Saturday 21 July 2018
Panda Cafe And Bakery Mural 2015, Artist: Phuong-Mai Bui-Quang, With P.M.B.Q. Studio, Additional Art: Jocko Giacomelli, Amenda Hing, Melissa Le, Melissa Song, Jimmy Tran, Catherine Vasper and Jen Yuen, San Jose, California

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Kid pandas played with bamboo while a student panda worked on a laptop while sipping tea or coffee. A waiter panda held the restaurant door open so that a young panda could exit. A closer shot of a panda eating a bamboo burger. A closer shot of a panda at a table with a flower in a vase and a coffee cup. A red panda carried two balloons away from a panda with a blue balloon tied to his backpack. The Menu read: Specials BLT Bamboo Lettuce Tomato Bamboorito Oddles of Bamboodles Bamboo Butter & Jelly Bamboo on the Beach View all


Friday 20 July 2018
Lowrider Cars, At The 2018 40th Annual San Francisco, Carnaval Parade, San Francisco, California

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A black VW bus lowrider was one of the more unusual cars seen that morning. An old black and white car that looked very much like the police cars of yore. Lou Seal, mascot of the San Francisco Giants, rode in an orange car. An old convertible with the top down changed lanes while driving slowly down the parade route. A flashy dark convertible drove past on three wheels as if banked for a high speed turn. The passenger in an old Bel Air held up a sign that read, "Made in the Mission." A lowrider car used hydraulics to elevate and drive on only three wheels. A car rose onto three wheels and drove straight head on into the camera. View all


Thursday 19 July 2018
Diridon Station, San Jose, California, Amtrak, A U.S. Railroad

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A sign on the lawn in front of the building listed: San Jose Diridon Transit Center 65 Cahill Street A neon sign indicated the presence of a news stand. It was actually more of a snack bar. A large analog clock was built into the wall high above the waiting room benches. The front doors were left open this day, because the day was pleasantly warm. A couple folks were in line at the combined Amtrak, Greyhound, and Caltrain counter. A ramp led down to a tunnel under the tracks. This was the only way to access the trains. At the far other end of this tunnel was a light rail station. View all


Wednesday 18 July 2018
Figure Holding The Sun 1988, Artist: Italo Scanga (1932-2001), An Italian-born American Artist, San Jose Museum Of Art, San Jose, California

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A sign was embedded into the concrete of the stand, upon which stood the statue. The sign read, "Italo Scanga, Figure Holding The Sun 1988." The head of the figure was the shape of a drum on end. The statue, "Figure Holding The Sun," stood in front of the San Jose Museum Of Art. The feet of the figure were abstract in design and color. The back of the sun had a different droodle drawn on it. The legs of the figure nicely framed a view of the entrance to the museum behind. The statue stood in front of the old wing of the Museum. The old wing was directly attached to the modern new wing. View all


Tuesday 17 July 2018
Pow!Wow! 2017 Mural, Artist: Ricky Watts An American Artist, St. John Street Mural, San Jose, California

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This mural occupied the entire side of the building next to the parking lot. The mural seen in the distance across far too many parked cars. A bit of the yellow paint dripped down the concrete behind a car. In this shot, the building windows and car windows were surrounded by art, but remained clear. The mural appeared to flow around the windows, but left each window clear. The swirls that formed the art, was also drawn with holes in it, to give it that old weathered look. The mural was found on the side of a parking lot on St. John Street, San Jose, California. View all


Monday 16 July 2018
Xiuhcoatl Danza Azteca, At The 2018 40th Annual San Francisco, Carnaval Parade, San Francisco, California

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Women followed holding smoking bowls. The smoke was intended to purify the parade route. A tired man, dressed in costume and feathers, followed the band to the nearing parade end. The feathers on this dancer were color coordinated with her costume. Aztec dancers performed an enthusiastic routine for the sidewalk audience. A man, who marched with Xiuhcoatl Danza Azteca, wore an amazing headdress and costume. A humble band followed. Drums and other natural instruments, created the rhythm for the dancers. View all


Sunday 15 July 2018
2018 Construction Of Piers F and G, San Francisco, California

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Concrete walkways had been installed and extended out over old-looking fresh pilings. The two new piers, as they appeared under mid-construction, while waiting for the Oakland/Alameda Ferry on Pier E. Pier F and the walkway connecting it to Pier G as seen from the Oakland/Alameda Ferry just beginning its trip across the bay. Steel uprights had been installed atop pilings. Those uprights form the under support for the new plaza. Two barges were tied up a short distance away, filled with construction supplies for the new piers. View all


