Monday 12 April 2021
Denver in 1996, As A Named Person, Location Unknown

Denver posed while holding a fuzzy bear in one hand and a blue plastic bag in the other hand. She posed in a forest with her father wearing a "Turkey Walk" t-shirt. and her sister Katy (now Benny) wearing a 10 sweatshirt..
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Sunday 11 April 2021
More Amber Glow Tulips, As A Form Of Flowering Plant, Eugene, Oregon

Two early tulips of different heights had just bloomed in the front garden. They remained closed. The first tulip of the season glowed in the sunlight of morning. Notice how its leaves curled. Six Amber Glow tulips bloomed at random locations around a patch of dirt at the front of our property. They provided a welcome splash of warmth early in the 2021 spring season. Behind and to the right, leaves of lilies were beginning to grow. Two of the front garden tulips opened their petals later that same day. The display was dramatic.
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Saturday 10 April 2021
Ice Princess Tulip, As A Form Of Flowering Plant, Eugene, Oregon

The first of several Ice Princess tulips bloomed on one side of the driveway. A dozen more were planted and would also bloom soon. The view looking down inside the first Ice Princess tulip to bloom on the side of a driveway.
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Friday 9 April 2021
Poppy Leaf, As A Form Of Flowering Plant, Eugene, Oregon

The leaves of a California poppy were already rising up in a raised planter box in the side yard.
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Thursday 8 April 2021
Rosemary (Salvia Rosmarinus), As A Form Of Bush, Eugene, Oregon

A wider photograph shows the rosemary bushes position at the rear of the front garden raised bed. They are evergreen and stay a lovely green the year round. Three Rosemary bushes grew in a tight cluster at the rear of the front yard raised garden bed. The sharply pointed leaves can be used to give food a flavor. The flowers on these rosemary plants were a lovely purple. They were tiny flowers that grew in a cluster. These rosemary plants had narrow pointed, evergreen leaves. The flower grew at the end of a stem. The contrast of the lavender flower with those leaves could be quite dramatic.
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Wednesday 7 April 2021
Mint Kenilworth Ivy (Cymbalaria), Groundcover, As A Form Of Plant, Eugene, Oregon

The Mint Kenilworth Ivy groundcover, growing in our front raised-garden bed, formed low rolling mounds of green and blue. The leaf of the Mint Kenilworth Ivy had a rippled edge and were attached to a single vertical stem just below the flowers. Notice a single ladybug on a leaf in among the flowers. The oldest section of Mint Kenilworth Ivy grew fewer flowers and tended to look a bit brown. The flower of the Mint Kenilworth Ivy were lovely bluish violet with delicate stamen in the center.
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Tuesday 6 April 2021
Dwarf Black Chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa), As A Form Of Bush, Eugene, Oregon

The other of two Dwarf Black Chokeberry plants in the side yard between box hedges. This one barely survived its first winter, yet had begun to grow in its second spring. One of two Dwarf Black Chokeberry plants in the side yard between box hedges. This one survived its first winter and had begun to grow in earnest.
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Monday 5 April 2021
More Blue Shade Anemone, As A Garden Plant, Eugene, Oregon

Another patch of Blue Shade Anemone was planted between two box hedges, alongside the path at the side of the house. These were more clearly like daisies. Also notice how the sunlight faded the label behind this plant. This year we will use oil-based paint markers to label plants. A cluster of Blue Shade Anemone with small flowers that resemble daises. Although modest in their first year, they will spread to become a lovely ground cover. At the end of day, the small flowers fold closed and await the next day's sunshine.
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Sunday 4 April 2021
Happy Easter! -- Reprise: Egg Shapes As Found Art

Outside a home on Pacheco Street in the Sunset District of San Francsico, a tree was decorated with plastic eggs hung by string. Well past Easter, the event resembled a birthday party. One egg suspended by string resembled an egg used as bait to catch a chicken. A tree decorated for a birthday appeared to have plastic fruit shaped like eggs. The apparent fruit was actually thin plastic which split horizonally through the middle. At the time, a gentle tap revealed the eggs were empty.
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Saturday 3 April 2021
Grace Ward Lithodora Leaves, (Glandora diffusa), As A Flowering Plant, Back Garden, Eugene, Oregon

The leaves of the Grace Ward Lithodora plant has small leaves covered with tiny spikes that make it appear fuzzy. New growth was evident even in early spring. One of our four Grace Ward Lithodora plants also survived a windy, rainy and cold winter. It is a low growing plant that will later display blue flowers.
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Friday 2 April 2021
Peony Leaves, As A flowering Plant, Front Garden, Eugene, Oregon

The peony plant grows with straight red stems with sprout red leaves. The green hoops are there to support the plant when it later flowers because those flowers will be heavy and huge. As the leaves began to unfurl, they became a paler red than the stems and will eventually turn green. This green hoop was too small for the number of stems growing.
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Thursday 1 April 2021
Goose Green Daffodil, As A flowering Plant, Front Garden, Eugene, Oregon

The petals of this new front-yard daffodil formed a six-pointed, pale yellow star. Inside that star was a reddish-orange cone, in the center of which deep yellow stamen were surrounded by a ring of black. The Goose Green daffodil grew alongside a Grey concrete goose. The Goose Green daffodil was a smaller daffodil. Its size made is seem delicate and weak, but its coloration created a dramatic impact.
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Wednesday 31 March 2021
Yellow Trumpet Daffodil, As A Flowering Plant, Back Garden, Eugene, Oregon

A closer view of one of the daffodil flowers growing in the back yard garden. Three daffodil flowers had bloomed in a cluster of daffodil plants in the back yard garden. Four others were ready to bloom. The first of possibly many daffodil flowers bloomed in the back yard garden in Eugene, Oregon.
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Tuesday 30 March 2021
White Lion Daffodil, As A Flowering Plant, Eugene, Oregon

The flower heads of these White Lion daffodil flowers faced downward, as if bowing to the gardener. A cluster of two White Lion daffodils grew next to the back patio. Two had already bloomed. The third would bloom sometime in the next few days. The White Lion daffodil had white outer petals, and a mixture of white and yellow petals inside. In the most generous sense, it does look like a white lion's face.
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