Bugs and Insects
Artificial Bugs Bee Beetle Butterfly Caterpillar Dragonfly Fly Gerridae Grasshopper Mantis Mosquito (Culicidae) Moth Spider Yellowjacket
Artificial Bugs, As a form of Insect Animal

Artificiality (also called factitiousness, or the state of being artificial or man-made) is the state of being the product of intentional human manufacture, rather than occurring naturally through processes not involving or requiring human activity.[from wikipedia]


Flying insects closely related to wasps and ants.They are found on every continent except Antarctica, in every habitat on the planet that contains insect-pollinated flowering plants.


Coleoptera, commonly called Beetle,contains more species than any other order in the animal kingdom,constituting almost 25% of all known life-forms.


Day-flying insect of the order Lepidoptera.Culturally, butterflies are a popular motif in the visual and literary arts.


The larval form of a member of the order Lepidoptera.Many moth species are better known in their caterpillar stages because of the damage they cause to fruits and other agricultural produce.

Dragonfly, As An Insect Animal

Characterized by large multifaceted eyes,two pairs of strong transparent wings, and an elongated body.

Fly, insect of the order Diptera

Flies buzz, produce maggots, and are generally associated with disgusting things.


Sometimes referred to as the short-horned grasshopper.Grasshoppers have antennae that are generally shorter than their body and short ovipositors. They also have pinchers or mandibles that cut and tear off food.Species that change colour and behaviour at high population densities are called locusts.

Mosquito (Culicidae), As An Insect, A Form Of Animal

Mosquitoes are small, midge-like flies that constitute the family Culicidae. Females of most species are ectoparasites, whose tube-like mouthparts (called a proboscis) pierce the hosts' skin to consume blood. Thousands of species feed on the blood of various kinds of hosts, mainly vertebrates, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and even some kinds of fish. Some mosquitoes also attack invertebrates, mainly other arthropods. Though the loss of blood is seldom of any importance to the victim, the saliva of the mosquito often causes an irritating rash that is a serious nuisance.[from wikipedia]


Closely related to the butterfly.Moths are not easily differentiated from butterflies. Sometimes the name "Heterocera" is used for moths while the term "Rhopalocera" is used for butterflies.


A colloquial name for the order is "praying mantises",because of the typical "prayer-like" stance, although the term is often misspelled as "preying mantis" since mantises are predatory.

Spider, As An Arthropod Animal

Spiders (order Araneae) are air-breathing arthropods,that have eight legs, and chelicerae with fangs that inject venom.[from wikipdedia]


Some gerridae are commonly known as water striders,water bugs, magic bugs, pond skaters, skaters, skimmers, water scooters, water skaters, water skeeters, water skimmers, water skippers, water spiders, or Jesus bugs.


Yellowjacket is a type of wasp.They can be identified by their distinctive markings, small size (similar to a honey bee), their occurrence only in colonies, and a characteristic, rapid, side to side flight pattern prior to landing.

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