Italian Heritage Day North Beach San Francisco, California
We are proud members of the Italian American community in the San Francisco Bay Area, and together we celebrate and honor the values, culture, and traditions we have been fortunate to have inherited from the Italian American community. We recognize those contributions of the Italian American people and the impact on the community and people around us. We are committed to keeping those traditions alive for future generations and are committed to raising funds to support our philanthropic work. [from italian heritage website]
2017 Columbus Day Bazaar 2017 Italian Heritage Festival
2017 Columbus Day Bazaar, Saints Peter & Paul School, Italian Heritage Day, North Beach, San Francisco, California

The annual Columbus Day Bazaar is a lively and fun North Beach tradition that SSPP hosts annually during San Francisco's Fleet Week. The weekend event celebrates the neighborhood's heritage featuring iconic American, Italian, and Asian foods; an abundance of games and activities; plus great entertainment and community engagement.[from columbus day bazaar website]

2017 Italian Heritage Festival, North Beach, San Francisco, California

1848 Gold is discovered at Sutter's Mill. Massive numbers of fortune seekers from around the world begin to make their way to San Francisco to seek their fortunes. Among these new arrivals are large groups of merchant-class Italians from northern Italy. They arrive a full generation before the mass migration of the "poor huddled masses yearning to breathe free" that came to America following the unification of Italy.[from Italian heritage website]

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