Saturday 28 January 2023
2023 Dieter Welte Birthday, A Lad Who Lived And Worked In, Eugene, Oregon

Dieter illustrated his muscles by ripping open his next gift. Dieter continued to rip open wrapped gifts well into the night. An inflated helium shark was all that remained after Dieter's birthday party. Gypsy the dog smelled the package to insure its safety, just before Dieter opened it. The two cakes after being served to the guests at Dieter's birthday. Dieter's next gift was a new pair of slippers. Dieter got two different tiramisu cakes for his birthday. Notice only five candles were used instead of the correct number. Dieter used a 10,000 lumen spotlight gift to illuminate his phone.
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Friday 27 January 2023
Lamp Artificial Canines, As Found Animals, Eugene, Oregon

Another of its possible poses was that of a dog with one elevated paw in response to the command, "Shake." This dog light had adjustable legs, tail and head. It was currently switched off. It was supplied with three spare batteries. Another view of this dog light, this time with its lamp lit. One of its poses was that of a seated attentive dog.
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Thursday 26 January 2023
"The Swimmers" Utility Box Art 2016, Artist: Kate Klingbeil, Oakland, California

A duck swam with two women in the green water. A closer view of the two boxes with art depicting women swimming in abstract water. The faces of the two boxes that faced the street with their green, red, and pink water. The artist's signature was at the bottom of one of the two narrow faces of the utility box. It read, "Kate Klingbeil 2016." A closer view of the women swimming in red and green water. One woman was upside down with only her legs above water. In addition to women swimming, a monster also lurked with mouth agape. The art covered two boxes just across the street from Kim Cole Real Estate.
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Wednesday 25 January 2023
2022 Farmers Market, at The Ferry Building, and Area Around It, San Francisco, California

The Devil's Gulch Ranch booth sold meat. The last booth in this story was the one that sold several different kinds of pears. A fancy, but fake, pig stood in the Devils Gulch Ranch booth. The flowers around its neck matched its rain boots. Another prepared food booth sold an assortment of pies. Fewer booths were present post-Covid, so they were spaced apart further than they used to be. Benches were lined up facing the booths of Farmers Market. Another booth sold tomatoes. They were priced by quality: Tomatoes!!! Organic and Dry Farmed Early Girl $5/lb A grade 10lb - $35 B grade 10lb - $22.50 Another booth had pomegranates for sale for $4.49 per pound.
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Tuesday 24 January 2023
"No More Cages" Mural, Artists: Max Ehrman (AKA Eon75), An American Artist, San Francisco, California

The mural depicted three birds perched on the ruins of a former wooden cage. The rightmost bird had a tw burning feathers on its side. One bird, with an abstract design behind its head, screeched out glowing yellow balls of sound. The center bird appeared puzzled by its split beak and the presence of two three-dimensional locks. The mural when viewed from its other end appeared more dramatic. The mural was painted over a boarded up storefront on Market Street.
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Monday 23 January 2023
Hydrangea, As A Flowering Plant, Eugene, Oregon

Our Hydrangea was in full bloom. It grew in our backyard raised garden bed called the "Beast." The Hydrangea planted in the Beast raised garden in the back yard as it appeared after the first freeze of winter. Our lovely flowers had turned brown and almost vanished against the background of fallen autumn leaves. One of the first flowers to appear was at the top of the Hydrangea. It was green and tried to hide among the leaves. A closer view of our Hydrangea showed one of its flowers. Each of the Hydrangea flowers was composed of many tiny, 4-petal, lavender blooms. A homemade sign identified this plant as a "Hydrangea." The leaves were oblong and pointed at the ends.
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Sunday 22 January 2023
"APPI Community Heroes" Mural 2020, Artist: The Chinese Culture Center, Grant Avenue and Jackson Street, San Francisco, California

