Parks Of Sacramento Capital of California
A park is an area of natural, semi-natural or planted space set aside for human enjoyment and recreation or for the protection of wildlife or natural habitats. Urban parks are green spaces set aside for recreation inside towns and cities. National parks and Country parks are green spaces used for recreation in the countryside. [from wikipedia]
Old Sacramento State Park Pioneer Park
Old Sacramento State Park, A Park, In Sacramento, Capital of California

Old Sacramento State Historic Park is located within the Old Sacramento Historic District of Sacramento, California.[from wikipedia]

Pioneer Park, A Park, In Old Sacramento, Sacramento, California

Of all the places in Old Sacramento I visited, this was at the top of my list for the reason that the city has preserved this area of rusting iron facades and gives visitors the look and feel of the 'fall of Rome' with crumbling old pieces of yesteryear.[from the waymarking website]

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