Safari Park San Diego, California
Was Wild Animal Park, San Diego, California. Think of it as a more relaxed form of a zoo spread out over many hills. The most important thing to bring to this park is a really good pair of walking shoes.
Africa Tram Bonsai House Conifer Garden Roar Snore Safari Park
Bonsai House, In Safari Park

Up just beyond Conifer Garden was an open air structure containingfine examples of bonsai plants.

Conifer Garden, In Safari Park

The Conifer Garden was at the end of a long uphill walkpast the big cat enclosures.

Safari Park, San Diego

Located just northeast of downtown San Diego, was a version of the zoothat was spread out over 1800 acres (7.3 square kilometers) of area.

Roar Snore, In Safari Park

Central to the park was a camp area called, "Roar And Snore," in whichone may rent a tent to stay in overnight.

Africa Tram, Safari

A multi-car vehicle tour through the park which wasthe least expensive tour save for walking. The tramprovide closeup views of many animals and ended nearthe dramatic lion enclosure.

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