Wednesday 13 December 2017
Artificial Squid As Sea Life And Animals Aquatic

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Squid floated puppet-like above attendees in the lobby of the theater. This squid was part of a sea life themed float in the San Francisco Carnival Parade. View all


Tuesday 12 December 2017
San Francisco Hung Laundry As Washed Apparel

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Laundry was hung behind glass on the second floor of an apartment building. A few items of laundry were hung to dry from a fire escape on the front of a building, where the fire escape and building were both painted the same color. View all


Monday 11 December 2017
Stenciled Animals Sidewalk Art As Found Art San Francisco, California

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An owl was found stenciled on the sidewalk of 24th Street in the Mission District. Notice the heart, which is a signature of the artist, but the artist is presently unknown. An X-ray pig was found stenciled on the sidewalk of 24th Street in the Mission District. Notice the heart, which is a signature of the artist, but the artist is presently unknown. A bee was found stenciled on the sidewalk of 24th Street in the Mission District. Notice the upside down heart, which is a signature of the artist, but the artist is presently unknown. View all


Sunday 10 December 2017
Animal Sightings At Sea Lion Caves, As A Nature Theme Park Location, Florence, Oregon

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A whale was seen swimming off shore. It had just cleared it lungs by blowing air out of its blowhole. The result was a cloud of condensation. Dozens of sea lions hung out on the rock beach far below. View all


Saturday 09 December 2017
Street Tent As A Form of House, A Building Structure

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A homeless person's tent was set up on the sidewalk of an alley. Beyond the tent, a home was decorated with art. View all


Friday 08 December 2017
"Street Theater Turtle" by Artist: Peter Helzer, Oregon Zoo in Washington Park, Portland, Oregon

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The turtle on top of the stack was the only one that appeared actually happy. The turtle third from the bottom balanced on one foot. The bottom turtle appeared the most unhappy. The turtle second from the bottom appeared professionally stoic. A different view of the turtles with a building behind. A balancing act of four turtles went unrecognized by most passersby. A plaque (not shown) on the base of the sculpture read, "Street Theater Turtle" Peter Helzer, Sculptor Installation Courtesy Of The Stanford University Alumni Club of Portland View all


Thursday 07 December 2017
Her Travels, 2016 Denver, As A Named Human Being

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Denver looked surprised as she stood in the mouth of a huge witch face in Enchanted Forest. Denver walked her dog Dexter on Heceta Beach on a cool September morning. View all


Wednesday 06 December 2017
The Duboce Bikeway Mural, Lead Artist: Mona Caron, Other Artists: Gordon Dean, Bill Stender, Mary Anderson, Mike Rousseau, Seth Damm, Behind Market Street Safeway, Duboce and Church Streets, San Francisco, California

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A beetle crawled over the sand of Ocean Beach, while a shore bird stood to watch the bicycle pass. The mural ended with high rise buildings (such as the Transamerica Pyramid and the Bank Of America building) leaning around a back door. The wiggly roads became banners flying over the end of Market Street at the Ferry Building. Notice the "Critical Mass" of cars down below on Market Street. The mural was long and extended for nearly an entire city block. The mural included a depiction of itself. In reality there is no building at the corner. Writing shown, only in the mural, credited the artists and sponsors of this mural. View all


Tuesday 05 December 2017
May 2017 George Ezra Jansen As A Named Person

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George in front of a painting of the old west, posed with a bat on his head. George posed as a shady character, perhaps on the lam after robbing a bank in Goodland, Kansas. He might have made off with $5,000 cash that turned his hands blue for a month. Or he might have simply stood in front of his kitchen blinds. George in the guise of that crazy uncle whom you would never invite to any family gatherings. George displayed his carnivorous self by dining on a hamburger with all the trimmings. View all


Monday 04 December 2017
Power Lines As Found Power Things

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Geometrically straight power lines were in stark contrast to marsh grass growing alongside the slough. A power line rose overhead as we cruised down the Sacramento Delta. Power finds its way inside through an open pipe In winter, trees could no longer hide power lines. Power wires tried to sneak through a concrete wall. The top of a wooden power pole as seen out the window of a condo. Powerlines near railroad access road. Power distributed across the side of a building. Power hovers above the autumn leaves of a tree. Power lines spoiled the view of storm clouds blowing in from the north. View all


Sunday 03 December 2017
2017 Mission Dolores Park A San Francisco, California Park

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A single basketball court was occupied by a single basketball player. A view of the park as it bordered 18th Street. One of several signs posted that bordered the part of the park which was open to off leash dogs. That sign read, Off Leash Dogs Welcome in This Area Pick Up and Remove Dog Waste Carry a Leash for Each Dog Leash Aggressive Dogs Control Excessive Noise Keep Dogs out of Plant Beds Keep your Dog's Vaccination and License Current The view down the center of the park with its classic bell and 19th Street beyond that. Overview of the large off-leash dog area. This part of the park used to be a dirt baseball diamond . View all


Saturday 02 December 2017
Chronicle Courtyard With Fountain, Chronicle Apartments 926 W. Sprague Avenue, Spokane, Washington

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The bronze edge of the statue created a dramatic contrast to the white brick and metal seating beyond it. The initials HB were cast into the base of the sculpture, but sadly they were not specific enough to find the artist's name. A large bronze statue occupied the center of the fountain. Sadly there was nothing present to identify the artist. Coins littered the floor of the fountain, each representing a wish made. If only those coins could speak. Outdoor seating suitable for the summer, but unsuitable for rain or snow. A courtyard stood outside the Chronicle Apartments. It was a private area, open to the public. View all


Friday 01 December 2017
Garbage Eating Goat by Artist: Sister Paula Turnbull, As A Sculpture, As Found Art, Spokane, Washington

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A sign was posted on one of the basalt boulders. It read, Paula Turnbull Sculptor Given to the people of Spokane by the Women's Council of Realtors. 1974 The front of the goat showing how it was welded together using strips of metal. The goat statue was surrounded by a fence of vertical basalt boulders. The goat was interactive. One person pushed a button while the other held small pieces of trash for the goat to vacuum. The goat's head with one end of a vacuum hose inside its mouth. Here, young Westley held out a piece of trash paper for the goat to suck up. View all


Thursday 30 November 2017
Golden Market 2014 Artists: Stie Twick, Jet Martinez, Hagon Free UrbanAztec, A Street Mural, 25th and Mission Streets, San Francisco, California

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The entire mural as seen from across 25th street. The mural covered the entire side of "Golden Market, Food, Liquors, Fine Wines & Beer." A black and white image of a woman pondering was backed by a raging Mayan God. A cigar smoking capitalist pig, with war ships on one side and a fallen Statue Of Liberty on the other side, was painted behind bars. A bustling crowd of folks, one of which wore an SF Giant's hat. A pointy toothed creature held its mouth wide and displayed yellow teeth. Most of this mural was painted in the open on the side of the building. But part was painted behind a metal grill. View all


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