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According to Charles Luk, in the earliest traditions of Chán, there was no fixed method or formula for teaching meditation, and all instructions were simply heuristic methods, to point to the true nature of the mind, also known as Buddha-nature. [from wikipedia]

The Word Zen
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(Date Photographed: 11:44:53 Sunday 14 October 2018)
(Date Published: Wednesday 30 January 2019)
© 2019 Bryan Costales
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License

On a quiet Sunday morning in San Francisco, a blue recycling bin stood on the sidewalk of Julia Alley beside a business building. The word Zen on the recycle bin caused one to pause and pounder the meaning of a padlock securing the bin closed. The ZEN here, stood for the Zen Hospice Project, the "mindful" end-of-life hospice care project. external link

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