The sign that identified this mural was attached to the wall to the right of the mural. The sign described the meaning of the mural and listed the people in it. In the center of the mural, left to right and top to bottom were: Layton Dong; Yuri Kochiyama; Cynchaia Choi; and Ruth Asawa. The two people depicted on the right hand side of the mural were Betty Ann Ong and Alok Vald-Menon. The leftmost person in the mural was Tiffany Long reading a book. She was an elementary educator at the Chinese American International School. The only sign inside the mural was that of "The International Hotel." In the 1960's, protesters objected to the forced eviction of elderly tenets from that hotel.
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Saturday 21 January 2023
"Solidarity In The Struggle" Mural, Artist: Unknown, Grant Avenue and California Street, San Francisco, California

The right side of the mural featured a film strip that formed the body of a dragon. One of the frames on the dragon side read, "Forbidden City U.S.A." The left side of this mural featured the frames of a film, two of which mentioned the band, "Jest Jammin." They were a San Francisco jazz band. Also notice the broken chain at this end of the film. The title of this mural, painted on the side of a building at Grant and California Streets, was titled, "Solidarity In The Struggle."
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Friday 20 January 2023
Abstract Mural, Artist: Clare Woods (AKA The Grump), Grant Avenue and Sutter Street, San Francisco, California

The signature on this abstract mural was "Grump," which suggested Clare Woods (AKA The Grump) was one of the artists. Below that signature was another that read perhaps, "Cleletes." The middle part of the abstract mural suggested an elephant. A mural was painted on the side of a building near the corner of Grant Avenue and Sutter Street in downtown San Francisco. This abstract art was composed of various pieces that together suggest Africa. The bottom of the abstract mural suggested an African mask. The top part of the mural suggested a gecko.
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Thursday 19 January 2023
Double Horizon 2018, Granite, resin, pigments, and concrete pavers, Artist: Sarah Sze, Moscone Center, Roof Path to Children's Area, San Francisco, California

The sign identifying this art was mounted on the dirt to one side of the sculpture. It both identifies the art and artist, but also explains the artist's reason for creating this art in the first place. The sculpture was two sides of the same polished rocks that bordered both sides of the path leading from Moscone Center to the Children's Area. They appeared to reflect onto the path. But notice that the left hand one was shaded so could not reflect. A closer view of one of the double horizon art pieces, revealed a semi-transparent plastic overlay applied to each polished surface.
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Wednesday 18 January 2023
Tiger Dragon Mural, Artist: Unknown, Just off Grant Avenue, San Francisco, California

A closer view of the tiger head attached to the dragon body. The green eye and snarl made the tiger head appear fierce. A closer view of the dragon body made it look more like a snake's body. A dragon with the head of a tiger was a mural on a wall just off Grant Avenue. Sadly, the artist did not sign this mural. A closer view of one of the lily pads depicted in this mural. The center of the lily pad resembled a salt shaker. The title of this mural was painted in the bottom center. It read, "The Tiger-Dragon ©."
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Tuesday 17 January 2023
Rooms In The Inn At 5th, Hotel, Eugene, Oregon

A lounge chair with a hassock allowed a guest to sit and watch the outside world when the curtains were open. The top of the cabinet next to the bed was cut to fit perfectly in an oddly shaped corner. A Beer poster decorated the wall. One of the rooms, at the Inn On 5th in Eugene, Oregon, had a gas fireplace currently not lit. Above the fireplace was the TV. To the left of the fireplace was a "Beervana" poster, a luggage rack and a stump with a leather coat carelessly tossed onto it. The bed was king sized. Beyond the bed's headboard was an art selection of beer taps. Behind the frosted glass next to the bed was the shower.
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Monday 16 January 2023
2023 Doorbell, As A house Entry Thing, Chinatown, San Francisco, California

This doorbell, in San Francisco's Chinatown, had a backing plate in the motif of a bronze dragon.
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Sunday 15 January 2023
Lawns, At The University Of California At Davis, Davis, California

Students had access to a wide lawn on the UC Davis campus. They could sit in the sun or shade to study or simply to relax. Despite the presence of many mature trees, one individual laid in the sun and read a book. Lawns were popular places for students to walk across, to sit in the shade of trees, or to sit in the sun to study.
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Saturday 14 January 2023
Park Tower, A Public Park, 200 Main Street, San Francisco, California

