Tuesday 23 October 2018
Shutdown Of The Temporary Transbay Terminal Of San Francisco

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The fence ran alongside the sidewalk. During its heyday, 38 Geary buses would line up along this sidewalk. The combined Amtrak and Greyhound building was in the middle of being decommissioned. The benches for Greyhound had been removed. A cyclone fence surrounded the part of the Temporary Transbay Terminal where Oakland and Marin buses used to stop to pick up passengers. The formerly busy bus gates were empty of buses. This is how it might feel at the end of the world. Oil stains were all that remained of the once busy Transbay Temporary Terminal. View all


Monday 22 October 2018
2018 Halloween Party Invitation Images

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A skull was etched in an elaborately Mayan design. It stared out past fabric and beads. The skull and neck of a bird was on exhibit in a natural history museum in Newport, Oregon. The pose made it seem to threaten. An orange jack o' lantern was painted on the inside of a store window under the parking structure over E. 10th Avenue in Eugene, Oregon. A elaborately etched skull was on display in a store window on Haight Street in San Francisco. A blue eyed creature stared past a performing lion in the Chinese New Year Parade. View all


Sunday 21 October 2018
Graffiti Erased As A Form of Deconstructed Deconstruction

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Someone had spray painted graffiti inside an alley on the side of a building. Later, someone decided to erase that graffiti. He or she used spray paint to cover the graffiti, leaving behind a smear that was probably more ugly than the erased original. View all


Saturday 20 October 2018
Window Ajar As Home Structure Features

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While walking up the Eugenia Stairs, this window was discovered as ajar. Probably ajar to help air out the home with a fresh breeze. View all


Friday 19 October 2018
Window In Art As Home Structure Features

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An old rundown window had, at one time in the past, a mural painted around it. Although painting around windows is common among muralists, the windows are rarely this dilapidated. View all


Thursday 18 October 2018
1940s, William Carter's Birth Years In California

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William Carter as a baby, never expecting the wonderful life he led. View all


Wednesday 17 October 2018
Alaska Forests As Collections Of Trees

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A gnarly forest surrounded the Gold Creek Salmon Bake. View all


Tuesday 16 October 2018
Natural Gas And Its Trappings

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Gas meters lined up in a Chinatown alley. They resembled identical robots all being fueled to begin their day. View all


Monday 15 October 2018
Exit Signs By Text On Signs

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An Exit to Street sign led the way down escalators or stairs to the parking lot level. The actual street was beyond the parking lot. The shot was overexposed due to a sticky iris, but the exposure worked for this shot. View all


Sunday 14 October 2018
Artificial Domestic House Cats As Land Animals

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A black cat statue remained at the back of the shelf as other knick-knacks were added over time. A carved wooden giraffe up-staged the cat. And to add insult to injury, a plastic bottle completely blew away any hint of an aesthetic. A stuffed cat sat on a chair in front of a window. It looked perpetually relaxed sitting there, never moving, never chasing a mouse. Inert yet soft. A large cat mask, being worn by a man during the 2009 San Francisco LGBT Parade, gazed up close directly into the camera. View all


Saturday 13 October 2018
Boat Lights As Nautical Transport Equipment/

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A heavy duty search light was unused near sunset on Christmas Day. It pointed down at the bay waters as if ready to illuminate a piece of flotsam. View all


Friday 12 October 2018
Tree Trunks As Plants Found In Nature

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A burned out tree trunk stood beside the Willamette River. The nature of the burn caused the suggestion of a small creature to appear just inside. View all


Thursday 11 October 2018
Elevator As A Building Detail

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An old wooden elevator was located in the old town area of Sacramento, California. A sign on the elevator suggested one should take the elevator to "River City Tattoo." View all


Wednesday 10 October 2018
Litter Of Ketchikan, Alaska A United States City

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An abandoned coffee cup landed between a pipe and the dock. The vertical pipes formed a fence to prevent people, but not coffee cups, from falling over the edge. View all


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