Outside The Asian Art Museum San Fancisco, California
At the Asian Art Museum, artistic and educational programs empower visitors to discover the relevance of great artworks in profoundly personal ways. Immersed in our galleries, visitors ponder the universal values found in human expression. Through the bustle of daily programs, students of the world steep in cultures through art, music, dance, and tradition. In the clamor of our classrooms, children build bridges to old and new worlds. [from museum website]
Dragon Fortune Flower Interruption
Dragon Fortune, by Artist: Hung Yi, Outside, The Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, California

You might recognize Dragon Fortune from Hung's whimsical menagerie, Fancy Animal Carnival, on view in Civic Center Plaza in the spring of 2015 -- that's when director Jay Xu fell in love with it. Grateful for the donation from Taipei's InSian Gallery, Xu is delighted by the dragon selfies proliferating across social media. He says, "Our building is historical and beautiful, but it's a little serious. The dragon offers a joyful, lighthearted counterbalance. It makes people smile." [from museum website]

Flower Interruption, Outside, The Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, California

Megan Wilson is a visual artist based out of San Francisco. Wilson's large-scale installations and public projects utilize a broad range of pop culture methodologies and aesthetics as a point of entry and engagement for the issues she addresses conceptually. She's used traditional crafts, interior design, and sign painting to explore the meanings of "home" and "homelessness"; public murals and street art as a strategy for challenging corporate values and the surface aesthetics of capitalism.[from museum website]

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