Friday 22 February 2019
Cranberry, As A Found Fruit Food

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A bowl of homemade cranberry sauce graced the table on that Thanksgiving day in Bay Point, California. View all


Thursday 21 February 2019
Foredeck, Ruby Princess Cruise Ship, On a Mexico Cruise

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A few passengers watched the scene pass by the front of the ship by gazing out through glass panels. The glass protected the viewers from the winds created by the ship's movement. View all


Wednesday 20 February 2019
Red-shouldered Hawk In Tree, February 2019, Animalblog by Terry Costales

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This handsome Red-shouldered Hawk perched and posed briefly before flying to the far side of the pond. View all


Wednesday 20 February 2019
Bison, As Artificial Animals

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A plaster bison decorated the parking lot of a closed restaurant just outside the Westcliff Lodge in Hood River, Oregon. The bison appeared to be life sized and was expertly crafted. Sadly there was no indication of the artist's name. View all


Tuesday 19 February 2019
Amtrak, Street Lights Seen From A Train

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The Coast Starlight Amtrak train northbound, stopped at the train station in Sacramento, California. Outside the train windows were bright lights, lighting the station and adjacent parking lot. View all


Monday 18 February 2019
Painted Hearts, As Found Shapes, In A Form Of Found Art

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A painted mural in San José, Costa Rica showed men apparently worshiping a giant heart. A dead circle labeled "Kreator" highlighted this green spray painted heart. A heart with the word, "Ueva!" was spray painted to a chrome roll-up door in Brussels, Belgium. The Presidio Pet Cemetery in San Francisco is an interesting yet small plot of land. One of the grave markers included this painted heart on crumbling wood. While on a stroll along Folsom Street in San Francisco, we found this pot in the window of a store. It was covered in painted hearts. A tiny heart was painted on the side of a huge metal sculpture in Dublin, Ireland. View all


Sunday 17 February 2019
Sunrise In Oregon, And Dawn, As Mythological Times

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The sun rose on a cloudy and cold morning over the Willamette River. This photo was taken from the deck of the Valley River Inn on New Year's morning. The previous night's fruit and cheese plate was set on the deck over night where the weather created the perfect outdoor refrigerator/freezer. View all


Saturday 16 February 2019
Mammuthus Quadriocellata Mural 2018, Artist: Alexis Diaz, A Puerto Rican Artist, University Of Oregon, Museum of Natural and Cultural History, 1061 W. Second Street, Eugene, Oregon

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A close view of the skeletal feet of the Mammuthus Quadriocellata. The artist's signature was in the lower right of the mural to the right of the entry. Its skeleton, absent fur, revealed very long legs for such a hefty creature. A closer view of the spine and ribs of the Mammuthus Quadriocellata. A closer look at the brushwork that was used to create the fur of the body of the Mammuthus Quadriocellata. To the left of the entry was a depiction of the Mammuthus Quadriocellata's skeleton, its location on a North American map, and a detail of its skull. View all


Friday 15 February 2019
Bamboo, As A Grass, Form Of A Plant

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The gate that would shut to close the entry was made of lacquered bamboo. It was in excellent repair. A small cluster of bamboo grew along an interior wall in the Embarcadero Center. The daylight shining in from above tinted the wall behind blue. A much torn blue ball by rested in an tiger enclosure with bamboo lining the wall behind. Young Bamboo had been planted in garden patches in front of low-to-the-sidewalk windows on a new condominium building on Brannan Street. View all


Thursday 14 February 2019
Book Stacks, As A Category Of Reading Thing

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A carin created from stacked books, where the widest and thickest one was at the bottom and they became smaller as they rose higher. Although this carin did not mark a trail, it did indicate the location of a vast store of information. Dozens of books were stacked in the window of a used book store in Eugene, Oregon. The books looked a bit dusty as if they had been stacked there for a long time. View all


Wednesday 13 February 2019
Tree Pruners, As A Vocation

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A man in a hydraulic lift pruned a eucalyptus tree. Below him, two other men retrieved the fallen branches to haul them away for disposal. The work area was fenced off using checkered yellow and black plastic tape. View all


Tuesday 12 February 2019
Six, As A Literal Digit

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The number six was drawn as part of an address on the front of a commercial building. Those integers were illustrated using a geometric motif. View all


Monday 11 February 2019
Master Kat Mural, Artist: Unknown, On A Home, At W. 2nd Alley and Jackson Street, Eugene, Oregon

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A stream of musical notes emitted by the speakers flowed over the words "Master Kat & The." The notes dipped to avoid painting over a window. The notes continued to the front of the house where they dipped to almost touch the words, "Family Tree." These words, when joined to the previous words, created, "Master Kat & The Family Tree." A windblown bunny was painted on a board above the front porch of the house. The Master Kat was a multicolored cat, wearing sun glasses, where its eyes were windows. The scene behind the "Whiteaker" word resembled a sunset at the beach with gulls flying into the distance. View all


Sunday 10 February 2019
No Smoking Signs, By Text On Signs, As Found Art

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A sign on the back of a building, read (after replacing missing characters): No Smoking Within 100 Feet Of The School View all


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