Thursday 21 March 2019
Woven Mural 2019, Artist: Alisia McCarthy, On Side of Proper Hotel, Street Murals, As A Form Of Street Art, 1100 Market Street, San Francisco, California

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The mural was large and visible from down the street. From the distance it looked like a woven rug without edge finishing. A closer shot of the center of the mural. Notice the vertical white line is not fuzzy here. A closer shot of the windows of the hotel incorporated into the mural. Also notice the casual addition of an odd brown line. The closest shot of the entire mural, yet even this wide, the upper left corner was a bit truncated. The lower left of the mural. Notice the fuzzy white vertical line. View all


Wednesday 20 March 2019
New Powell Entry, To BART, And MUNI Systems, Stockton and Market Streets, San Francisco

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The new entry canopy as viewed from inside the station looking up and out. A new canopy over the BART/MUNI entry at Stockton and Market was partly obscured by construction and an elevator. Signage was painted on the thick upright to the street side of the canopy. It said that this was entry to both BART and MUNI and access to the Powell Street Station. There was another new canopy at the Civic Center Station, and its sign indicated that other station. A car drove past the new canopy entrance. Also past the foreground fence guarding a surface station for F-line historic trolleys and Market Street buses. View all


Tuesday 19 March 2019
Film, Of The 2019 Chinese New Year Parade, An Annual San Francisco Event, The Year of the Pig

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A short film showing some of the highlights of the 2019 San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade. This film was shot at the corner of Kearny and California Streets. View all


Monday 18 March 2019
Prologue, For The 2019 Chinese New Year Parade, An Annual San Francisco Event, The Year of the Pig

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The fence, holding crowds back from the parade route, crossed California Street. Several motorcycle police rode ahead of the parade to insure that the route was clear. They paused at California street and waited for a few minutes for the parade to catch up. Uniformed police watched the crowd and monitored a gap in the fence to insure nobody would cross during the parade. The spot reserved for press photographers was across from check in point for the bleachers. That reserved seating was to the left of this shot. The sponsor of the parade, Southwest Airlines, led the parade. The actual parade followed this prologue. View all


Sunday 17 March 2019
Solar Charging, For Electric Automobiles, As A Form Of Transport

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The Bosch Xpress controlled the charging. It had power and status lights, a charge button, and a "Reset" button. The sign at the back of the parking spot described how to use this solar charging station. It read (in part): Welcome to FREE EV Solar Charging Brought to you by the Port of San Francisco and Impark Parking, with a grant from the 11th Hour Project. Two people walked past the charging station which can give you an idea of its size. Notice the white pad on the ground where the electric vehicle is supposed to park. The charger plug's instructions: Charger Plug must be returned to the receptacle before and after each charge. View all


Saturday 16 March 2019
Robin Williams Mural 2018, Artist: Niño de Cobre, Near Jones and Market Streets, San Francisco, California

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A closer shot of Robin Williams' left eye. Notice the cracks between the boards upon which the mural was painted. The title of the mural was painted in the lower left of the mural. The title was "Robin Williams." The artist's signature was painted in the upper right corner of the mural. It read, "Cobre," and was followed by the smaller letters "AR" for Argentina. A closer shot of the mural, showing the face of Robin Williams framed by a nest of grey hair. View all


Friday 15 March 2019
New Light Rail Vehicle, SFMTA MUNI (LRV) Trolleys, San Francisco, California

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The inside of one of the new light rail vehicals. Notice how the seating all faces inward from the sides. Although it may seem less comfortable than forward facing seats, they were just fine to sit on. Once, on a very crowded trolley, this style of seating made it much easier to get off a really crowded train. A view of the steps retracted to form a ramp at the 4th & King Station. Notice the buttons to open the doors, where the buttons inside match the buttons outside. This was an improvement over the previous older trolleys where a bar inside opened the doors and a mismatched button outside opened the doors. View all


Thursday 14 March 2019
Welcome Home 2019, Artist: Lori Chinn, Hearts of San Francisco, Twitter Sponsor

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The front of the heart mounted on the steps leading up into Union Square. It presented a scene constructed from elements of fame that illustrated San Francisco. A cable car with a spout doubled as a coffee pot. It was surrounded by morning fog and next to the Ferry Building. A cup of coffee tumbled off the Golden Gate Bridge, with Mount Tamalpais beyond Sausalito's fog. The sign a the base of the heart read: Hearts In San Francisco A Benefit for San Francisco General Hospital Foundation #HeartsinSF Welcome Home Lori Chinn February 13, 2019 A band of fog separated the front half from the back half of the heart. View all


Wednesday 13 March 2019
Here Comes The Sun 2019, Artist: Adele Gilani, Hearts of San Francisco, Bank of America Sponsor

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Deep in the center of a dark forest, a purple tree grew under a cloudy sky. The sign on the base of the heart, described: Hearts in San Francisco A Benefit for San Francisco General Hospital Foundation #HeartsinSF Here Comes The Sun Adele Gilani February 13, 2019 A new heart was on exhibit in Union Square in downtown San Francisco. Called, "Here Comes The Sun", it was a colorful addition to the plaza. A bare tree grew up the left lobe of the heart, or blood vessels covered that lobe of the heart. The bottom of the back side of the heart was a mass of colorful leaves. The other side of the heart featured a dark and a bright half. View all


Tuesday 12 March 2019
The Mural 2010, Above the Tenderloin People's Garden, Precita Eyes Mural Center, As A Collaboration Form Of Art, San Francisco, California

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A person handed out carrots to a line of grateful people. A musical staff dipped through the garden, with musical notes, butterflies and birds. The musical notes transformed into a spiral river, upon which a boat of worshipers floated with hands held high. To one side a woman held a shovel, to the other side a man held a bunch of beets. And above it all, the sign for Tenderloin People's Garden arched above a setting (or rising) sun. A guitar player was the source of the music. The guitar emitted a rainbow staff filled with musical symbols. View all


Monday 11 March 2019
The Fence Art 2010, Around Tenderloin People's Garden, Mural And Decorated Fence, Precita Eyes Mural Center, As A Collaboration Form Of Art, San Francisco, California

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A sign in the shape of a broccoli featured stars, flags, and cats behind a white picket fence. A sign in the shape of a beet was painted aqua and blue and was decorated with the words, "Beets are Cool." A fence surrounded the garden that was behind a hotel and below a mural. A vegetable sign was labeled simply, "Green." A sign at the entrance on a vegetable cutout, read: Veggie Cutouts A Project of Yerba Buena Center For th Arts In Collaboration With Bessie Carmichael Elementary School Precita Eyes Murals T.N.D.C 826 Valencia Designed and Painted by 3rd & 4th Grade Students View all


Sunday 10 March 2019
Homeless, As A Role, Of A Person's Life

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A homeless person ran out of steam and became cold, so he laid down on a steam vent to warm up. Apparently the steam warmed him so well, he fell asleep. View all


Saturday 9 March 2019
Window In Art, As A Home Structure Feature

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A window was located inside the "Knowledge Is Golden" Mural by 1AM Studio. It was ajar, letting fresh air in over thinly painted knowledge. An old rundown window had, at one time in the past, a mural painted around it. Although painting around windows is common among muralists, the windows are rarely this dilapidated. View all


Friday 8 March 2019
Glasses, Using A Peace Sign, As A Mythic Symbol

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Pink peace symbol glasses were worn by a woman marching in the 2011 San Francisco Saint Stupid's Day Parade. View all


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