A small park had replaced that parking lot at 200 Main Street (cross street Howard). Someday, this park will be replaced by a new high rise building. A sign said that the grass was "Artificial Grass." One rule was "Keep Dogs Off Grass." The sign, identifying this park, referred to it as, "Public Open Space, Urban Park." The hours for the park were "8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday-Friday." which meant this park was closed on weekends. A sign said, "please pick up after your dog." Below the sign was a box containing dog poo bags. And below that box was a small trash can. The far back corner of the park had seating stones under lights that illuminated the park at night.
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Friday 13 January 2023
2022 Squirrels, Generally, As Found Land Life Animals, Alameda and Davis, California

A squirrel, in Alameda, California, eased around the corner of a fence in a garden. A squirrel stood atop a brick fence on the University of California at Davis campus and held a small pine cone in its mouth. A squirrel paused in the center of the grass on a lawn in the University of California at Davis. After this photo was taken, it darted away in a new direction.
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Thursday 12 January 2023
2022 Amtrak Station, A U.S Railroad, As Form Of Transportation, 2nd and H Streets, Davis, California

An old metal sign atop the station indicated that this station was originally controlled by Southern Pacific Railroads. This was before the major railroads gave up passenger service in the 1960s. A sign identified this railroad station as an historic landmark. That sign also specified the intersection of streets at which the railroad station was located. Shaded benches lined a wall in the shadow of the station. These benches provided a sheltered place to await one's train. Back in the past, when this railroad was very busy, railroad signals were managed from this control tower named "Davis Tower.". The doors into and out of the station were wheelchair accessible.
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Wednesday 11 January 2023
"Blue Woman" Mural 1999, Artist: 3nolam and The Dragon School, A Street Mural, Oakland Chinatown, Oakland, California

A portrait of a woman with a blue face was visible just beyond a white metal gate. The gate was ajar, so it was possible to walk inside the alley. The mural was partly defaced by white graffiti. The names of the organization "The Dragon School 99" and the artist "3nolam." were written below the graffiti.
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Tuesday 10 January 2023
Chinese Gods Mural, Artist: Luke Dragon, A Street Mural, Grant and Sacramento Streets, San Francisco, California

The mural, depicting Chinese gods, was painted on the side of an apartment building and faced Sacramento Street. The Dragon God stood with eyes closed to witness the future. She held a dragon as a pet. Chinese Words were painted below the dragon. They roughly translated as, "Path," or "Road." Although strictly not Chinese, the image of Jesus wearing a crown of thorns, was painted as the leftmost figure on the mural. The view of the mural taken from the sidewalk and looking back along Sacramento Street. A pig god had his arms around two faceless naked women. On his copious belly were the words: "Notorious P.I.G."
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Monday 9 January 2023
Be Like Water Mural 2020, Artist: Twick, 799 Grant Avenue at Clay Street, San Francisco, California

The name "Bruce Lee" was printed in Chinese next to a fancy window which was not part of the mural. The artist's signature was located in the lower left corner of the mural. It specified that the artist was "twick" and that it was copyrighted by him in 2020. The mural depicted Bruce Lee. It was located facing Clay Street at Grant Avenue. A closer view of the mural shows a Yin Yang symbol with arrows showing directions. The kicking end of Bruce Lee's right foot almost popped off the wall.
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Sunday 8 January 2023
Grey Prince, Advertising Art, 560 Pine Street, San Francisco, California

This art was located on the side of the China Gem Company at 560 Pine Street in San Francisco. It was a collage of Grey Prince and California flag posters glued to the side of the building and facing Pine Street. The Grey Prince poster was a collection of many people and a "Scan Me" image. The SF Chronicle says ..." #1 Rapper Ever #1 Producer Ever #1 Iranian American #1 Electronic boi #1 Pope of the Catholic church of Yugoslavia A closer view of the Scan Me QR code that one might scan with one's phone. Cars were parked on Pine Street (between Stockton and Grant Streets) in front of the advertising art. The entrance to 560 Pine Street faced Pine Street near Stockton Street.
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