Friday 13 July 2018
Videos At The 2018 40th Annual San Francisco, Carnaval Parade, San Francisco, California

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Some bands played from the back of floats. Others carried their instruments and played while walking the parade route. The parade began as usual with the parade of lowrider cars. Two lanes of cars driving in parallel along Mission Street. Many groups danced their way along Mission Street to the delight of the folks watching from the sidewalks. This was not a float-heavy parade. But of the floats present, many were spectacular. Many women and men dressed in feathers and other costumes to best display themselves as they walked or danced the parade. View all


Thursday 12 July 2018
Tera Mechani 2018, Artist: Dana Albany, From Burning Man, Plaza de César Chavez Park, San Jose, California

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A sign was posted next to the sidewalk by the street, rather than next to the sculpture. The female robot's knees looked highly mechanical. Her legs were decorated with swirls of metal. The female robot's face as viewed from below looking up. The female robot's hands looked sculpted rather than layered with metal. The robot woman's feet were balanced on a six sided box in the center of a six sided platform. A view of the female robot as seen from behind with the plaza in front of her. The robot's feet wore combination boot sandals. The female robot's body was a layering of many different metals. View all


Wednesday 11 July 2018
View Of Hills 2008, Artist: Gouveid, Back Of Parking Lot, San Jose, California

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A tree was painted in the foreground. It had the thick trunk of a mature tree. The mural on a wall next to the parking lot gave the appearance of cars parked by the foot of hills. A family group stood in silhouette and gazed out at the viewer. Folks stood in a canoe and gazed at the passing valley. The eye of the big bird's head was a full moon. Designs on the bird's beak and head were the other phases of the moon. Several mythic creatures floated in the sky above the hills: a turtle, a feather, a fox, an eagle, a hummingbird, and a large bird's head. Painted birds soared across the painted sky. View all


Tuesday 10 July 2018
God's Flesh 2016, A Mural by Artist: Amara Por Dios, Art Studio: Lifted Lab, San Francisco, California

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A closer shot allows you to contrast the left-hand and right-hand god's mouth. One side in cool colors with a fang, the other side in warm tones and pink lips. The mural was painted on a roll-up garage door south of Market Street in San Francisco, California. A closer shot of the left-hand god's eye, slightly bloodshot. In the bottom left of the mural was the studio name, "Lifted Lab." and the date the mural was created, "2016." The left-hand face of god was the noble and thoughtful, yet fanged and horned, god's face. The title of the mural was, "Gods Flesh," and the art was signed by, "Amara por Dios," and, "Flesho31." View all


Monday 09 July 2018
Girl On Whale 2018 Artist: Alise & Jack Eastgate, Eastrand Studio, Part of Bay Area Mural Festival, 2nd Street at Martin Luther King Ave, Oakland, California

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One of the murals in the Bay Area Mural Festival was this image of a girl standing on an Whale painted on the end of a building facing 2nd Street. The mural was signed: Alise & Jack Eastgate @Eastrandstudios @Bayareamuralfestival 2018 A closer look at the girl who stood on top of the Whale. The mural was painted on corrugated metal. The result was a wrinkled look for the Whale. A closer look at the tail of the Whale. A closer view of the face of the Whale. A logo was painted inside a circle just below the jaw of the Whale. View all


Sunday 08 July 2018
Peace Hand 2013, Artist: James Reka, An Austrailian Artist, UC Hastings College Of The Law, San Francisco, California

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The location of the mural made it seem a part of the plaza in front of the Hastings College Of The Law. The two extended fingers were painted using a whimsical design. The wrist of the hand almost resembled a finger pointing down. The mural as it could be viewed from across the street. It is on the side of an office building and faces the plaza in front of Hastings College Of The Law. The two fingered V with the palm facing the viewer is the international peace sign. The peace sign was made by placing the thumb over the two minor fingers. Note the infinity sign on the thumb's knuckle. View all


Saturday 07 July 2018
Mama 2016, Artist: Jazmin Eusebio, San Jose Downtown Doors, Art On Service Doors And Utility Boxes, San Jose, California

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The image of a somber face stared out from a utility box and across the sidewalk. The sign at the bottom left of the image read, Title: Mama Artist: Jazmin Eusebio - Andrew P. Hill High School Project: San Jose "Downtown Doors" The sign on the lower right of the image read, Sponsor: eBay Foundation Site Host: City of San Jose Producer: San Jose Downtown Foundation A closer look at the somber face. Notice how the latches on the face of the box appear as part of the image. The face on the street side was partly masked by iron posts and a parked car. View all


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