Ashes, As Result Of Mythological Combustion

Seriously Spent Fire
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A seriously spent fire had, at one time, burned on Finca Paso Llano in Nicaragua. These ashes were all that remained of a once gloriously big fire. Ah the joy of a warm fire, during a chilled evening, after another hot day in Nicaragua.

Ashes external link   •  As Part Of Mythological Combustion external link   •  Finca Paso Llano internal link   •  Nicaragua external link   •  Nikon D300 Camera external link   •  (Date Photographed: 12:18:07 Wednesday 23 November 2011)   •  (Date Published: Monday 2 November 2020)   •  © 2020 Bryan Costales external link Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License #B12_2867
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