Bivalves such as Clams
Bivalvia (common name bivalves) is a taxonomic class of marine and freshwater molluscs. This class includes clams, oysters, mussels, scallops.
Misc. Bivalves Mytilidae Pacific Sand Dollar Rock Scallop Scale-sided Piddock Wart-necked Piddock
Misc. Bivalves

Unclassified clams and othe bivalves from old photographs.

Mytilidae, As A Bivalve, A Sea Animal

The Mytilidae are a family of small to large saltwater mussels, marine bivalve mollusks in the order Mytiloida. One of the genera, Limnoperna are inhabits in brackish or freshwater environments. Species in the family Mytilidae are found worldwide, but they are more abundant in colder seas, where they often form uninterrupted beds on rocky shores in the intertidal zone and the shallow subtidal. Mytilids include the well-known edible sea mussels. [from wikipedia]

Rock Scallop, (Crassedoma giganteum)

Rock Scallops may be found from British Colombia to Baja. They are common on rocky exposed outer coasts.

Pacific Sand Dollar

Eccentric sand dollar,also known as sea-cake, biscuit-urchin, or western sand dollar.

Scale-sided Piddock

(Parapholas californica) grinds clay or soft rock and create tubular burrows.

Wart-necked Piddock, (Chaceia ovoidea)

The shell is divided into 2 or 3 separate sections with a set of ridges or "teeth" used to grind clay or soft rock and create tubular burrows.

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