Trolleys San Francisco MUNI
Light Rail vehicals that run on the surface and in subways.
F-Line J-Line K-Line N-Line New Light Rail Vehicle T-Line
F-Line, Of Historic MUNI Trolleys

Historic trolleys that run out San Franciso's Market Street and out the Embarcadero.

J-Line, MUNI (LRV) Trolleys

The J-Line runs along the Market Street subway then surfaces to run along Church Street.

K-Line, MUNI (LRV) Trolleys

The K Ingleside runs from downtown in the Market Street subway out to Balboa Park.

N-Line, MUNI (LRV) Trolleys

The N-Judah line runs from 4th and King Streets along the Embarcadero, then under Market Street in the subway, then exitsat Church Street to run out on Judah and Irving Streets.

New Light Rail Vehicle, SFMTA MUNI (LRV) Trolleys, San Francisco, California

Muni Metro is the United States' third-busiest light rail system, operating a fleet of 151 light rail vehicles (LRV) with an average weekday ridership of 173,500 passengers. The Muni Metro system consists of 71.5 miles (115.1 km) of standard-gauge track, seven light rail lines (six regular lines and one peak-hour shuttle), three tunnels, nine subway stations, twenty-four surface stations and eighty-seven surface stops.[from SFMTA website]

T-Line, MUNI (LRV) Trolleys

The T-Third line runs along 3rd Street to 4th and King. An extension is being dug to carry it undergroundinto Chinatown.

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