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1992 Delivery Antioch/Pittsburg eBART Extension Mr. BART New Powell Entry Stations
Antioch/Pittsburg eBART Extension, BART System, Contra Costa County, California

Antioch is a terminal station on the yellow line serving northern and eastern Contra Costa County. It is part of a new rail system that connects to BART's Pittsburg/Bay Point station using state-of-the art Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) vehicles.[from bart website]

1992 Delivery, Of New BART Car

Bay Area Rapid Transit Maintenance Yard, Hayward


The little BART car that particpates in many of the Bay Area parades.

New Powell Entry, To BART, And MUNI Systems, Stockton and Market Streets, San Francisco

Powell Street is a shared Muni Metro and Bay Area Rapid Transit station near the intersection of Market Street and Powell Street in downtown San Francisco. The station is located along the Market Street Subway and extends underground from Fourth Street to Fifth Street.[from wikipedia]

Stations, Of The BART System

Bay Area Rapid Transit District stations over the years.

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