Holes Deconstruct
The hole the nothing of before or after
Building Grave Manhole Natural Plant Holes Urban
Building, Holes

Excavation that precedes the construction of a building.Either a fresh hole or the result of deconstruction of an existing building.

Grave, Holes

A hole for receipt of a deceased body. Either a freshly dug grave, or a holefound in an existing grave.

Manhole, and Manhole Covers

Holes into which humans can descend to service sewers, electricity, and rain runoff tunnels and tubes.

Natural, Holes

Found holes that occurred in nature. Sometimes eroded, sometimes drilled, and sometimes caused by an accident.

Plant Holes, As Deconstructed Empty Voids

Holes in plants either left over from cutting or grown that way.

Urban, Holes

Holes that are typically found in cities and towns. Either intended oraccidental or created by natural wear.

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