San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua
A coastal town on the Pacific Ocean, in the Rivas department in south-west Nicaragua.
Arrival Beaches Departure Henry's Iguana Beach Bar Royal Chateau The Town
Beaches, of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

In 2011, San Juan Del Sur lay on the Pacific Ocean so had both its own beach and access to other beaches.

Departure, From San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

The 2014 walk from the beach ofSan Juan del Sur, Nicaragua to the tender and then the tender ride back to the Cruise ship.

Royal Chateau, Hotel San Juan del Sur

Al it looked in 2011, located in the small coastal town of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

Henry's Iguana Beach Bar, & Restaurant, San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

A restaurant and bar that served us two orders of fish tacos (delicious) and two alcoholic drinks for a total of $US 20.00.

The Town, Of San Juan del Sur

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua as it looked in 2011, located on the Pacific coast.

Arrival, At San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

The 2014 tender ride and walk from the cruise shipinto San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

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