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New construction window, in the US, means a window with a nailing fin that is inserted into a rough opening from the outside before applying siding and inside trim. A nailing fin is a projection on the outer frame of the window in the same plane as the glazing, which overlaps the prepared opening, and can thus be 'nailed' into place. [from wikipedia]

Plastic Over Hole
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(Date Photographed: 13:56:19 Sunday 2 November 2008)
(Date Published: Tuesday 19 December 2017)
© 2017 Bryan Costales
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License

A sheet of semi-transparent plastic covered a hole where a glass window had been removed. The result was a clouded view of a new restaurant under construction at Jack London Square. Notice how all but a couple splashes of color had been washed out into a uniform beige.

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