Tuesday 19 June 2018
Aliens 2017 Artists: Drew Roulette, Carlos G, and Mario Dimas located on South 3rd Street in San Jose, California

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A closer shot of the leftmost of the two murals. A closer shot of the rightmost of the two. The two murals as seen from across the street on a trolley island. Each had a bike rack in front and the pair had a street lamp between them. The pair of murals was labeled with the artists' signatures. "Drew Roulette, Carlos.G, Mario Dimas, 2017." The bottom of the rightmost side had flowers with a real alien flavor. A closer shot of the left hand side's eye. The leftmost of the two had logs below with clouds or water above the logs. The border was a series of opposing quotation marks. View all


Tuesday 19 June 2018
Black-headed Grosbeak in June 2018 Animalblog by Terry Costales

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The back view of a Black-headed Grosbeak. Male Bullock's Oriole feeding three babies in its hanging nest. View all


Monday 18 June 2018
Phylum of the Free 2015, Artist: Jeffrey Andrade Hemming, Fountain Alley at South First Street, San Jose, California

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A closer shot of one of the giraffes as its head rose above the background concrete. The right end of the mural contained images of urban junk, old space capsules, and incomplete freeways. Two surfers walked out of the junk. A closer look at the two surfer dudes as they carried their surf boards out of the world of junk in search of surf. A closer look at the artist's signature at the right-hand end of the mural. A space capsule was assembled at the left end of the mural. The word Lido was printed on a board behind the capsule workers. View all


Monday 18 June 2018
Male Bullock's Oriole in June 2018 Animalblog by Terry Costales

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Male Bullock's Oriole feeding three babies in its hanging nest. The back view of a Black-headed Grosbeak. View all


Sunday 17 June 2018
Vida Abundante (Life Abundant) 2014, By Jim Miner An American Tattoo Artist, Almaden Boulevard near W. Santa Clara St., San Jose, California

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The woman lay eyes closed on a brown pillow. An apropos pose for a hotel. A view of the mural form the opposite corner put it in context with the city as a whole. A view of the mural from across the street to put it into context with the hotel. The frame for the face was topped with what looked like an all-seeing eye. More words, below the image of stars on a cloudy night, read: "Victoria • Concordia • Crescit." That phrase was followed by tiny words that read, "Jim Miner & The Ex.D." View all


Saturday 16 June 2018
Hart's Dog Park Mural 2016, Artist: Roan Victor, 194 West Santa Clara Street, San Jose, California

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One wall was painted black and given a sign that read, "Hart's Dog Park." The woman lay on a big dog. Sadly the dog park itself was too small for big to dogs to run. It's small size benefited only small dogs. A bench was available for humans to rest while dogs played. Flowers were painted on the wall behind the bench. An actual planter box was to the bench's left. The signature of the artist read, "Roan Victor E7S." The dog paws were arranged to avoid damage to blue flowers. A complex floral pattern that decorated the woman's dress. The other wall was painted in a mural. It depicted a woman relaxing with her dog. View all


Friday 15 June 2018
Fans 1983 by Artist: Stephanie Scuris, Donated by: Eastridge Mall, near West Santa Clara Street, San Jose, California

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Another rod ran vertically to hold the lower silver colored bars together. The sculpture was affixed to a concrete stand on a park between to busy roads. The sculpture was made up of intersecting bars of silver colored metal. The effect looked like a fan, but one absent its paper covering. The sculpture rose high overhead. It looked like intersecting fans, or perhaps abstract jazz hands. The sculpture looked handsome backed by palm trees and a glass building. A metal rod passed through the silver colored bars and held them together. View all


Thursday 14 June 2018
Outlined Hearts As Found Graffiti In A Form Of Found Art

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The blue outline of a heart, signed by CBar, had been painted on the side of a building just off Charnelton near West 7th Street, Eugene, Oregon. The red outline of a heart had been drawn on the side of a building just off Charnelton near West 8th Street in Eugene, Oregon. View all


