Body Print As Mythological Symbols
The echo of having been there embossed into a surface.
Fin Prints Footprints
Fin Prints, As Mythological Body Prints

The echos of a diver having walked past embossed into the ground.

Footprints, As Mythological Body Prints

Footprints are the impressions or images left behind by a person walking or running. Hoofprints and pawprints are those left by animals with hooves or paws rather than feet, while "shoeprints" is the specific term for prints made by shoes. They may either be indentations in the ground or something placed onto the surface that was stuck to the bottom of the foot. A "trackway" is set of footprints in soft earth left by a life-form; animal tracks are the footprints, hoofprints, or pawprints of an animal.[from wikipedia]

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