Individual Artist Exhibits of Art
Details of art exhibits and individual sculptures. The key here is the artist's name.
Aaron Kai Adriane Colburn Albert Paley Alexander MacLeitch Alexis Diaz Alicia McCarthy Alise Eastgate Allison Tinati (AKA Hueman) Allison Torneos Amanda Lynn Amara Por Dios 1988- Amos Goildbaum André Karpov Andrew Carson Andrew Schoultz Andy Goldsworthy Anthony Natsoulas Anthony Padilla Antoine Marnata Anton Standteiner Armand Vaillancourt Athio Aukis Banksy Barbara Hepworth Bayne Gardner Betsy Wolfston Beverly Pepper Bip (Believe in People) Blek Le Rat Bordello II Brian McEneny Bruce Beasley Bruce Hasson Bryan Putnam Cameron Thompson @StayAware Cedric Wentworth Charles Ginnever Choi Jeong Hwa Chris Bolduc Christian Cluea Clare Rojas Colette Crutcher Conny Bleul Dan Fontes Dan Plasma Dana Albany Daniel Chester French (1850 - 1931) Danielle Fodor Dave Young Kim Dave Haslett Dave Rubin David Breaux David Govedare David Nash Deborah Butterfield Dee Clements Devin Laurence Field Diane Herz Dimitri Hadzi Dina Saadi Don Kennell And Lisa Adler Don Kennell And Lisa Adler Donna Billick Douglas Brett Douglas Tilden (1860 - 1935) Elizabeth Honrud Elizavaeta Davidove Ellen Picken Elliott C Nathan Erin Mielcarek Ernst Friedrich August Rietschel (1804 - 1861) Fernando Cisneros Finley Fryer Fintan Magee Fletcher Benton Fnnch Forest Wolf Kell François Stahly Franceska Gámez Franco Fasoli Frank Boyden Frank Carson Frank Shepard Fairey Fred Uhl Ball (1945-1985) Fujiko Nakaya George Rickey George Segal Gerald Walburg Geso Gilbert Menke Glenna Goodacre (1939-) Gordon Huether Gouveid Guy Giehl Haig Patigian Hans d'Hollosy Henry Moore (1898 - 1986) Hikaru Kodama Hua Tunan Hush Hyuro Ian Ross Ila Rose Insomniack Designs Isamu Noguchi Italo Scanga (1932-2001) J Manuel Carmona Jake Castro James "Bud" Bottoms James Lee Hansen James Reka Jeff Koons (1955-) Jeff Downing Jeffrey Andrade Hemming Jenn Ponci Jim Miner Jim Dine Jim Evangelista Jim Mattingly Joan Brown Joel Shapiro Johanna Poethig John Natsoulas John Pugh John Toki Jon Krawczyk Jonathan Borofsky Jorit Agoch Joseph Jacinto ("Jo") Mora Joshua Coffy Joshua Martel Juan Olaguíbel Juana Alicia Juanishi Orosco Juergen Eckstein Jules Muck Justin Gibbens Kari Johnson Kate Thompson Katia Goa Katja Ollendorff Katy Welte Kelly Detweiler Ken Spiering Kenneth M. Scott Kerry Rowland-Avrech Kiran Maharjan Lacey Bryant Lady Aiko Lango Har Lara Buelow Laura Kimpton Lauren Napolitano Leo Villareal Linda Fitz Gibbon Linda Galusha Lori Ann David Louise Bourgeois Louise Nevelson Man Lin Choi Manuel Izquierdo 1925-2009 Marco Cochrane Maren Conrad Marginalink Mario Cid Marisol Escobar Mark Rivera Mark Sponenburgh Mark di Suvero Matt Small Matthew Floriani Melanie Alves Michael Christian Michael Stutz Mika Aono Miles Pepper Miles Toland Mona Caron Monty Guy Mr. And Mrs. Ferguson Art Myron Stephens Nathan Richard Phelps Ned Kahn Niño de Cobre Nigel Sussman Norman Collins (1911-1073) Noségo Nychos Olafur Eliasson Orion Fredericks Os Gemeos P Vandenberge Pete Beeman Peter Forakis Peter Helzer Phlegm Phuong-Mai Bui-Quang PixelPancho R.M. Fischer (1947-) Rachel Wolfe-Goldsmith Raul And Davide Perré Ray Losey Raymond D. Hunter René Martucci Ric Gendron Ricardo Richey (@apexer) Richard Deutsch Richard Louis Perri Rick Chambers Ricky Watts Rivelino Roan Victor Robert Behrens Robert Hess Robert Arneson Rodger Jacobsen Ruth Asawa Sainer Sam Flores Sarah Farmer Saron Paz Serge Gay Jr. Sergio Castillo Mandiola (1925 - 2010) Seymour Lipton Shamsia Hassaini Shaun Burner Shaunie Briggs Sidney Waerts Sister Mary Corita Stephanie Scuris Stephanie Taylor Stephen De Staebler Steven Lopez Stuart Jacobson Sue McNiel Jacobsen Tatiana Suarez Tavar Zawacki (1981-) Telmo Miel Terry Buckendorf Thomas Holland (1917-2004) Tim Foley Tim Gallagher Tim Gier Timothy Biggs Tom Bob Tyler Fuiqua Ugo Rondinone Victoria Smith WK Interact Weltzin "Bill" Blix Wes Horn William Wetmore Story William Behrends Yayoi Kusama Yurik Riegel Zhang Huan Zio Ziegler jean Van Keuren
Aaron Kai, International post-pop artist, Individual Artist, Exhibits of Art

