2013 San Fancisco, Carnival Parade
Presented by San Francisco Cultural Arts Traditions. 2013 was photographed near the intersection of 24th and Bryant Streets.
Asociacion Mayab Batala Blessing Bolivia Unida Buena Vista Caribbean Roots City College Columbian Soul Comparasa Comunidad Bolivia Fogo Na Roupa G.R.E.S. Grand Marshal Grupo Samba Rio Grupo Tania Santiago Hot Pink Karibbean Vibrationz MasBand King & Queen LAW Loco Bloco Low Riders Mission Cultural Center Mixtiso Muito Quente! Nicaragua ODC Dance Rara Tou Limon Recology Rueda SFMTA Samba Do Coracao Samba Funk Sambaxe Sherman Super Sonic Tambores Julio Remelexo Trinidad Xiuhcoatl Zumba Party
Batala, San Francisco And Brasarte World Dance Center

To preserve the historical roots of Brasil's vibrant culture by helping to support and care for its aging artists and mentors

Blessing, Of The 2013 San Francisco Carnival Parade

Xiuhcoatl Danza Azteca performed their blessing in the center of Bryant and 24th Streets, San Francisco

Bolivia Unida

A non-profit organization representing the culture of Bolivia.

Buena Vista, / Horace Mann: 2013 San Francisco Carnival Parade

San Francisco Spanish Immersion K-8 School

SFMTA, Cable Cars

Representatives of the San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Caribbean Roots, and Culture

A group that represents all the Caribbean countries.

City College, Of San Francisco: 2013 San Francisco Carnival Parade

A contingent representing the City College Of San Francisco.

Columbian Soul, 2013 San Francisco Carnival Parade

A dance group that reflects the sounds and looks of Columbia

Comunidad Bolivia, In The 2013 San Francisco Carnival Parade

Representatives of the country of Bolivia

Comparasa, Cultucuba In The 2013 San Francisco Carnival Parade

A contingent representing the culture of Cuba.

Fogo Na Roupa, 2013 San Francisco Carnival Parade

Founded in 1989 by Carlos Aceltuno, Fogo na Roupa is an award-winning Brazilian Carnival dance andpercussion company based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Grand Marshal, Of The 2013 San Francisco Carnival Parade

The Grand Marshal of this year's parade was the first float in the parade.

Grupo Samba Rio, 2013 San Francisco Carnival Parade

Grupo Samba Rio & AquarelaRepresents authentic samba from Rio de Janeiro and bring that spirit to the streets of San Francisco.

Hot Pink, Feathers

Hot Pink Feathers performs World Cabaret Showgirl dance. Recent recipient of the 2012 San Francisco Performing Arts Award *and* named ?Absolutely Fabulous? by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Karibbean Vibrationz MasBand, 2013 San Francisco Carnival Parade

A dance group that featured Caribbean rhythms.

King & Queen

The 2013 Carnival Queen was Veronica Howard Soto, and the 2013 Carnival King was Jean Cedric Ndzomo.

LAW, -- Latin American Workout

Introducing Salsa Workout - a unique exercise program that combines popular Latin music with your favorite salsa dance steps.

Loco Bloco, 2013 San Francisco Carnival Parade

Changing the rhythm of the world.Hella Loco Carnival Classes.

Low Riders, In The 2013 San Francisco Carnival Parade

Low riders of the bay area showed off their cars.

Mission Cultural Center, For Latino Arts

The Mission Cultural center for Latino Arts (MCCLA) was originally called the Palmeto Museum, Originated in the early seventies by a group of San Francisco State University students who were frustrated with the lack of Chicano ? Latino cultural representation and to promote Latino cultural expression

Mixtiso, Latin Hip Hop Dance

Music from Danilo Paiz and the young women of Mixtiso Latin Hip Hop Dance with la maestra del mixtiso, Vanessa Mosqueda.

Muito Quente!, Samba Performers

Samba performance group bring smiles to guests at private parties, weddings & corporate functions in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Asociacion Mayab, At The 2013 San Francisco Carnival Parade

The mission of Asociacion Mayab is to create conditions that allowfor the optimal development of the Yucatec Maya community in theSan Francisco Bay Area.

Nicaragua, Danza Hijos del Maíz

A contingent that represented the culture of Nicaragua.

ODC Dance, At The 2013 San Francisco Carnival Parade

ODC Dance School, Theater and Rhythm & Motion Dance Workout

Rara Tou Limon, 2013 San Francisco Carnival Parade

Haitian Dance and Drum Performing Company

Recology, -- Trash Mash-Up

The San Francisco trash collection and recycling company.

Rueda, Con Ritmo

Cuban-Style Salsa form the San Francisco Bay Area

Samba Do Coracao, At The 2013 San Francisco Carnival Parade

Brazilian Dance and Percussion Extravaganza Performances * Workshops * Classes

Samba Funk, In The 2013 San Francisco Carnival Parade

Carnival Explosion -- Ancestral Celestial Transfiguration

G.R.E.S., Samba Mundial

Silicon Valley's samba school, is a non-profit organization dedicated to community participation. Samba Mundial's dancers and musicians perform traditional Brazilian-inspired movements and percussive sounds.

Sambaxe, In The 2013 San Francisco Carnival Parade

Sambaxe Dance Company is a Brazilian inspired music and dance company led by artistic director Raffaella Falchi and musical director Alfie Macias.

Sherman, Elementary School: 2013 San Francisco Carnival Parade

A San Francisco grammar school, the Sherman Sharks Unsinkable since 1892.

Super Sonic, Samba School, At The 2013 San Francisco Carnival Parade

Super Sonic Samba School plays traditional samba rhythms of Brazil, featuring live percussionists, singers and dancers.

Tambores Julio Remelexo

Brazilian Band started by Julio Remelexo - a percussionist from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

Grupo Tania Santiago, 2013 San Francisco Carnival Parade

Grupo Tania Santiago with Aguas Da Bahia Dance Company.

Trinidad, & Tobago, At The 2013 San Francisco Carnival Parade

The Land of Steel Orchestra

Xiuhcoatl, Danza Azteca, At The 2013 San Francisco Carnival Parade

Xiuhcoatl Danza Azteca not only performed their blessing before the parade but were the first group to march in the parade.

Zumba Party, -- Bay Area

A group that danced with balloons.

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