Horses At Work
Performing or patrolling or merely waiting
Artificial Horse Drayage Horse Horse And Buggy Horse Racing Parade Horse Police Horse Pony Rides Urban Horses
Artificial Horse, As A Working Land Animal

Fake horses that perform the same jobs other working horses do.

Horse And Buggy

A carriage drawn by one or more horses

Drayage Horse, As A Working Land Animal

The term drayage originally meant "to transport by a sideless cart", or dray. Such carts, pulled by dray horses, were used to move goods short distances, limited by the physical limitations of a dray horse.[from wikipedia]

Horse Racing

An equestrian sport generally associated with gambling

Parade Horse

Elaborately attired horses in a parade

Police Horse, As Working Animals

Mounted police as police equestrians on patrol

Pony Rides

Small horses employeed to carrry children

Urban Horses, As Working Animals

Horses comfortable in an urban setting.

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