Tenderlooin People's Garden Mural And Decorated Fence Precita Eyes Mural Center As A Collaboration Form Of Art San Francisco, California
San Francisco's Tenderloin District is one of the only neighborhoods in the city of San Francisco without a full-service grocery store, making access to fresh, affordable food a daily struggle for the many low-income residents of the Tenderloin. Over 30,000 residents, including families and children, live in the Tenderloin. [from tenderloin development website]
The Fence Art 2010 The Mural 2010
The Fence Art 2010, Around Tenderloin People's Garden, Mural And Decorated Fence, Precita Eyes Mural Center, As A Collaboration Form Of Art, San Francisco, California

The Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation's (TNDC) gardening began with the TNDC Tenderloin People's Garden in 2010: A vacant lot near San Francisco's City Hall transformed into what is now a vibrant and vital community garden. Located on the corner of Larkin and McAllister Streets, the TNDC Tenderloin People's Garden was created as part of TNDC's work for food justice, promoting a more equitable food system that prioritizes all people's access to the basic human right of healthy food.[from tenderloin development website]

The Mural 2010, Above the Tenderloin People's Garden, Precita Eyes Mural Center, As A Collaboration Form Of Art, San Francisco, California

Since 2010, TNDC's gardening has expanded to four TNDC rooftop gardens on TNDC buildings in the heart of San Francisco. All five of TNDC's gardens produce approximately 2,500 pounds of food, which is distributed to over 400 people for free per year.[from tenderloin development website]

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