Saturday 18 May 2019
Janitorial Tools, As Artificial People

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Three mops waited on the porch railing of a high school in San Francisco, California. They waited outside a door, as if in trouble for a classroom fight. Perhaps the two gray haired mops fought the blue haired mop, and now all three were in trouble. Twin mops with blue hair hung out on the porch railing of a High School in San Francisco, California. Both mops appeared angry as if upset by some high school affront recently felt. View all


Friday 17 May 2019
Whaio Mural, Artist: Amanda Lynn, On a wall of Alioto's Garage, 1835 Folsom Street, San Francisco, California

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The artist's signature was at the base of the mural. It indicated that the mural was by, "A.Lynn," or Amanda Lynn. The word, "Whaio" was sketched in pink below the signature. It was either the title of the mural, or was added later as a bit of graffiti. We chose to interpret it as the title. There was no indication of when (in what year) the mural was painted. The hair was styled up high in a formal manner. Many tiny pink bows held the hair in place. One long curl fell down behind the skeletal neck of the woman. Notice a squirt of red spray paint decorated the metal to the right of the mural. View all


Thursday 16 May 2019
Original Naval Flash Mural 2018, Artist: Unknown, In Honor Of Artist: Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins, 19th Street and Folsom Street, San Francisco, California

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The mural was painted on a wall next to Mission Web Works at the corner of 19th Street and Folsom Street in Mission District of San Francisco. A Naval Flash is a symbolic representation of an identifying naval mark. Here it indicates a reproduction of a famous tattoo by Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins, tattoo artist. The upper right of the mural showed a mirror image flag, stars, birds, and fish. But the words on this side were different, instead reading, "Cradle of the Deep." Imagine this mural tattooed on the back or arm of a sailor during or after World War II. It included the phrase, "Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep." View all


Wednesday 15 May 2019
Downtown Berkeley Bicycles Mural 2019. Artist: Unknown, Corner of Shattuck and University Avenues, Berkeley, California

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In this, the last of the collection of murals, a pizza headed person carried a small dog in a basket above the bicycle's front wheel that lacked spokes. A person with a taco head sat cross legged on a platform and meditated while riding a three-wheeled bicycle. The next mural panel was painted in purple tones. It showed two bicycles with different front wheels (one had a scooter front wheel, while the other had a railroad engine's front end with a cattle catcher). The first bicycle had a cat in a sidecar. The second bicycle had a stone rear wheel. View all


Tuesday 14 May 2019
Jazz Alley Mural 2018, Artist: Jake Castro, Located along a wall of Jazz Alley, Sacramento, California

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The left two designs were painted what used to be two vertical billboard setups. Here the painted designs replaced the former billboards. The right grouping of four designs faced rainbow strips on the facing wall. This right grouping appeared to be unique, yet each held similar designs and colors to their neighbors. A closer view of one of the designs painted on the bricks. This one was painted near to an old fire escape ladder. This last shot is a closer look at the grouping of four designs. Notice the sharpness of the details, and the precise geometric elements. View all


Monday 13 May 2019
Sacramento Drawings, Art From Public Objects, Artist: Tom Bob, An American Artist, Based in New York City

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A girl on a pogo stick was created from an electric pipe emerging from the ground and terminating at a metal box. With just a bit of paint, the dull box was turned into a delightful girl on a pogo stick. A metal bumper, intended to protect the corner of a concrete building, had been converted into a delightful image of a boy posed in a hand stand. Sadly he had posed so long that a plant grew over one hand, and dirt had given him the appearance of a tough beard. View all


Sunday 12 May 2019
Pioneer Park, A Park, In Old Sacramento, Sacramento, California

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The top of one of the columns revealed fancy details that had one time existed, before age and corrosion began to deface them. The sign identifying this as "Pioneer Park" was attached to an arch over a stairway leading down into the park. Gray plaster on the brick building next to the park was beginning to erode, thereby exposing red brick. The park was left over from a four story building that collapsed in the distant past. The columns were the original columns holding up the building. The columns were made of steel and some were cracked with age with the cracks edged in rust. View all


