Saturday 19 January 2019
Almost Bare Branches, Of Trees, As Woody Plants

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Fallen branches fell into the river to form a tangle near the shore. The ground alongside the river was covered in a translucent frost. The frost had formed because of freezing temperatures. Just beyond the almost bare trees, a motor vehical bridge spanned the Willamette River. Below the bridge, on the other side of the river, was a park. On this side, a paved path ran alongside the river. Almost bare branches on a nearby tree were the only thing clear on that foggy, cold dawn. Almost bare branches in late December just before sunset. They were found on trees growing next to the Willamette River. View all


Friday 18 January 2019
Saloon Signs, By Text On Signs, As Found Art

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A hand icon pointed left to indicate the presence of a "Saloon." The place at which it pointed, however, was a wine bar named "The Hidden Vine." View all


Thursday 17 January 2019
Pineapple, As A Fruit, Form Of Human Food

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Two pineapples had been sliced in half and sold for €1,42, or four pineapples had bad a bad half removed and sold at a discount. A pineapple had been freshly sliced and set out on a plate to be served with dinner at Capps Campground. A pineapple was found discarded on Mission Street under the overpass at 13th Street. Evicted from its home, and doomed to wander the alleys of the city alone and partly deflated. View all


Wednesday 16 January 2019
Tank 18 Mural 2017, Artist: Elliott C Nathan, Outside Tank 18 Restaurant, 1345 Howard Street, San Francisco, California

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The mural was a vast collection of icons. For example, there was an eye gazing up, a light bulb of inspiration, a top hat, many stars and hearts, and a natural gas meter. Notice all the black lines around all the objects. Those lines created the feeling of movement, or of light radiating, or of water falling. People walked past the mural, allowing you to better judge its size. Four wooden telephone poles blocked the view of the left hand end of the mural. The artist's signature was on the screen of a round television. It read, "Tank 18, Mural By, Elliott C Nathan." View all


Tuesday 15 January 2019
ATM, As A Structure Part Of A Building

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A Pacific National Bank ATM at night on Kearny Street in San Francisco. This ATM doubled as a cash drop. This is an old ATM, shown before chips in cards, and before many of the fraud prevention features of modern ATMs. View all


Monday 14 January 2019
Charcoal, As A Form Of Mythic Fire

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Hot charcoals layered in a metal barbecue ready to cook food outdoors for an Easter meal. Food would later be placed on the grill, a shadow of which crossed the charcoals on the diagonal. An even bed of heat like this was only possible due to the skill of the chef. View all


Sunday 13 January 2019
Artificial Bugs, As a form of Insect Animal

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A plush ladybug toy lay on the carpet next to a roll of tape. A child in a blue dress was trapped by legs. The entire seen was photographed through a party balloon. View all


Saturday 12 January 2019
Warsaw, Poland Alleys, As Narrow Side Streets, A Form Of Place

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An arch formed one end of a pictuesque alley in Warsaw, Poland. Despite barricades to prevent automobile travel, cars were parked alongside the alley. Notice old, weathered graffiti on the nearby walls. View all


Friday 11 January 2019
Candy Containers, As Artificial People

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A bin of candy containers was found inside the Candy Heaven Store of Old Sacramento. Shaped like artificial persons, the containers, when emptied, could become push puppet toys. Like a bobble head, pushing the bottom upward caused the head to bobble. View all


Thursday 10 January 2019
Centaur 2017, Artist: Laura Klimpton, Dogpatch area of, San Francisco, California

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A closer view of the body showing its individual welds of strips of painted or rusted metal. The back view of the haunch and tail of the Centaur sculpture, attached to a round metal plate, attached to a raised wooden platform. The stature of a centaur rearing up was located in the Dogpatch Arts Plaza at the end of 19th Street where it crosses Indiana Street. To the statue's left was a mural and to its right was a cafe. Behind it was handy seating for the weary tourist or the resting lunch eater. A closer view of the Centaur's left leg. Notice the armature of square tubing welded into an L to hold up the leg. View all


Wednesday 9 January 2019
Beach Grass, As A Form Of Plant Life

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A tuft of wild grass grew in rocky soil just above the high tide line of a beach in Florence, Oregon. A piece of driftwood was caught caught there after a big storm. Together the grass and driftwood formed an attractive pair. View all


Tuesday 8 January 2019
Garage Tunnel, As A Building Structure

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The entry to a downtown garage led up a ramp to a deep, dark second floor. The ramp was concrete, the walls brick, and the paint a dark, gunmetal blue. A pad on the floor sounded an alarm as an exiting automobile crossed it. A thin orange extension chord looped carelessly down the side. And just what was that tiny orange glow at the very top? View all


Monday 7 January 2019
Sticker Hearts, As Found Shapes, In A Form Of Found Art

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A red sticker in the shape of a heart was adhered to the upright of a concrete picnic table. The heart was placed just below a hole. The bench posed, with a cyclopic gaze upwards, on a sunny and warm September morning. View all


Sunday 6 January 2019
Rusty I-Beam, As A Form Of Deconstruction

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Two rust tinged I-beams were welded to a steel cylinder and then lowered into a deep hole that was part of the new Union Square subway station (part of the new Central Subway). The hole was in a section of Stockton street in front of the former Macy's Men Store building. View all


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