Weeds As A Form Of Unwanted Plant
A plant considered to be a nuisance.
Context Dandelion Grass Weeds Stickers Weed Art Wild Weeds
Context, For Weeds

Weeds in the context of where they appear

Dandelion, Weeds

The Common Dandelionis considered a weedy species

Grass Weeds

Wildly growing grasses that appear to be weeds

Stickers, And Thistles

Featuring leaves with sharp prickles on the margins

Weed Art

Atististic photographs of weeds

Wild Weeds, As A Form Of Plant, Found in Parks and Forests

A weed is a plant considered undesirable in a particular situation, "a plant in the wrong place". Examples commonly are plants unwanted in human-controlled settings, such as farm fields, gardens, lawns, and parks.[from wikipedia]

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