Tuesday 19 January 2021
Garden Moss, As A Form Of Plant, Eugene, Oregon

A layer of moss was beginning to cover the front driveway under the wheel of a parked car. This moss too will be power washed away in the spring. Moss and dried leaves mixed with low weeds near the corner of the side fence and side gate. Border stones divided the path from the garden in the back yard. Those edging stones were beginning to merge in with the garden due to a thin layer of moss. A closer view of the moss growing atop the stacked stones that created the Monster raised garden bed. That moss looked rustic because of a tiny fallen leaf and two fallen twigs that decorated its surface.
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Monday 18 January 2021
Cups, As A Form Of Home Decor, Eugene, Oregon

A cup with a floral design sat on the shelf that divided the kitchen from the dining room. A yellow cup with a smiley-face design sat on a metal shelf and held a cube that could be folded in many ways to expose different designs one at a time. A worn cup with a floral design sat on one of the shelves in the kitchen. The words on its front read, "Mom's Cup, A gift from your favorite child." A bird theme cup sat at the back of a desk. It had been seriously cracked in the past, so could no longer hold liquid. It was now used to hold a blue-tooth adapter being charged.
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Sunday 17 January 2021
Wooden Kits, As Found Art, Eugene, Oregon

A mechanical card holder was built from a wood cut puzzle. It sat on a shelf in front of fake emu feet and waited to be opened. A Pegasus clock was built from a wood cut puzzle. It rested upon a metal wine rack and told the time. A Brachiosaurus was built from a wood cut puzzle. It rested on a short bookcase and waited for a plant or flower to eat.
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Saturday 16 January 2021
Dregs Of Christmas, As A Mythic Celebration, Eugene, Oregon

This was one of two gingerbread houses built for Christmas. It was too fragile to pack away for next Christmas, so became a leftover decoration. A ziplock bag was filled with string and ribbon leftover from unwrapped Christmas Gifts. These dregs may find use over the year as birthday presents will need to be wrapped. This was the second of two gingerbread houses built for Christmas. It too was too fragile to pack away for next Christmas, so became a leftover decoration.
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Friday 15 January 2021
2014 Denver Welte, As A Named Person, Oregon

Denver posed and smiled inside a clown's smile at the Enchanted Forest, a theme park, in Turner, Oregon. Denver posed by peeking through a painting. The effect was to make her appear to be a short person, wearing suspenders, and waving at the camera.
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Thursday 14 January 2021
2009 Bryan Costales, As A Named Person, Thanksgiving, Brentwood, California

Bryan wore a bow tie made from leftover Christmas ribbon. He sat at a table at Melinda's home in Brentwood, California and waited for the Thanksgiving meal to be served.
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Wednesday 13 January 2021
Terry and Bryan Wedding 1968, Walnut Creek, California

Terry's room at home, torn apart in advance of her move following the wedding. Bailey, his back to the camera, gave the future couple advice for the future. Terry gazed at the camera and appeared to be lost in thoughts of the future. The wedding invitation that was sent to all the relatives in advance of the wedding. Happy couple surrounded by bride's parents Bryan and Terry gazed either up at the "Psycho" house, or at the future that awaited them. Elaine stood between Bryan and Terry outside the Walnut Creek Courthouse. David (Terry's Brother) and Stan (Terry's Father) Watched Television. Terry dashed inside of City Hall to prepare for her wedding portrait.
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Tuesday 12 January 2021
2008 Collection, Of Children, and Babies, As People Of A Certain Age, California and Costa Rica

A kid became a swing for a puppy on the shore of Lake Merritt in Oakland, California. A young boy, wearing protective eye wear, dined at a fancy restaurant. A girl dressed in pink climbed on a green carved statue of a parrot. A young boy inside a parked car gazed out at the passing tourists and their fancy cameras. Two kids played basket ball at the end of an Alley in the North Beach Neighborhood of San Francisco. A kid with only one arm pretended to be a bird for the entertainment of tourists on a tour bus.
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Monday 11 January 2021
2010 Collection, Of Dead Animals, Elkhorn Slough Safari, Moss Landing, California

A bird had expired in the shore of Elkhorn Slough in Moss Landing, California. Wings of a dead pigeon were found on a sidewalk in San Francisco. Parts of a dead pigeon were scattered on the sidewalk. Legs of a dead pigeon were found on a sidewalk in San Francisco.
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Sunday 10 January 2021
Stakes, As Found Art, Eugene, Oregon

We converted to plastic stakes, because the wooden ones delaminated. This particular stake indicated that we had planted crocus flowers in front of ground cover. A wooden stake leaned against a recycling bin. This stake had been used before and now stood waiting to be used again. When a plant was purchased at a home improvement center, or at a garden center, it was usually provided with a stake that described the plant. This particular stake labeled purchased ground cover. Another problem with wooden label stakes was that the lettering on them faded over time and became illegible.
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Saturday 9 January 2021
Texture, As Found Art, Eugene, Oregon

The glass leaded into the front door was made of several textures of glass. Not only was the design rough, but so was the texture of the glass. A woven foot stool cover wrapped a bright red foot stool. The holes in the cover created the texture. An American Rag brand hoodie was woven from yarn. This was a close up view of one of its sleeves. A thin, worn cotton dish towel was laid atop a small folding table. It had been allowed to dry out. Its surface was so thin and worn that it almost had no visible texture at all.
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Friday 8 January 2021
1974 Collection Of Gorilla, As A Primate Animal, San Francisco Zoo

Back in 1974, a gorilla sat in an enclosure at San Francisco Zoo. That gorilla appeared to be lost in thought.
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Thursday 7 January 2021
Drayage Horse, As A Working Land Animal, Nicaragua

A horse was rigged with the accouterments of drayage. The horse appeared weary of such work, perhaps having done so over many years.
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Wednesday 6 January 2021
Terry And Bryan, 2010 Terry Costales, As A Named Person, Elkorn Slough Safari, Moss Landing, California

Terry Costales and Bryan Costales just before a boat trip with the Elkhorn Slough Safari. This photo was taken by the tour guide using Bryan's camera.
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Tuesday 5 January 2021
Pier 29, As It Looked In 2006, San Francisco Waterfront, San Francisco, California

Pier 29 as it looked in 2006, when viewed from Telegraph Hill. Since then, it has been partly torn down and rebuilt as part of the James R. Herman Cruise Terminal.
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Monday 4 January 2021
2012 Bryan Costales, As A Named Person, Lake Anza, Tilden Regioinal Park, Berkeley Hills, Berkeley, California

Bryan was caught near the shore of Lake Anza having already photographed the lake . He wore a Joseph Abboud sweater he bought online from Macys that has lasted (with minor repairs) for 15 years
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