Christmas Stairs, Decorated To Celebrate Christmas, As A Mythic Event

Fir Garland
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Stairs led down into the Market At 5th were decorated with a garland made of pieces of fir boughs attached together. Tiny white lights were mixed in with them, but were not illuminated during the daylight hours.

Christmas Stairs external link Decorated To Celebrate Christmas external link   •  As A Mythic Event external link   •  Nikon D300S Camera external link AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 Nikon Lens   •  (Date Photographed: 14:39:15 Monday 16 December 2021)   •  (Date Published: Thursday 23 December 2021)   •  © 2021 Bryan Costales external link Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License #C21_1410
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