Sunday 28 February 2021
Roku, As Video On Demand, As A Form Of Moving Image, Eugene, Oregon

One of four screens that showed channels that were available. By clicking on one, that channel would be added to your Roku streaming device. The Roku streaming device screen saver. Many copies of the Roku name scrolled by from the bottom up. The search screen for the Roku streaming device. One could search to find which service had a particular show or movie. If the searched for item was unavailable, one could select to have the Roku notify you when that show or movie arrived. Notice was given by the parenthetic number following the "My Feed."
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Saturday 27 February 2021
Lying Lion, The 2021 Life Of, A Human Being Named Westley, Eugene, Oregon

Westley laid back in a rocking chair next to the fireplace. He was lying under a lion. A fake lion, to be certain, but a soft, fuzzy dog bed. Westley continued to lay under a lion, but now the lion was upside down with Gypsy the dog on top. Westley pretended the lion was gone, but was lying about lying under a lion with a dog on top.
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Friday 26 February 2021
2020, Dieter Welte, A Lad Who Lives And Works In Oregon, Eugene, Oregon

Dieter, wearing shorts and no shoes, sat in a dining room chair and posed for the camera. He appeared to be staring out the back door, perhaps at a squirrel.
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Thursday 25 February 2021
Dry Fountain, As A Found Water Thing, Eugene, Oregon

A blue fiberglass fountain had run dry and was turned off. A few pine needles lay atop a thin layer of dry dirt. Long shadows darkened the fountain as the sun set earlier in September.
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Wednesday 24 February 2021
Mobile Phone Screen, As A Part Of A Mobile Phone, Eugene, Oregon

An iPhone brand of mobile phone lay atop a table. The screen's background was an image of Westley and Oliver. Icons for apps were displayed along the top and bottom of the screen.
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Tuesday 23 February 2021
Organic, Food And Packaging, Eugene, Oregon

A non-recyclable plastic-paper package contained, and was labeled, "USDA Organic, Fresh Gourmet, Organic Croutons, sea salt."
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Monday 22 February 2021
Oliver In 2020, Oliver "Duck" Williams, A Young Person Whose Name Began With The Letter O, Eugene, Oregon

Oliver stopped and posed for the camera. He didn't smile, instead he stared directly into the lens as if daring the lens to move closer.
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Sunday 21 February 2021
Hulu, As Video On Demand, As A Form Of Moving Image, Eugene, Oregon

A Roku had been tuned to the Hulu service. During a pause in viewing, the Hulu logo became a screen saver by displaying its text to random locations on the screen.
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Saturday 20 February 2021
Grapes, Over A Raised Garden, As A Collection Of Plants, Eugene, Oregon

A lavish grape plant grew atop one section of raised vegetable garden sections. Clusters of grapes could be seen ripening below the leaves. Most of those clusters were eaten by squirrels before we could pick and eat them ourselves.
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Friday 19 February 2021
Leaf Compost, As Plants Found In Nature, Eugene, Oregon

A 3 foot cube was created from 2x4 ceder lumber wrapped in chicken wire. Leafs from last autumn were piled into this bin. Over the next two years these leafs should compost into a usable plant food.
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Thursday 18 February 2021
Crocus, As A Flowering Plant, Eugene, Oregon

The first of the yellow crocus flowers was just beginning to bloom in the backyard garden. A purple crocus flower had been beaten down by a fierce rain the night before. The first of many purple crocus flowers bloomed in the backyard garden. A cluster of yellow crocus flowers bloomed on the neighbor's side of the garden along side the driveway. The first crocus leaves began poking their leaves above the dirt in the backyard garden. Another purple crocus flower bloomed in the backyard garden. A cluster of crocus leaves began to poke their leaves above the ground in the backyard garden.
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Wednesday 17 February 2021
Toy Tractor, As A Form Of Motor Vehicle, Eugene, Oregon

A toy tractor traveled over the back patio on its way to grass. This toy tractor was a kids toy. A kid who enjoyed running it over grass and on the border of raised stone planters.
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Tuesday 16 February 2021
Throw Pillow, As A Decor Accent, Eugene, Oregon

An old throw pillow rested on the sofa. Its inside was so old the throw pillow could hardly retain its shape. A animal themed throw pillow had been tossed on the floor. It featured silhouettes of Moose, Elk, Bear, and trees. A small bird-themed throw pillow sat in a wooden bowl. It featured birds on twigs and had a plaid border. A large bird-themed throw pillow rested atop a hassock. Just like the smaller version, it featured birds perched on twigs. Instead of plaid, this pillow was bordered with a braid. A small pillow rested in a ceramic bowl. That pillow had the words, "Blessing, Bounty, Family" and "Freedom" printed on it.
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Monday 15 February 2021
Juggling Balls, As A Type Of Sphere, Eugene, Oregon

An assortment of juggling balls rested on a shelf. On top were two yellow juggling balls, and one orange Lacrosse ball. A multicolored juggling ball was in the lower left of the image. Three larger glow-in-the-dark juggling balls formed the base of the stack.
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Sunday 14 February 2021
Garden Devices, Squirrel Repellent, Eugene, Oregon

A device, that when attached to a garden hose, could be used to repel squirrels. A motion detector below the sprinkler head would turn the sprinkler briefly on whenever a squirrel appeared to chomp on the bean buds. The sprinkler also became a plaything enjoyed by children.
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Saturday 13 February 2021
Out Of Focus Plants, Which Includes Flowers, Roots, Trees, Bushes, and Moss, Eugene, Oregon

A tree was photographed through a window with a screen covering the window. The shot was out of focus and the camera moved during the shot, thereby creating this lovely abstract image.
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