Plywood, To Which Stickers Were Found Affixed

Stickers On Old Plywood
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A store front was covered in plywood to hide interior construction. The plywood had in the past been painted black but now appeared weathered gray. Many stickers adorned the plywood. Some were torn and partly removed to make way for newer stickers. One new sticker whispered in sign language, "Fuck That Noise.". The other new sticker displayed the unhoused and downtrodden, and read in English, "We Are Not The Problem."

Plywood external link   •  To Which Stickers external link Were Found Affixed   •  As Found Art external link   •  Valencia Street external link   •  San Francisco external link California external link   •  Nikon D300s Camera, f/2.8 35-70 Nikon Lens external link   •  (Date Photographed: 10:16:25 Thursday 17 October 2019)   •  (Date Published: Thursday 28 May 2020)   •  © 2020 Bryan Costales external link Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License #C19_4880
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