Fabric As Found Art
Art discovered in randomly found textiles and wearable materials.
Boas Bolted Bombs Curtains Dress Cloth Leather Ribbon Rugs And Carpets Sequins Windsock
Boas As Found Fabric Art

Feather boas and boas made from other materials.

Bolted Fabric As Found Art

Fabric sold on bolts or in swatches or other for of raw bulk.

Bombs As A Means Of Art Expresion

Art bombs where fabric or paint change a normal everyday item into an art expression.

Curtains and Draperies

Window coverings made entirely of cloth. In general, curtains only cover the window, whereas drapes run from the top of the window or higher all the way to the floor.

Dress Cloth As Found Art

Dress clothing such as dresses, or other worn materials.

Leather As A Wearable Material

Leather that can be worn or as is being prepared to be worn.

Ribbon As Found Cloth Art

Ribbon can be woven as cloth ribbon or manufactured in bulk.

Rugs And Carpets As Found Cloth Art

Floor covering can be made by weaving it like cloth.

Sequins As Found Art

Sequins and materials that look like sequins.

Windsock As Found Fabric Art

Wind socks and other items that inflate with wind other than kites.

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