Quepos external link Costa Rica
The town just over the hill from Manuel Antonio
Boat Ride 1 of 2 Boat Ride 2 of 2 El Avion Restaurant Former United Fruit Company Mangrove Tour Quepos
El Avion Restaurant, Quepos, Costa Rica

Built around an ex CIA cargo plane

Boat Ride 1 of 2, Quepos, Costa Rica

In which sea sickness cut the trip short

Boat Ride 2 of 2, Quepos, Costa Rica

In which all had a very good time

Mangrove Tour, Quepos, Costa Rica

On Damas Island just north of Quepos

Quepos, Costa Rica

A once a tiny town, rapidly becoming city-bound

Former United Fruit Company

Once the west coast factory town in Quepos, Costa Rica

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