Hangman release 1.0


A blank word will be displayed in the form of empty squares. Each correct guess will fill in all occurances of the guessed letter in the appropriate empty squares.

If you miss (guess wrong) the number if "Misses" will increase by one.

When you reach one shy of the maximum number of misses, a clue will be displayed. When the clue is shown, you have only one miss (mistake) remaining.

If you fail to guess a word before using up all your misses, the game will end. At that time, if you choose, your player name will be used to update a universal top-ten list and that list will be displayed.

Each correctly guessed word will result in a new word to be played. With each new word, the limit of allowed misses is reduced thereby making the game progressively harder.

New words and clues are added daily.

Enter your player name to begin:

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