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History Oakland Bay Bridge Old Oakland S-Curve San Francisco Teardown Tubes
History, Of The Bay Bridge
Oakland Bay Bridge, Eastern Span Replacement, San Francisco Bay, California

Eastern Span Replacementof the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridgewas required for earthquake safety. The old bridge partly collapseduring the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989.[from wikipedia]

Old Oakland, Span Of The Bay Bridge

Originally build in 1936, about to be replaced

Teardown, Of The Old Eastern Span Of The Bay Bridge

Originally build in 1936, and torn down starting in 2015.


Temporary S-Curve detour in the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge

San Francisco, Span Of The Bay Bridge

The bridge has two sections of roughly equal length; the older western section, officially known as the Willie L. Brown Jr. Bridge (after former San Francisco Mayor and California State Assembly Speaker Willie L. Brown Jr.), connects downtown San Francisco to Yerba Buena Island[from wikipedia]

Tubes, Ventilate Work

On the San Francisco side of the Bay Bridge

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