Graffiti On A Train Video, As A Mode Of U.S. Deconstruction, Eugene, Oregon

Graffiti On Train Video
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A freight train rolled loudly past a grade crossing in downtown Eugene, Oregon. A traveling show of graffiti was revealed covering the sides of many of the rail cars.

Graffiti external link On A Train external link   •  As A Mode Of U.S. Deconstruction   •  Eugene, Oregon external link   •  Nikon D300s Camera external link Sigma f/2.8 28-70 Lens, external link   •  (Date Filmed: 12:00:00 Sunday 2 September 2017)   •  (Date Published: Tuesday 3 March 2020)   •  © 2020 Bryan Costales external link Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License #C17_5213
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