Flying machines and lighter than air craft.
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Biplanes, As Aircraft Transportation

A biplane is a fixed-wing aircraft with two main wings stacked one above the other. The first powered, controlled aeroplane to fly, the Wright Flyer, used a biplane wing arrangement, as did many aircraft in the early years of aviation. While a biplane wing structure has a structural advantage over a monoplane, it produces more drag than a monoplane wing. Improved structural techniques, better materials and higher speeds made the biplane configuration obsolete for most purposes by the late 1930s.[frome wikipedia]

Blimps, As Aircraft Transportation

Blimps are the most commonly built airships because they are relatively easy to build and easy to transport once deflated. However, because of their unstable hull, their size is limited. A blimp with too long a hull may kink in the middle when the overpressure is insufficient or when maneuvered too fast (this has also happened with semi-rigid airships with weak keels). This led to the development of semi-rigids and rigid airships.[from wikipedia]

Floatplanes, As A Form Of Aircraft Transportation

A floatplane (float plane or pontoon plane) is a type of seaplane, with one or more slender pontoons (known as "floats") mounted under the fuselage to provide buoyancy. Floatplanes offer several advantages, since the fuselage is not in contact with water, which simplifies production by not having to incorporate the compromises necessary for watertightness, general impact strength and the hydroplaning characteristics needed for the aircraft to leave the water. Attaching floats to a landplane also allows for much larger production volumes to pay for the development and production of the small number of aircraft operated from water. [from wikipedia]

Helicopter, As A Form Of Aircraft Transportation

A wingless, ridged body aircraft held aloft by propellers.

Hood Ornament, As Aircraft Transportation

A hood/bonnet ornament, radiator cap, motor mascot or car mascot is a specially crafted model which symbolizes a car company like a badge, located on the front center portion of the hood. It has been used as an adornment nearly since the inception of automobiles.[from wikipedia]

Misc., Aircraft

Assorted flying machines and other lighter than air craft.

Aircraft Museums

Museums that displayflying machines and lighter than air craft.

Shuttle Endeavour, Final Flight

The final flight of the space shuttle Endeavour over the San Francisco Bay Area.

Zeppelin, As Aircraft Transportation

Rigid lighter than air craft whose lift does not require movement through air.A blimp lacks an internal frame which limits its size, whereas a zeppelin cangrow to almost any size.

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