2022 Red Hellebore, As A Flowering Plant

First Buds
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The first bud began to show on our red hellebore in the front yard below our weeping cherry tree.

2022 external link Red Hellebore external link Flowers external link   •  As A Flowering Plant external link   •  Eugene external link Oregon external link   •  Nikon D300S Camera external link AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 Nikon Lens external link   •  (Date Photographed: 16:42:43 Monday 10 January 2022)   •  (Date Published: Friday 14 January 2022)   •  © 2022 Bryan Costales external link Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License #C22_0005
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