Tree Leafs As Plants Found In Nature
A leaf is a thin, dorsiventrally flattened organ, usually borne above ground and specialized for photosynthesis. In most leaves, the primary photosynthetic tissue, the palisade mesophyll, is located on the upper side of the blade or lamina of the leaf but in some species, including the mature foliage of Eucalyptus, palisade mesophyll is present on both sides and the leaves are said to be isobilateral. [from wikipedia]
Leaf Compost Tree Leafs
Leaf Compost, As Plants Found In Nature

At its simplest level, composting requires gathering a mix of 'Greens' and 'Browns'. Greens are materials rich in nitrogen such as leaves, grass, and food scraps. Browns are more woody materials rich in carbon-like stalks, paper, and wood chips. The materials are wetted to break them down into humus, a process that occurs over a period of months.[from wikipedia]

Tree Leafs, As Plants Found In Nature

Leaves can have many different shapes, sizes, and textures. [from wikipedia]

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