2014 And A Human Being Named Westley
Westley spent the year of 2014 at home with a few adventures outside his home.
A Day At Pixie Woods Crissy Field Beach Day At Dog Park Pumpkin Patch Adventure
Crissy Field Beach, With A Human Being Named Westley

The completed Crissy Field reopened in 2001. New and rebuilt sidewalks, boardwalks, and trails connect the field north to Fort Point, the Warming Hut (a cafe), and south to the Crissy Field Center, an environmental education center, and the Marina District. Since that time many buildings were restored and leased out as housing, office space, retail, and recreational facilities. The old temporary wood barracks were demolished and the grass airfield restored. The shoreline along Crissy Field has been restored, including the creation of sand dunes which provide habitat for several native species, and a recreational beach.[from wikipedia]

Day At Dog Park, With A Human Being Named Westley

Westley visited a dog park with the family dog.

A Day At Pixie Woods, With A Human Being Named Westley

Westley visited the Pixie Woods in Stockton with his mother and grandparents.

Pumpkin Patch Adventure, By A Human Being Named Westley

Westley visited the pumpkin patch at Phillips Farms Pumpkin Patch.

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