Leafs of Plants
The above-ground plant organ used for photosynthesis.
1968 Leafs 2006 Leafs 2007 Leafs 2008 Leafs 2009 Leafs 2021 Fallen Leafs
1968 Leafs, of Plants

1968 Sots of the above-ground plant organ used for photosynthesis.

2006 Leafs, of Plants

A leaf (plural leaves) is the principal lateral appendage of the vascular plant stem,[1] usually borne above ground and specialized for photosynthesis.[from wikipedia]

2007 Leafs, of Plants

Leaves can have many different shapes, sizes, and textures.[from wikipedia]

2008 Leafs, of Plants

Leaves are the most important organs of most vascular plants.

2009 Leafs, of Plants

The internal organization of most kinds of leaves has evolved to maximize exposure of the photosynthetic organelles, the chloroplasts, to light and to increase the absorption of carbon dioxide while at the same time controlling water loss.[from wikipedia]

2021 Fallen Leafs, Of Plants, On Sidewalks And Paths, Eugene, Oregon

The shape and structure of leaves vary considerably from species to species of plant, depending largely on their adaptation to climate and available light, but also to other factors such as grazing animals (such as deer), available nutrients, and ecological competition from other plants.[from wikipedia]

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