Wednesday 21 February 2018
Title As A Category Of Book Thing

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Julianne received as a gift the book, "Contrary to Popular Belief: More than 250 False Facts Revealed" by Joey Green. This was just one of the gifts given to her at her birthday party. View all


Tuesday 20 February 2018
Mexico Hung Laundry, As Washed Apparel

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Graffiti behind the laundry on a wall with all its lower doors and windows bricked shut. Whites were hung from a line across the yard just in front of a fence outside Puerto Vallarta. Laundry hung in front of a green wall in a rural yard of Mazatán. Laundry hung high up across a roof level balcony. View all


Monday 19 February 2018
2018 Snow In Eugene, Oregon As A Weather Event

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A brief video showing the snow falling in the front and back yards. Snow fell over a suburban neighborhood. Temperatures were not correct for the snow to stick to pavement. Snow fell over the monster in the front yard. An elevated planter waiting for its first plants to arrive in the spring. View all


Sunday 18 February 2018
Mexico Gate As Part Of A Fence Structure

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A gate led to a car parked in a carport. The gate was only half open (or was it only half closed?). A red gate hung from green poles. Three rows of small circles softened the effect of an otherwise harsh, metal barrier. A security gate down by the docks was topped with barbed wire. The gate itself was beat up in the center, yet could still be locked. A partly rusted metal gate, hung from a rusty metal pole, was swung open to allow passage. A square wire mesh covered a metal gate. The gate was locked with a padlock to prevent entry to a wide empty fenced area. View all


Saturday 17 February 2018
People Of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, As A City Place

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Three folk chatted on a stairway landing overlooking a fully parked street. A lad walked while listening to music and wrote in a notebook. Construction workers gathered on a raised concrete platform to eat lunch. Two people dressed in Day of the Dead costumes waited to entice people into the "No Way José" restaurant. A fellow strolled quickly along the sidewalk past shuttered windows. A man waited at the entrance to a hand-made sandal store. Construction workers broke for lunch. A few sat on the edge of the sidewalk near the entrance to "Loft 268." A man walked toward wood laid on the ground behind a building. View all


Friday 16 February 2018
Animals In Mazatán, Sinaloa, Mexico, As A City Place

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A pelican flying alongside the boat paused in mid flight so that this photo could be taken. A pelican glided overhead, following the tour boat as it made is way up the estuary. A grackle perched on the stern of a motorboat anchored in the bay. A flock of frigatebirds surrounded the boat because the tour guide was tossing bits of fish into the air. A neighborhood dog slept on the warm sand next to crumpled plastic trash. The tour tractor slowly passed three people riding horses along the beach. View all


Thursday 15 February 2018
Animals In Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, As A City Place

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A dog wearing a dapper sweater was out for a midday stroll. A black dog on a balcony sat and watched the world pass by. A dog on a leash towed its companions across the road quickly for their safety. Pelicans circled offshore and periodically dove to catch fish. A pair of artist rendered lizards decorated the exterior wall of a home. View all


Wednesday 14 February 2018
Posters In Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, As A City Place

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A poster next to a door advertised, "La Reina De Corazones." Two large posters revealed the purpose of construction. A new multi-storied high-rise condominium building under construction. A private property sign was hung on a fence alongside the road back into town. A poster was taped to a utility pole. It advertised commercial lots and automobiles. A poster tacked high on a utility pole appeared to advertise a drag show. A sign from "Tropicasa Realty," was zip-tied to the front door of a house for sale. A shop in the lobby of a building advertised events and shows. Many posters were displayed along the outside of the balcony. View all


Tuesday 13 February 2018
Windows In Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, As A City Place

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A deeply recessed window in a stucco wall had a bit of trash on its sill. The wall was cracked and marred with a black smear. A store window displayed men's and women's wear and accessories. A store window, with stripes on the wall below, featured party supplies. A lamp was not turned on during the day behind a condo window several stories up. A metal tiger made of polished silver, with painted black details, was on display behind the glass of an art store. The window of a barber shop celebrated its 52nd year of doing business. One of the stained glass windows of the "Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe." View all


Monday 12 February 2018
Tattoos In Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, As A City Place

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Another tattoo parlor was open upstairs just off a balcony. A modest tattoo parlor called, "Pinky's Tattoo" was open for business next door to a fitness center. Another tattoo parlor was called, "Tattoo Shop." It was located above a clothing store. A sign faced the waterfront and advertised, "Black Line Tattoo." A tattoo parlor was located on a rundown street. It was called, "The Studio I Tattoo and Body Piercing." View all


Sunday 11 February 2018
Provence Dining On The Island Princess A Cruise Ship On a Panama Canal Cruise

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The table was covered in a nice table cloth, with matching napkins. The bread baskets were covered in a complimentary color. The silverware was chromed. The sign for the Provence Dining Room was mounted on the door next to a fire alarm. The sign read, "Provence Dining Room." The shape in the middle of the sign was the outline of the county of France. The restaurant was lit with wall lamps, windows and overhead, tiny lights. View all


Saturday 10 February 2018
Sanctuary Pool On The Island Princess A Cruise Ship On a Panama Canal Cruise

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The proverbial glass ceiling covered the pool and allowed those below it to relax in modest luxury. Life size statues decorated the upper level of the Sanctuary pool. The lower level featured and ice cream bar with free ice cream cones. However, milk shakes cost money. One of the gazebos contained a table and stools instead of a hot tub. The Sanctuary pool was marked as, "No Lifeguard on Duty - use at your own risk." The sign also specified forbidden activities. The hot tubs were set up as gazebos, covered with thatched roofs. The Sanctuary pool was completely enclosed, warm and humid. The ceiling was glass which let in full daylight. View all


Friday 09 February 2018
River Road Graffiti As A Part Of Oregon Deconstruction

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A complex signature that could be the letters "SD" or perhaps the letter "S" followed by a face. The word Swig was spray painted in black across a section of fairly new fence. The image of a mushroom was spray painted in black paint on an old, faded fence facing River Road. The letter B was repeated five times across a section of faded fence that faced river Road. A classic smiley face was spray painted on a section of fence. That face was followed by a period as if ending a sentence. A word that appeared to be "B1ggro" was painted in white over a section of paint that had previously erased prior graffiti. View all


Thursday 08 February 2018
Outside Top Of The Island Princess Cruise Ship On a Panama Canal Cruise

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Flags flew from the ship's superstructure, backlit by the midday sun. More than enough deck chairs were present for anyone to relax on a warm afternoon. The steampunk-look rocket jets of the ships superstructure, could also be seen through the glass covering the central pool. The top of the ship, viewed from its stern, resembled a steampunk rocket ship. The top deck of the Island Princess with its glass windbreaks. View all


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