Saturday 11 May 2019
Teach Peace Mural 2019, Artist: Jorit Agoch, An Italian Artist, 1123 J Street, Sacramento, California

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A symbol to the right of the child's face looked like a face over crossed arrows. The mural depicted the face of a child. The lines on the face were typical of the face lines in most of Jorit Agoch's murals and portraits. The mural's title, "Teach Peace," was to the left of the child's face. A closer view of the child's face. The texture of the wall could be seen bleeding through the child's face. A bolt in the wall looked like a zit on the child's nose. The sign that read, "Teach Peace," was cleverly drawn so that the three central letters were shared by both words. Above the sign was a flame, and below the sign was an infinity symbol. View all


Friday 10 May 2019
Johnny Cash Mural 2018, Artist: Frank Shepard Fairey, Wide Open Walls Festival, Residence Inn, 1121 15th Street, Mural on L Street East Wall, Sacramento, California

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The Johnny Cash mural, as we walked closer, was still partly obscured by bare tree branches. Closer, one could read phrases that reflected his history. The Johnny Cash mural by Frank Shepard Fairey as it could be glimpsed through trees. Some bare for winter, others evergreen. The Johnny Cash mural by artist Frank Shepard Fairey as viewed from the sidewalk of L Street while walking towards the mural. In the upper right of the Johnny Cash mural by Frank Shepard Fairey were the words, "Public Enemy." Next to the words was a symbol that resembled a grate over a street drain. View all


Thursday 9 May 2019
Statues And Lights 2018, Artist: Sam Sellers, Utility Box Art, Capitol Box Art Project, 15th Street And L Street, Sacramento, California

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The end of the traffic control box featured a large lion's head and leaping porpoises that faced the street. The end of the traffic control box facing down the sidewalk, with its back to the street. The design was reminiscent of the film Metropolis by Fritz Lang. The face of the traffic control box with its back to the street, targeted a face over an outline of the capital building. The decorated traffic control box was located just outside a hotel bar. It was a photo montage of sights and lights found around downtown Sacramento, California. View all


Wednesday 8 May 2019
Rooster Mural 2018, Artist: Dave Young Kim, Bay Area Mural Festival, @bayareamuralfestival, 3rd Street and Webster Street, Oakland, California

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Dan Young Kim's mural of a large rooster occupied almost the entire wall of the apartment building. The rooster appeared to stand on a white board attached horizontally to the side of the building. The rooster's tail feathers extended below the white board and rested atop the asphalt of the parking lot. The feathers were painted using careful details. A large mural of a rooster was painted on the wall of an apartment building near the corner of 3rd Street and Webster Street, in the Jack London Area of Oakland, California. View all


Tuesday 7 May 2019
Melissa Uroff, Utility Box Art, Capitol Box Art Project, 16th Street And J Street, Sacramento, California

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The street side of the traffic control box showed another woman with flowers in her hair. From this angle, notice that both women have black-and-white, monotone faces, but both have red lips. The far side of the traffic control box showed a woman with flowers on her head, and a lock and latch on one shoulder. Each face of this traffic control box featured a separate portrait. To the left two people talked with a butterfly covering the woman's mouth. To the right, a woman gazed out at passersby. View all


Monday 6 May 2019
K, Letter As Found In The Wild

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Two cast iron ends of a bench were mounted on the outside wall of a building in Old Town, Sacramento. When viewed like this, they took on the appearance of two letter K's. View all


Sunday 5 May 2019
Houses, Built By Humans For Birds

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A rustic bird house nailed to a tree and viewed just at sunset. A homemade birdhouse with a knothole just above the the actual entry hole. While walking around the property at the McKenzie River Mountain Resort during Ghost Story Weekend, I found these bird houses arranged on ladders. View all


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