God's Rain, A 16mm Films Directed by Bryan Costales

God's Rain (1974)
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Elana O'Loskey, April 21, 20:56:13 2008

Watched God's Rain - I think the digitization was remarkable, especially the sound. You really have always been interested in history, havent' you? Actually, the 'quality' of the film matches the time period perfectly! It's as if you planned it - would a digitized version of Charlie Chaplin (moving smooth and precision-like) look as good as the original? I don't think so. Did you guys actually pluck and truss, etc., the chicken and eat it? The last scene where he passes his horse to the young man is such an ancient, recurring theme through time; it reminds me of that album cover with Muddy Waters and Michael Bloomfield, "Fathers and Sons" - come to think of if, the music isn't inappropriate either

A 16mm film Film   •  Director: Bryan Costales   •  Screenplay: George Jansen   •  Director of Photography: William Carter   •  Starring: Richard James as "Sam" and Randy Musgrave as "Rudy"   •  16mm film converted to digital by Digital Pickle.   •  If video won't play, click here   •  (Date Filmed: 1974)   •  (Date Published: Monday 9 July 2007)   •  © 1974 George Jansen Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License

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