Laundry and Wash
Apparel that is being cleaned
Clothespin Hung Laundry Laundromat

Used to attach wet laundry to lines for drying.Also clothes peg, or just peg, or in science a spring-loaded wood clamp, and in filmmaking a C47 or bullet.The first spring-loaded clothespin was invented by Jérémie Victor Opdebec in 1853.

Hung Laundry, As Washed Apparel

Many homeowners' associations and other communities in the United States prohibit residents from using a clothesline outdoors, or limit such use to locations that are not visible from the street or to certain times of day. Other communities, however, expressly prohibit rules that prevent the use of clotheslines. Florida is the only state to expressly guarantee a right to dry, although Utah and Hawaii have passed solar rights legislation.[from wikipedia]

Laundromat, As Apparel Cleaning

A self-service laundry, coin laundry or coin wash is a facility where clothes are washed and dried. They are known in the United Kingdom as launderettes or laundrettes, and in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as laundromats (from the genericized trademark of the Westinghouse Electric Corporation) [from wikipedia]

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