21 Amendment 4000 Dead Bare Witness Critical Mass Minutemen Protest Olympic Torch Peoples Park Protest 1969 San Francisco Anti War Tech Bus Protest Ver Di Strike Walk For Life Women In Black
21 Amendment, Parade and Mock Protest

Sponsored by the 21st Amendment Bar and Restaurant

4000 Dead, Candle Light Vigil 2008

Memorial candle service for 4,000 dead soldiers in Iraq

Bare Witness, Saturday, June 10, 2006
Critical Mass, San Francisco

Last Friday of each month at Justin Herman Plaza

Ver Di Strike, Karlsruha, Germany 2008

Wherein garbage collectors with the Ver Di Unionstrike

Minutemen Protest, City Hall, SF 2008

Minutemen protest SanFrancisco's sanctuary law

Olympic Torch, Protest

Those who came to protest the torch, found it missing

Peoples Park Protest 1969, Berkeley, California

People's Park in Berkeley, California is a park located off Telegraph Avenue, bounded by Haste and Bowditch streets and Dwight Way, near the University of California, Berkeley. The park was created during the radical political activism of the late 1960s.[from wikipedia]

Walk For Life, Parade and Protest

A parade down Market Street in San Francisco from the Civic Center to the Ferry Building plaza and foot of Market Street.

San Francisco Anti War, Protests
Tech Bus Protest, 24th Street & Valencia Street, San Francisco, California

The San Francisco tech bus protests were a series of community-based activism held by residents of the San Francisco Bay Area beginning in late 2013, when the use of shuttle buses employed by local area tech companies became widely publicized. The tech buses have been referred to as "Google buses" although that term is pars pro toto, in that many other tech companies such as Apple, Facebook, Yahoo and Genentech also pay for shuttle services operated by private transportation companies.[from wikipedia]

Women In Black
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