Thursday 29 October 2020
Halloween Skulls, 2020, As Part Of A Party Invitation, Davis, Sausalito, and San Francisco

A masked skull was found in a window in downtown Sausalito, California. Its head featured a dangerous array of spikes. A dangerous looking mask was part of a skeleton hung in a store window in downtown Sausalito, California. It almost resembled a face mask worn during the corona virus pandemic of 2020. A gold skull (or skull painted gold) was on display inside a store in San Francisco. It was displayed under a glass dome. A skull was painted as part of a mural found in downtown Davis, California. This skull had one eye that gazed down on passersby.
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Wednesday 28 October 2020
555 Mission, One Of Several Private Parks, In San Francisco, California

Three benches sat at the ready near the side wall of the park. That wall, and greenery, separated the park from the building next door. The somewhat new Transbay Center rose high over the private park at 555 Mission Street. Another park was located on the roof of the Transbay Center. Many benches were arranged under trees to provide places to sit and eat lunch. Because this was Saturday, nobody was present at lunch time. Notice that someone had left burger and drink containers behind on one of the benches.
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Tuesday 27 October 2020
Oregon Storm Clouds, As A Found Weather Event, Eugene, Oregon

Just like with fluffy clouds on a sunny day, storm clouds could also seem to create nameable shapes. Here, for example, was an injured Teddy bear head reaching down to catch fish. The sky seemed to descend like a curtain at the end of a play. As an end to autumn, the next act will be an icy cold winter. The sky that day was so dark it turned into a black and white scene. The darkness made the day feel heavy, cold, and oppressive. Dark grey and ominous clouds hung over bare tree tops. There blew a cold wind that day as we waited for rain to arrive. At moments, bit of blue sky would almost break through, but would always fail and be squeezed back by the approaching storm.
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Monday 26 October 2020
2006 Haight Street, and the Panhandle, San Francisco

The Wasteland store sold fashionable clothing. It was located on Haight Street in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. The look of its sign and the arch over the sign appeared mildly spooky in the few days just before Halloween.
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Sunday 25 October 2020
2007 San Francisco Bay, As A Form Of Water Feature

A fishing boat and a sailboat returned from the ocean near day's end. The day had been cloudless, and the bay was calm. The Marin Headlands, beyond the Golden Gate Bridge, were washed out by the sun.
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Saturday 24 October 2020
Pumpkins, In 2020, Halloween, Party Invitation Images, Eugene, Oregon

A ceramic pumpkin sat atop a bookshelf and nestles among books. It would clearly open, but its contents (if any) remained a mystery. A regular orange pumpkin sat on the concrete of a driveway. This color pumpkin was the sort most usually carved into a jack-o-lantern. A black, but fake, pumpkin on a mantle had rows of brass spikes vertically down its sides. A large white pumpkin rested on the concrete of a driveway. A more traditionally orange pumpkin rested next to it. The darkness surrounding them was caused by an overcast day. A fake pumpkin had holes in it that were shaped like ghosts, bats, and stars. This pumpkin stood on a shelf at the shady end of a house.
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Friday 23 October 2020
"Collaboration" 2012, Artists: Attendees of the, California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Art, As A Collaboration Form Of Art, Davis, California

A small sign was affixed to the base of the "Collaboration" statue. It read, Collaboration 2012 Created by Attendees of the CA Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Art City of Davis Art in Public Places Program Donated by John Natsoulas Gallery A closer view of the head and very long neck of the "Collaboration" statue. A view of the back of the "Collaboration" statue and all the ceramic items embedded into it. A even closer view of the other leg of the "Collaboration" statue. A view of the upper front of the "Collaboration" statue. Notice all the ceramic items embedded into the skin of the statue. Also note the inclusion of a card advertising the Chimps at the Sacramento, Zoo.
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Thursday 22 October 2020
2019, Denver, As A Named Human Being, Birthday Party, Eugene, Oregon

Westley posed for the camera while wearing a pink "Sweet Sixteen" tiara that clashed with his orange shirt. The dining room table was decorated for Denver's birthday. Purple balloons and pink streamers hung over the table. The table itself was decorated in a 'sweet 16" theme. This was the table before folks sat down to celebrate. That same decorated table, but viewed after the party had happened. One end of the table was a mess. It was covered in bananas, croutons, spent paper plates, and an abandoned ice cream lid. A "Sweet Sixteen" banner was hung on the wall opposite the dining room. That wall too was decorated.
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Wednesday 21 October 2020
2010 Theater and Movie Lights, As A Form Of Decor, Chinese New Year Parade, San Francisco, California

A large outdoor canister light pointed upward to illuminate a window. Spill from that light illuminated a tree.
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Tuesday 20 October 2020
1980 Joe Towers, Location Unknown, Copy of a Polaroid Photograph

Joe Towers with Nancy Lacer (Lark Engle in background) chatted with persons unknown. Joe Towers with Nancy Lacer, Larry (Duke) Perkins. Lark Engle and Daryl (Ozzie Gumps) Hallmark with eyes shut. Joe Towers took a moment to pose for a photograph taken with a Polaroid camera. Joe Towers with Nancy Lacer, Larry (Duke) Perkins with eyes shut. Lark Engle and Daryl (Ozzie Gumps) Hallmark with eyes open.
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Monday 19 October 2020
2016 Terry Costales Birthday, As a Named Person, Eugene, Oregon

The Oregon brand of ice cream, "Umpqua", waited next to an ice cream scoop. This flavor was, "Maple Nut." All the candles on her birthday cake were lit except one. The many candles were used for effect, instead of her actual number of candles. The candles were plucked out of the cake one by one, before the cake could be cut. A final photograph of the cake, having been cut, and already served and eaten by the party attendees. Festive "Happy Birthday" napkins were laid atop a festive balloon-themed table cloth. Terry held up one of her presents. It was a t-shirt that read, "This is my Sexy Lingerie."
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Sunday 18 October 2020
Spiders, In 2020, Halloween, Party Invitation Images, San Francisco, California and Eugene, Oregon

A fake spider was attached to a tree, which in turn was wrapped in a fake web. Although it appeared soft, the red eyes gave it a sinister apperance. A real spider had created a web between two bushes that hung over a path. Two actual flies were caught in the web showing that this was a productive place for a web. Only a few strands were left behind after a gate was opened and destroyed a web. The spider had wisely escaped upward toward the roof.
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Saturday 17 October 2020
2008 Reflections On Water, As A Form Art, On Way To Tortuguero, Costa Rica

The boat ride into Tortuguero, Costa Rica took us past an embankment right out of a novel. A classic jungle scene reflected off calm, warm river water. The weather that day was hot and humid.
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Friday 16 October 2020
Graffiti On Signs, As A Form of Deconstruction, Pacific Avenue, San Francisco, California

A "No Parking" sign was covered in graffiti. The large writing was spray painted. The smaller writing was a mixture of chalk and flow pens. Behind the graffiti the sign read, "No Parking, 2am to 6am, Mon through Fri, Street Cleaning." Behind the sign was a temporary, cyan porta-potty from "United Site Services."
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