2016 And A Human Being Named Westley
Westley's life experiences in 2016 mostly in Oregon.
At Spokane Carousel The Spokane Falls Northern Railroad Westley At Honeyman State Park Westley's First Trampoline Westley
At Spokane Carousel, Westley, In 2016, Spokane, Washington

The Riverfront Park Carrousel, also known as the Looff Carrousel and the Natatorium Park carousel, is a carrousel in Spokane, Washington, built in 1909 by Charles I. D. Looff as a gift for Looff's daughter Emma Vogel and her husband Louis Vogel, who owned Natatorium Park in Spokane. It remained at the park until 1968 when the park closed. The carousel was relocated to its present location at Riverfront Park in 1975 where it continues to operate. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on September 19, 1977.[from wikipedia]

Westley At Honeyman State Park, Lane County, Oregon, As A Campsite Place

Westley went on vacation with is folks. That trip included the campground, the dunes, a beach, and a lighthouse visit. His dad was only there for one day, then had to go to work. His mom and one set of grandparents stayed with him.

Westley, In 2016, At Sea Lion Caves, Florence, Oregon

Westely's adventure inside and outside the Sea Lion Caves of Florence, Oregon.

The Spokane Falls Northern Railroad, Westley, In 2016, Spokane, Washington

The Great Northern Railway (reporting mark GN) was an American Class I railroad. Running from Saint Paul, Minnesota, to Seattle, Washington, it was the creation of 19th-century railroad entrepreneur James J. Hill and was developed from the Saint Paul & Pacific Railroad. The Great Northern's (GN) route was the northernmost transcontinental railroad route in the U.S.[from wikipedia]

Westley's First Trampoline, 2016, And A Human Being Named Westley

Westley's very first experience with a trampoline took place on Dorina Lake.

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