced area near a park that bordered a noisy freeway. A mid-19th century pony express rider with a modern 21st century city skyline behind. A plaque describing the sculpture was embedded in concrete and lay flat on the ground. It read, in part, "This statue commemorates the glory of the pony express..." Locked saddle bags carried the messages along the pony express route. A button on each saddle bag identified those messages as US mail. View all


Saturday 20 April 2019
Clock Tower, Artist: R.M. Fischer (1947-), A New York Artist, 3rd Street Between I and J Streets, Sacramento, California

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One of the four feet that supported the tower. It was attached to a concrete riser that had a chunk broken out of it. A more distant view of the tower. From this angle it appeared taller than any of the surrounding buildings. The lower half of the tower, here clearly showing the bridge that both stabilized it and connected a parking lot to the mall. One of the two clock faces, neither of which told the correct time. The other three feet stood on unbroken concrete. Here was a view of one held down with six bolts, three on each side. View all


Friday 19 April 2019
Lit By Moon Mural 2018, Artist: Monty Guy, Corner of 7th and J Streets, Sacramento, California

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The artist's signature was in the lower left of the mural. The M inside a stylized circle stood for the "M" in Monty Guy. The 18 stood for the year 2018. The package of cigarettes was litter. The mural called "Lit By Moon" was painted on a narrow wall in an alcove behind plants at the corner of 7th and J Streets in Sacramento, California. It was painted as part of Sacramento's Wide Open Walls Festival. The torso of the person standing under a full moon. There appeared to be armor protecting the shoulders and belly. The person standing under the full moon, had a face hidden inside a hood. Beads decorated the top of the hood. View all


Thursday 18 April 2019
Haunted Mural 2018, Artist: Cat Eyes Murals, Wide Open Wall Festival, Improv Alley, Sacramento, California

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A window at the back of the first landing had a plastic plant laid in front of it. The window was painted on the wall with ghostly curtains parted to reveal a black cat with green eyes. The the artists' signature was painted on the side of a landing, "cateyesmural," over a door and next to stairs that led up to the landing. The side of a building was painted to become haunted. The windows were painted on the wall and then filled with haunted images. Even the roof line was painted with a painted cat standing on it. View all


Wednesday 17 April 2019
The California Princess Mural 2018, Artist: PixelPancho, Wide Open Walls Art Festival, J Street between 7th and 8th Streets, Sacramento, California

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A golden metal clip held the robot's bun in place. On the clip was embossed the bear and star of the California flag, with an image of the state behind the bear. An overview shot of the "The California Princess" mural, a part of Sacramento's Wide Open Walls Art Festival. It is meant to resemble the famous Princess Leia of Star Wars. but instead, in the words of the artist, "California is popular, it's the quintessence of pop. It's famous all over the world for its cinema industry, its music, its sense of freedom. But, behind this mask of freedom and innovation, it has a dark side." View all


Tuesday 16 April 2019
The Way Home 1977-1980, Enameled Copper, Artist: Fred Uhl Ball, Western Side of Parking Garage, Third and L Streets, Sacramento, California

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Yet another closer look at another section of enameled copper. This section looked like a county plaid pattern as might be seen on a shirt or under a pair of bib-overalls. Another section of the upper parking level illustrated how much each square could differ from all the others. The designs varied widely, but were grouped in places by design. A closer look at another section of the enameled copper wall. This section had a cooler, blue/green appearance. The outside walls of the parking structure were covered in enameled copper squares which gave the exterior a rough, but strikingly bold texture. View all


Monday 15 April 2019
Two Giants Mural 2018, Artist: Phlegm, On Improv Alley, Between 6th and 7th Streets, Sacramento, California

Some related stories: Franco Fasoli Glenna Goodacre (1939-) Andrew Carson Gordon Huether Fnnch Adriane Colburn Jeffrey Andrade Hemming John Pugh Bordello II Elliott C Nathan

