Wednesday 25 January 2022
Books With Pictures, Advertising Murals, 99 W. Broadway, Eugene, Oregon

A hand painted Open sign was outside the front door. Above the sign it read, "Welcome to Eugene." The outside tables were empty. Two paintings hung on the outside wall of Books With Pictures. These small murals were intended to bring joy to the observer. Books like birds, flew down from the upper right corner, over a person wearing glasses and holding a cane, while reading a book. A person on a rowboat also read a book. The girl roller skating on the sidewalk carried a book. The boy on his back on the ground, elevated his foot with a ball, listened with earphones, and read a book.
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Tuesday 25 January 2022
2022 Garden Moss, As A Form Of Plant, Eugene, Oregon

Small patches of moss were beginning to cover a boulder in the corner of our front garden. Perhaps next year the boulder will be completely covered.
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Monday 24 January 2022
Eugene Fog, As A Weather Event, Eugene, Oregon

Two bare trees, in the neighbor's back yard, disappeared into the morning fog. The fog made the trees soften into an almost lace-like pattern.
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Sunday 23 January 2022
Hedge Blooms, As A Flowering Plant, Eugene, Oregon

A hedge separated our front yard from the neighbor's. The blooms on the hedge were tiny and pink. They grew out to the tops of stems. The entire top of the hedge featured tiny pink blooms. They extended into the distance. The top of the hedge was uneven, having not been pruned since last spring. There was more pink in this image than green leaves.
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Saturday 22 January 2022
2022 Graffiti Erased, As A Form of Deconstructed, Deconstruction, Eugene, Oregon

New graffiti had been spray painted in black paint over the freshly erased graffiti. A former painted sign had been marred by graffiti. Someone had sand-blasted away the sign and the graffiti. A section of freshly erased graffiti had recently been over drawn in black flow pen art. Plants, faces, eyes and words created a complex image to understand. Other art of moons and stars bled partly through paint to the left of this art. Different colors of paint had been used to erase graffiti on an alley wall. It appears that white was the latest color.
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Friday 21 January 2022
2022 Leaf Compost, As Plants Found In Nature, Eugene, Oregon

Dry leaves that had fallen off the trees for winter were piled into our leaf composting bin. The composting bin was placed outside, so that rain could keep the pile moist. An even closer view inside the composting bin. The leaves make a lovely background for perhaps a screen saver. A closer view of the leaves piled inside the leaf composting bin. Notice a bit of a green weed visible in the center. All organic matter can be added to this composting pile.
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Thursday 20 January 2022
2022 Blue Shade Anemone, As A Garden Plant, Eugene, Oregon

Our round mini-beast raised garden had 10 Blue Shade Anemone planted around its base. The was the first flower to bloom in mid January among them all. We expect more blooms as the winter gives way into spring.
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Wednesday 19 January 2022
Poppy Anemone Hollandia, As A Flowering Plant, Eugene, Oregon

One of our red Poppy Anemone Hollandia had been planted next to the path in the back corner of the yard. This was the first to bud of hopefully several that had been planted there two years ago.
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Tuesday 18 January 2022
Reprise From 2008: Numbered Rocks, As Found Art, Doran Regional Park, Bodega Bay, California

From this angle, rock number 32 almost appeared to float over the concrete bench. A fishing boat slowly motored past rock number 25. Rock number 26 was surrounded by red and green ground cover. On a sunny day the water behind it would have looked blue. Rock number 24 was notched in a way that caused it to resembled a chair. Rock number 30 was a low rock which caused the number to lean back. Beyond the rock, in the bay, was a channel marker.
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Monday 17 January 2022
2021 Lobbies, Show Christmas Decor, Eugene, Oregon

"The 5th Street Public Market Alley" was an outdoor lobby that was decorated for Christmas. A yellow pickup truck was parked in front of the lobby. It held a Christmas tree in its bed. Illuminated snowflakes hung from the ceiling of the lobby.
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Sunday 16 January 2022
2022 Bare Trees, As A Form Of Plant, Eugene, Oregon

The weeping cherry tree in the front yard with its nest of bare branches. Our neighbor's bare tree appeared to reach for the sky. Another winter bare tree in our neighbor's yard had many hanging branches and broken limbs. Without leaves, it appeared wild and totally out of control. One of our bare trees in the front yard is already showing buds. So it was technically not bare.
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Saturday 15 January 2022
2022 White Hellebore, As A Flowering Plant, Eugene, Oregon

The first white flowers, on our front yard hellebore, where just beginning to bud. Autumn leaves still gathered around the hellebore, but would soon decompose into compost.
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Friday 14 January 2022
2022 Red Hellebore, As A Flowering Plant, Eugene, Oregon

The first bud began to show on our red hellebore in the front yard below our weeping cherry tree.
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Thursday 13 January 2022
Dieter's Birthday, In 2022, A Lad Who Lives And Works In Oregon, Eugene, Oregon

Denver carried in her brother's cake loaded with candles. Dieter prepared to blow out the candles. Denver scooped ice cream out from the container of chocolate mint. The other container held vanilla ice cream. Dieter sat under decorations and waited for someone to bring in dishes and forks, so that he could serve cake. Oliver was served a thin slice of cake alongside a scoop of mint chocolate ice cream. The first slice was made to the heart shaped cake. Dieter having blown out the candles is pleased that his wish will come true.
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