Parks of Salem, Oregon, The Oregon State Capitol
Salem, Oregon has several fine parks avalible for the public to use.
Minto-Brown Island Park Riverfront Carousel State Capital State Park
Riverfront Carousel, In Riverfront Park, Salem, Oregon

The carousel was located in Riverefront Park of Salem, Oregon the Oregon state capitol.

Minto-Brown Island Park, of Salem, Oregon, The Oregon State Capitol

In 1857, Isaac Brown established his home on what came to be known as Brown's Island, near the west bank of the Willamette River. There Brown raised livestock, farm produce, and tobacco. In 1867, John Minto purchased and cleared land on an island near the east bank, turning it into productive farmland. That island would later come to be named Minto Island. Due to flooding the land those two men settled are no longer true islands. The area is still subject to periodic flooding, which prevents it from being developed. Instead, restoration projects have added thousands of trees and converted many agricultural acres to native plantings. This prevents soil erosion, improves wildlife habitat, and promotes water quality.[from wikipedia]

State Capital State Park, In Salem, Oregon

A large public park adjacent to the capitol grounds and next to Willamette University.

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