Arboretums As A Place For Trees and Other Plants
An arboretum (plural: arboreta) in a narrow sense is a collection of trees only. Related collections include a fruticetum (from the Latin frutex, meaning shrub), and a viticetum, a collection of vines. More commonly, today, an arboretum is a botanical garden containing living collections of woody plants intended at least partly for scientific study. [from wikipedia]
Mount Pisgah Arboretum Strybing Tilden UCSC
Mount Pisgah Arboretum

An Arboretum on the side of Mount Pisgah just south of Eugene, Oregon.

Strybing, Arboretum, San Francisco

And Botanical GardenLocated in Golden Gate Park

UCSC, Arboretum, Santa Cruz

Part of the University of California, Santa Cruz

Tilden, Botanical Garden

in Berkeley's Tilden Regional Park

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