Window Coverings
Window coverings in general, which includes blinds and curtains used inside, as well as shutters and awnings used outside.
Awnings Blinds Curtains Shutters

A tent-like covering over a window or doorway.A horizontal addition to a building to shade an area undera window or doorway. Protection is either from sunlight orfrom bad weather.

Blinds, As Window Covering Decor

Horizontal shutters used inside.Blinds can be wide or thin, made of metal or plastic or wood, and can be opened or closedby twisting a control or by pulling on a rope or a chain.

Curtains, and Draperies

Window coverings made entirely of cloth.In general, curtains only cover the window, whereas drapes run from thetop of the window or higher all the way to the floor.


Window coverings used ouside the building.External blinds or doors used to protected the glass from harm duringa storm, or to darken the interior or to provide thermal insulation.

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