Wednesday 13 June 2018
Tile Art On Pier 14 San Francisco, California

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A kayak as they appeared back in 1997. A fishing boat named, "Salty Lady," that plied the waters of the bay in 1849. The Ferry Boat "Amador" 1877 was one of many ferris that hauled people across San Francisco Bay. An old motor-sailer cargo ship from 1880. Called the "Willamette," it worked on San Francisco Bay. One of the Tule Canoes of the Ohlone Indians who used to paddle the waters of San Francisco Bay back in 1597. One of the many Tugboats that worked the ships of San Francisco Bay. View all


Tuesday 12 June 2018
Afternoon 2013 (A Mural) by Sainer A Polish Artist In San Jose, California

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The mural was painted on the side of a retaining wall holding up Highway 87 at the corner of St. John Street and Almaden Boulevard in San Jose, California. The mural was a background for potted trees and light posts. In the foreground a woman holding a pole was most prominent. Look close and notice a skull on the hat of the boy. Behind the woman a boy, wearing a baseball hat, played the flute. Look close and notice the white hair of the woman and what is either a hoop earing or a curl of hair. Look close and see a four paned window on the top floor of the farmhouse behind the boy. View all


Monday 11 June 2018
7-Sins Bar Inside Centro Civico In Ensenada A City In Mexico

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Three women relaxing in a garden. The individual sins were unlabeled (the sin of omission?) so we leave it to the reader to imagine the sin. A man and a woman relaxed on blankets. One man with two women and two cherubs. A woman apparently dead, having eaten a poison flower. The bar with its shiny tile floor, dark wood, and open windows above. The last of the 7-sins had been defaced. So the government replaced it with a portrait of the original artist. A man and two women held up the heavy grapes under a full arbor. The series of the 7-sins murals were each painted in an alcove behind the bar counter. View all


Sunday 10 June 2018
Truth Is Beauty 2018 by Marco Cochrane An American Artist

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A concrete ring surrounded the sculpture. With the addition of, "Were Safe." The complete phrase became, "What Would The World Be Like If Women Were Safe?" A concrete ring surrounded the sculpture. It read in part, "What Would The World Be Like If . . ." A plaque described the sculpture. In part it read, Truth Is Beauty 55' x 15' x 15' Steel Interior Structure, Stainless Steel Mesh, LEDs Lighting Design Ka ping Yee Designed and Built without Aid of Computers The sculpture was 55 feet (16.7 meters) tall, so that the photographer had to stand well back to fill the frame. View all


Saturday 09 June 2018
Plaques On The Ferry Building, San Francisco, California

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A plaque on the front of the Ferry Building labeled it a, "California Historic Civil Engineering Landmark." A sign etched in concrete read, "Erected in A.D. 1896 by the Board of State Harbor Commissioners." A sign in front of the grand staircase leading up into the Ferry Building said, "SF Fire Department Safety Code. Please Do Not Sit On Stairs." Another sign on the front of the Ferry Building read, "Ferry Building Historic Rehabilitation 2003." View all


Friday 08 June 2018
Broadway And Olive Mural 2013 by Artist: Hans d'Hollosy A Eugene, Oregon Artist's Mural

Some related stories: David Nash Tatiana Suarez Sister Mary Corita Brian McEneny Juergen Eckstein Louise Nevelson Deborah Butterfield Ugo Rondinone Dave Rubin Erin Mielcarek Bip (Believe in People) Man Lin Choi George Segal Hush Dan Fontes

The joker, king and queen of hearts. A group of folk on one side, and a group of animals on the other side, watch a parade of a car down the street. Up high, men gathered perhaps to discuss the carnival below. Above eye level, a gathering of folk faded slowly into oblivion. The building's corner was painted in a manner that evoked the feeling of a circus. Up high, the top of the mural showed someone reading a book. The artist, Hans d'Hollosy, signed the work with the year 2012 and a © symbol" An inset in the wall created a box inside of which a clown was drawn. View all


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