Finca Paso Llano, Nicaragua
A modern, working farm used to demonstrate contemporary techniques.
Animals Decor Flora Food Hammocks The Farm Tortilla Walk
Animals, At Finca Paso Llano

A farm is a natural place to find many animals. Both as a food source and as pets.

Decor, At Finca Paso Llano

Close-up shots of the decor found around the farm.

Flora, Of Finca Paso Llano

The the plants and crops of the farm.

Food, At Finca Paso Llano

The various food items shown, available or served as a meal at the farm.

Hammocks, At Finca Paso Llano

A place for tourists to rest after a walk and lunch was in a pole forest on hammocks.

The Farm, Called Finca Paso Llano

The farm itself occupied many acres of land. Here we show the farm proper.

Tortilla, At Finca Paso Llano

A lesson was given that afternoon in tortilla making.

Walk, Around Finca Paso Llano

A combined walk and ox-cart ride around the fields of the farm.

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