Playgrounds At Pixie Woods, Stockton
Playgrounds and play areas inside the Pixie Woods Children's Theme Park.
Crooked House Fire Station Playground Neptune's Lunar Landing Old West Sounds Playground
Crooked House, Playground At Pixie Woods, A Children's Theme Park, Stockton, California

The title refers to a nursery rhyme ("There Was a Crooked Man"), a common theme of the author. Narrator Charles's fiancie Sophia says it refers not to dishonesty, but rather "we hadn't been able to grow up independent. . .twisted and twining," meaning unhealthily interdependent on the intensely strong personality of the family patriarch, Aristide Leonides. [from wikipedia]

Fire Station Playground, At Pixie Woods

A full sized fire engine was part of one of the playgrounds inside the park.

Neptune's Lunar Landing, At Pixie Woods

A swimming pool (neptune) had been converted into a alien-themed (lunar lander) play area.

Old West, Playground At Pixie Woods

A recreation of an old western town used as a play area for children.

Sounds Playground, At Pixie Woods, A Children's Theme Park

A playground filled with bells and other sound producing devices.

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