Ometepe Nicaragua
A island with two volcanos located in Lake Nicaragua.
Charco Verde Ferry Rides Ojo Del Agua Petroglyphs The Island The Town Villa Paraiso
Charco Verde

A hotel, restaraunt and nature preserve on Ometepe Island, in Lake Nicaragua,Nicaragua. Charco Verde borders "Green Lagoon."

Ferry Rides, To And From Ometepe, Nicaragua

Ferry service provided the only access to Ometepe island. That is,until the new airport is built.

Ojo Del Agua

A famous swimming hole on Ometepe Island, Lake Nicaragua.Originally small, but now enlarged into a large swimming pool.

Petroglyphs, And Garden, Ometepe, Nicaragua

The Albergue Ecologico garden with its exhibit of petroglyphs.

The Island, Called Ometepe

Two volcanos with an narrow isthmus between form the island.

The Town, Behind The Ferry Terminal

Behind the ferry terminal was a small town. The rest of Ometepe Island wassprinkled with resorts.

Villa Paraiso, Hotel, Ometepe Island

Located on Ometep Island, in Lake Nicaragua, Nicaragua.

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