Piers of San Francisco
Francisco has so many piers it is without peer
Pier 1 Pier 14 Pier 26 Pier 28 Pier 29 Pier 3 Pier 30,32 Pier 35 Pier 36 Pier 38 Pier 39 Pier 40 Pier 45 Pier 7 Piers F and G
Pier 1, San Francisco, California

The San Francisco waterfront piers played a crucial role in the Pacific theater during World War II. With the outbreak of the war, San Francisco's waterfront became a military logistics center; troops, equipment and supplies left the Port in support of the Pacific theater.[from wikipedia]

Pier 14, San Francisco

A pedestrian and fishing pier at the end of Mission Street, across from where it hits the Embarcadero.

Pier 26, San Francisco
Pier 28, San Francisco
Pier 29, San Francisco, California

A pier is a raised structure that rises above a body of water and usually juts out from its shore, typically supported by piles or pillars, and provides above-water access to offshore areas.[from wikipedia]

Pier 3, San Francisco, A California City

Behind and docked at pier3 were the Hornblower ships that provided meal and holiday cruises.

Pier 30,32, On San Francisco's Waterfront

South of the Bay Bridge and at the foot of Main Street.

Pier 35, In San Francisco, California

A expensive parking lot that extends into San Francisco Bay.

Pier 36, San Francisco, California

The even numbered piers lie to the south of the Ferry Building.

Pier 38, San Francisco
Pier 39, San Francisco

Located just a ways east of Fisherman's Wharf

Pier 40, San Francisco

Pier 40. Governed by the San Francisco Port Authority.Located near South Beach Park and facing the Ballpark.

Pier 45, San Francisco

As you walk along the pier, you will find several pieces of information about the vessels and World War II. You can also visit one or both of these floating SF museums.[from sf tourism tips]

Pier 7, San Francisco, A California City

When emergency ferry service was added after the 1989 earthquake, Alameda service docked between Pier 7 and Pier 9, Berkeley service docked at Pier 1-1/2, and all other service used the existing Ferry Building piers.[from wikipedia]

Piers F and G, San Francisco, California

Piers F and G are ferry piers located a short walking distance south of the Ferry Building in San Francisco, California.

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