The giant on the left had a small head with curved horns. The left-hand giant held up a tree, either to offer or to admire or to puzzle about. Two giants were seated where the wall met the asphalt of the alley. Their appearance was dramatic as they towered over parked cars. The left-hand giant sat on the surface of the alley. It might have sat in the chair, but the chair was too small and faced the wrong direction. Notice that the two posts protecting the door were also decorated. View all


Sunday 14 April 2019
Ape With Child Mural 2018, Artist: Bordello ii, Portuguese Artist, Improv Alley, Wide Open Walls 2018, Sacramento, California

Some related stories: Ila Rose Stephanie Scuris Lacey Bryant Katia Goa John Pugh Chris Bolduc Fernando Cisneros Ray Losey Miles Toland Stephanie Taylor

The mother's face, her eyes rimmed by wire, her mouth painted in white with drips in the corner. The ape's hand gripped the roof next to a TV antenna. That hand probably aided in turning the antenna for the best reception. The baby nestled among found pieces of plastic and metal. The application of junk and paint created the illusion of the ape's lower arm and hand. The textured mural was displayed on an entire wall half way down Improv Alley in Sacramento, California. The mother ape hung from top edge of the building, her arm covering an old sign. View all


Saturday 13 April 2019
3D California King Snake Mural 2018, Artist: John Pugh, An American Artist and 3D Muralist, 6th Street off J Street, Sacramento, California

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At the end of 6th Street, off J Street, John Pugh had painted a 3D mural of two California king snakes coiled and rising off the wall of a building. The artist signed the mural "@artofjohnpugh." A closer shot of the heads of the snakes. Notice the incredibly fine detail in the snake faces and skin. A closer shot of the two snake bodies. Note how the shadows painted on the wall help create the 3D effect. A closer view of the two California king snakes emerging out from the wall. The snakes emerged from just the right sized round holes in the wall and the coiled around each other. View all


Friday 12 April 2019
Frozen Lake, As Seen From Amtrak, On A Trip Through Southern Oregon

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Ice extended far out into the lake. It looked like individual pieces of ice, but that was an illusion caused by surface melting. Shore birds dotted the ice. Those birds waded in shallow puddles melted into the surface of the ice. View all


Thursday 11 April 2019
Old Sacramento State Park, A Park, In Sacramento, Capital of California

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The view across wide grass to an historic rail barn at the west end of the park. A wide, green, grassy area lay between Front and Firehouse Streets, and between I and J Streets of Old Town Sacramento. One sign marked the edge of "Old Sacramento State Historic Park." Behind that, a rail car was decorated with a sign that read "Old Sacramento Waterfront." View all


Wednesday 10 April 2019
Railroad Museum Mural 1999, 2017, Artist: Stephanie Taylor, California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento, California

Some related stories: Jeffrey Andrade Hemming Phlegm Yurik Riegel Glenna Goodacre (1939-) Bruce Beasley Ugo Rondinone Don Kennell And Lisa Adler Amanda Lynn William Behrends Amara Por Dios 1988-

The artist's signature was in the lower right of the mural. The two dates indicate that the mural was originally painted in 1999, and was later restored in 2017. This mural depicted engine number 1, a classic, old steam engine, but looking all shiny and new. The mural shown in context with the side of the California State Railroad Museum. A sign indicated "RV and Bus Parking" off to the right of the museum. The red cow catcher at the front of the train was catching bricks on the way out. View all


Tuesday 9 April 2019
Theodore Dehone Judah Sculpture 1930, "That the West may Remember", Theodore Dehone Judah, Pioneer Civil Engineer, Advocate of Transcontinental Railroad, Old Town, Sacramento, California

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The face of Theodore Dehone Judah was framed in bronze leaves. Just to the right of the face was a chunk of railroad rail. The date of the sculpture was specified in bronze and attached to the granite just above the plaque. A plaque at the base of the statue described the man Theodore Dehone Judah. That plaque read in part: That the West may remember Theodore Dehone Judah Pioneer civil engineer and tireless advocate of a Great Transcontinental Railroad ==America's First-- The statue rested just across the street from Old Town, and lay among shade trees. View all


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