Thursday 3 December 2020
2011 Doors, As House Structure Parts, Palace of the Legion Of Honor, San Francisco, California

A view down one of the corridors in the Palace Of The Legion Of Honor in San Francisco. Here, the camera looked through one doorway, at a second doorway, and at a closed door beyond that. The metal at the right of the frame could be rolled out and swung to close off the doors when the museum was closed.
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Wednesday 2 December 2020
2020 Ornaments, On A Green Chirstmas Trees, As A Mythic Symbol, Eugene, Oregon

A bird was created from two red sparkily balls, one atop the other. The yellow beak and silver eyes caused the balls to resemble a red bird. The top hat and star on its chest, gave the bird ornament a formal appearance. A glass ornament, which looked like a polar bear, was hung on a green Christmas tree. The reason we called it fuzzy was because it was slightly out of focus. A white rabbit was dressed in a fancy outfit. The rabbit had wings which made it resemble an angel. A tiny wooden bird house was hung as an ornament. A snowman and the word, "Welcome," were painted on the front of the bird house. A fake glass candy cane hung from the tree to the left of the bird house.
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Tuesday 1 December 2020
2020 Chirstmas Trees, Decorated To Celebrate Christmas, As A Mythic Symbol, Eugene, Oregon

A fake green Christmas tree was assembled fresh from its box. The branches had not yet been randomized for a more realistic Christmas tree appearance. The fake Christmas tree as it appeared after being first lit. The tiny lights in multiple colors gave the tree a festive appearance despite the lack of ornaments.
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Monday 30 November 2020
Orange Hair, As Form Of Hair Apparel, 2010 Pride Parade, On Market Street, San Francisco, California

One of the parade marchers from Instituto Familiar de la Raza, Inc., had orange hair. That hair glowed in the sun almost causing the orange feathers behind it to pale.
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Sunday 29 November 2020
2019 Mallard Ducks, As Birds in the Wild, Winchester Bay, Oregon

A mallard duck bent over in the street next to the sidewalk in Winchester Bay, Oregon. It took a drink of rain water left over from the previous nights storm.
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Saturday 28 November 2020
2020 Ornaments On White Tree, As A Mythic Cristmas Event, In Eugene, Oregon

An oblong polished gold ornament was hug dangerously close to a round purple ornament. Candy canes wrapped in plastic were used as ornaments on this White Christmas Tree A tiny beaded wreath was hung from a white branch with care. A child's rocking horse on a gingerbread cookie was one form of ornament that hung on this white Christmas tree. A red glass ornament had an indented green and red face. The result looked like the Star Wars death star all done up for Christmas. A glass ornament in the form of Wonder Woman stood guard among the lower branches of this white Christmas tree.
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Friday 27 November 2020
Animalblog Wild Turkey Collection, As A Domesticated Bird, Found In Oregon

A close up of the horned head of a Wild Turkey. Not my kind of pretty. The back lawn of Lane Community College had the unusual ornament of a large tom Wild Turkey. He didn't pay any attention to the students coming and going. The Wild Turkey from the back.
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Thursday 26 November 2020
Reprise: Happy Thanksgiving, Wild Turkey, As A Domesticated Bird, Found In The Wildlife Safari, Winton, Oregon

A turkey beside the road pecked at the ground in search of seeds to eat. A turkey beside the road looked to its left at approaching traffic. A turkey stood alongside a chicken wire fence and posed for a portrait. A wild turkey stood beside the road and preened itself. Three turkeys formed a parade as they walked alongside the roadway. A turkey, who stood alongside the road, searched for seeds and berries to eat. Green grass was reflected on the turkey's body. Two turkeys walked together alongside a chicken wire fence.
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Wednesday 25 November 2020
Telegraph Avenue & Durant Avenue, Berkeley, California, As A City Place

The Cafe Durant was located (in 2007) on Durant Avenue just above Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, California. That Mexican American restaurant was located between an empty "for sale" lot, and Gypsy Travel, a travel agent.
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Tuesday 24 November 2020
44 O'Shaughnessy Bus, San Francisco Muni, Part of SFMTA, San Francisco, California

The 44 O'Shaughnessy bus was a good bus to take to visit the Presidio in San Francisco. The sign on the bus described its destination. Here the bus was leaving the Presidio and was headed toward Golden Gate Park. A US Mail van was parked on the hill behind.
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Monday 23 November 2020
Stencil Animals, As Found Art, San Francisco, California

A stencil dog was spray painted in green paint on the sidewalk at the corner of Jersey Street. The dog was depicted as its skeleton.
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Sunday 22 November 2020
"G Street WunderBar" Mural 2013, Artists: Emer & Mynas, 228 G Street, Davis, California

The date the mural was painted low on the wall under the handle of one of the pool cues. That date read, "2013." In the lower left quadrant of the shield was painted a dart board (or possibly a wagon wheel). In the upper left quadrant of the shield was painted a mug of beer. The W on the mug stood for Wunderbar. Signs on the side of the wall of the front porch identified this as the "G Street Wunderbar." A chalk sign advertised, "Trivia 8pm Karaoke 10pm." A long mural was painted on the side of the G Street Wunderbar in Davis, California. The mural was shaded by trees, creating less than ideal contrast.
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Saturday 21 November 2020
Oso, The Dog, A Canine Land Animal, Bay Point, California

A close photograph of the face of the dog name Oso. This dog was small but energetic and enjoyed life in a tract home in Bay Point, California.
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Friday 20 November 2020
2019 Empty Bench, As A Form Of Seating, Davis, California

A red bench faced away from a wide field of mostly dry grass. The bench faced north at a relaxing view, yet stood empty and unappreciated.
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Thursday 19 November 2020
2019 Christmas Snow, As A Mythic Event, Eugene, Oregon

A statue of a goose decorated the side front yard under pruned rose bushes. The night before a light snow settled on the neighborhood and reminded everyone of Christmas past.
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Wednesday 18 November 2020
2019 Christmas Trees, Decorated To Celebrate, As A Mythic Event, Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park, Oregon

A young Christmas tree was raised among green bushes that surrounded a grass meadow. Partly hidden, there the tree could grow safely.
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