2012 Maker Faire
A two-day, family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement.
2012 Maker Faire 3d Printers Art Fire Food Halls Human Powered Large Exhibits Solar Powered
3d Printers, At The 2012 Maker Faire

Printers that can print solid 3D objects were on exhibit and creatingchachka at the fair.

Art, Of The 2012 Maker Faire

Art found at the fair. Some of it traditional, some of it not so traditional.

Fire, At The 2012 Maker Faire

Fire was the ingredient of a few exhibits.

Food, At The 2012 Maker Faire

Food for sale at the faire included vegan, and vegitarian as well as grilled meats.

Halls, At The 2012 Maker Faire

The indoor exhibits a the Maker Faire.

Human Powered, At The 2012 Maker Faire

Human powered rides were in evidence all over the faire.

Large Exhibits, At The 2012 Maker Faire

Really huge constructs found at the Maker Fair.

2012 Maker Faire, Robots, As Artificial People

Robots and robot-like costumes were a common sight that day.

Solar Powered, At The 2012 Maker Faire

Solar powered devices on display at the faire.

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