Sunday 19 November 2017
Smoke From Distant Fires As A Form of Mythic Combustion

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Smoke rendered the skyline of San Francisco into soft hues causing it to resemble a ghost city. As the ferry to Oakland continued on its way from San Francisco, the city gradually vanished. Here it was entirely gone. Barges were parked next to Pier 14. Those barges carried supplies for the expansion of the ferry terminals. Pier 14 with the city beyond it. An illustration of how thick the smoke was that morning. The smoke was caused by runaway fires up in the wine country north of the bay. The San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge too vanished into the smoke that morning. View all


Saturday 18 November 2017
Salud! 1996-97 by Artist: Dan Fontes, Bay Area Muralist, Individual Artist Exhibits of Art

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On the other side of the building was a depiction of two forms of exercise. The street level view of the art. A person in a wheel chair pointed a camera up at a guitar player. The mural covered the entire, multi-story side of the Bethany senior center at 21st and Capp Streets. A jack-o-lantern being carved and, above that, an old man painting a heart. Below Jack a woman wore a Santa hat and played the piano. And at the bottom a fully dressed woman performed a fan dance. The right side of the building's front bore witness to the 4th of July, and the Mission district's famed Carnival Parade. View all


Friday 17 November 2017
Random Lovers As Roles For People

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Two people hugged on the sand of a lonely beach just north of Florence, Oregon. Two lovers walked side by side along the warm beach of San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua. View all


Thursday 16 November 2017
Leoparda by Tatiana Suarez with Caratoes and Lauren YS Individual Artist Exhibits of Art, San Francisco, California

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The head in the center of the mural was missing. It was surrounded by a numerically electric field. The mural was located inside a parking lot. A pair of scissors was used to cut the strips of zeros into pieces. The view of the massive mural seen from the other side of Market Street, furthest from the mural. The top of the mural included credit to two other artists: Caratoes; and Lauren YS. Another section of the mural was filled with crystals. The face on the right hand side of the mural was softer and less threatening. Near the bottom of the mural, strips of zeros were cut into pieces. View all


Wednesday 15 November 2017
Beyond Blue 2016 by Aaron Kai International post-pop artist Individual Artist, Exhibits of Art San Francisco, California

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Turtles and fish swam just beyond the Golden Gate Bridge. A sign on the wall next to the mural read, BEYOND BLUE By Aaron Kai A jelly fish swam amid bubbles on the mural. The entire mural was painted on the side of a metal fence. One tentacle from an octopus just entered the mural on its right. A sea turtle swam in mid mural. View all


Tuesday 14 November 2017
Discussion About The Red 2017, Artist: Franco Fasoli aka JAZ An Argentina Artist

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Not only did they develop rooster heads, but they sprouted wings too. Two people carried on a heated discussion about the color red. This mural is the abstract interpretation of dialogues that take place during art festivals. The argument grew so heated that their heads turned into rooster heads. Two cans of smiling red paint sat on the floor next to one of the people. View all


Monday 13 November 2017
Love Is Love 2017 by Fernando Cisneros Multimedia Artist From Mexico Now living in San Francisco

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The second face was right around the corner from the first. The sign next to the second face read, All artwork is courtesy of Fernando Cisneros, the Urban Wallflower Art Contest grand prize winner. Westfield San Francisco Centre is delighted to be the first venue to showcase Cisneros' outstanding artwork. Cisneros' artistic inspirations include Pablo Picasso, Remedios Varo, and Andy Warhol. He hails from San Francisco and works in arts, sales, and design. The third sign was identical to the sign by the first face. The mural illustrated a single face constructed from parts of several different faces. A closer shot of the first of three faces. View all


Sunday 12 November 2017
19th & Mission Mural by Dina Saadi Artist and Muralist

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This colorful mural was on the side of a store on 19th Street near Mission Street in San Francisco, California. Leaves grew down from yellow clouds and overlaid squares and polka dots. A face peeked out from behind a hand wearing many rings. An organic design overlaid a geometric design of stripes and squares. A woman walked with a jug on her head toward the minarets of a nearby city. A view of the mural as it existed in context with the store and Mission Street. View all


Saturday 11 November 2017
Dancers 2017 by Blek Le Rat, A French Graffiti Artist, part of the 20x21 Project In Eugene, Oregon

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In a metric world, two feet would not remind Americans of a length. The stencil art of a pair of ballet dancers was signed by the artist with a rat and his name. A close shot showed a close up view of the woman's face. The signature of the artist Blek Le Rat. The man held the woman in a strong embrace so that she could lean far backwards. This stencil mural was painted on the side of a building where older graffiti had been often painted out. A closer shot of the man's face. A close up shot of the elevated foot of the woman. View all


Friday 10 November 2017
2017 David Graves, Chef, World Traveler, and Photographer

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David posed in front of a mural of factory workers inside Coit Tower on a warm October day in San Francisco. View all


Thursday 09 November 2017
Violin 2017 by Blek Le Rat A French Graffiti Artist 20x21 Project In Eugene, Oregon

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A stencil image of a man holding a violin was tucked into an alcove. The man's shoes appeared well polished. The white image of a rat had been defaced with a black, spray painted star. The man's face was next to the signature of the artist: "Blek Le Rat" The violin was held by its neck in the man's left hand. View all


Wednesday 08 November 2017
Bird Song 3, 2015, Artist: Joshua Coffy, Presented by ArtSpan & Artspan Artists, San Francisco, California

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A huge bird stood perched on a painted stone and tweeted colors. A view of the mural viewed from across Market Street, looking west. The bird song created a swirling wind that tossed fallen leaves. A leafless tree was also painted on the wall. A painted sign in the lower right listed the credits for this mural: `Bird Song 3' by Joshua Coffy Presented by ArtSpan & Artspan Artists 2015 #birdsongmural #artspan A close shot of the bird head and its colorful tweets. Notice the pale concentric circles panted with the bird's eye at the center. The mural was on the side of a building, and faced a public parking lot. View all


Tuesday 07 November 2017
2017 Italian Heritage Festival, North Beach, San Francisco, California

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Reserved tables lined the street. The festival was a chance for folks to dine. A platform extended into the street. Upon it a band played and a singer sang. Folks attended wearing funny hats. This created the perfect opportunity for photographers. Mama's on Washington Square had a long line of folks waiting for lunch. One girl spun in the street and sprayed the crowd with bubble from her bubble gun. The festival took place on Stockton Street next to Washington Square. The tables in the street were filled with families eating lunch. View all


Monday 06 November 2017
2017 Columbus Day Bazaar, Saints Peter & Paul School, Italian Heritage Day, North Beach, San Francisco, California

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The inside downstairs was filled with tables and benches and activities for kids. "More Food and Games Inside" were downstairs. A couple of booths were outside, but the majority were inside. And, of course, there was pizza for sale. Another booth sold t-shirts and hats as memories of the day's event. The Skee Ball and Money Booth offered ways to win points and bills. This was the table where those points and bills could be traded for prizes. A big sign hung high over the entrance read, "Columbus Day Bazaar." Many aluminum trays were filled with an assortment of Italian food for sale. View all


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