Hailing from the Big Island of Hawaii, Aaron Kai's artistic backgrounds can be traced to his early roots. As an avid follower of surf culture and anime, Aaron Kai found his niche while doodling what are the now iconic waves in between class. Fast forward 10 years, we now see Aaron Kai's artistry taking him all over the world. The international post-pop artist finds inspiration from nature and pulls influences from contemporary artists such as Kaws, Keith Haring, Parra, and Takashi Murakami just to name a few. The bold designs of Hawaiian post pop artist Aaron Kai are wildly popular around the world. San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris and six countries in Asia feature Kai's vivid designs, favored by uniquely diverse clients from musicians to retail stores.[from aaron kai's website]

Adriane Colburn, American Artist, San Francisco and New Jersey

Adriane Colburn is an artist based in San Francisco and New Jersey. Her recent work, large scale installations that investigate the complex relationships between human infrastructure, earth systems, technology and the natural world. A penchant for research and direct experience has led her to participate in scientific expeditions in the Arctic, the Amazon and at sea.[from the artist's website]

Albert Paley

American American modernist metal sculptor born in 1944in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Alexander MacLeitch

American Sculpture, San Francisco Studio at Islais Creek

Alexis Diaz, A Puerto Rican Artist

Alexis Diaz is a Puerto Rican painter and urban muralist, known for his chimerical and dreamlike depictions of animals in a state of metamorphosis. Inhabited mostly by phantasmagorical animals, Alexis Diaz's captivating murals are characterized by a very detailed technique and line-by-line precision.[from widewalls]

Alise Eastgate, An American Artist, Based In Oakland, California

I am an Oakland based visual artist, focusing in watercolor and acrylic painting. I am also an aspiring digital photographer and ukulele player. I was born in Europe, raised in Louisiana, and shaped by the places I've called home since, including Alabama, Mississippi, New Zealand, California, and the Fiji Islands. I earned my Bachelor degree in Studio Art and Geography from the University of Alabama in 2010. My work is inspired by my activism and my belief that all living beings deserve the right to live, love and be free. I use color and organic shapes to explore these ideas and relationships within overlapping cultures.[from the artist's website]

Alicia McCarthy, An American Artist

Alicia McCarthy is an American painter. She is a member of San Francisco's Mission School art movement. Her work is considered to have Naĩve or Folk character, and often uses unconventional media like housepaint, graphite, or other found materials. She is currently based in Oakland, California.[from widewalls]

Allison Tinati (AKA Hueman), An American Artist

The artist Allison Tinati, known as "Hueman" in the art world, seduces the eye with sweeps of color. Her canvases range from the sides of buildings to video game consoles, and she's had a hand in helping brands enliven their look with vibrant new product designs and revamped interiors.[from whitewall art website]

Allison Torneos, Known as Hueman, Exhibits of Art

Allison Torneros, known as Hueman, is an Oakland-based graffiti artist and painter. Hueman's signature style includes bright colors and elements of abstract portraiture. Her work has been described as a product of "free association." "Drawing first abstractly and without a definite idea, she will return to the work several times and refine images she sees in the primary, elemental composition.[from wikipedia]

Amanda Lynn, An American Artist, San Francisco, California

Amandalynn is a San Francisco based Muralist, Fine Artist, Conservator, and Art Director. Inspired by the female form and spirit, Amandalynn depicts strong, seductive women and illustrates their strength through line work and decorative patterning.[from amandalynn website]

Amara Por Dios 1988-, Swiss Artist

Amara Por Dios been living in London for the past four years and been decorating the streets ever since. Her style is recognizable with her vibrant colors, organic shapes, patterns and faces. Inspired by the ancient civilizations and religous artifacts from all over the world. Amara brings her spiritual goddesses and creatures to life on the streets and in her paintings to watch and protect their surroundings. Her favourite tool is the spray can that she uses to create her big murals around the globe.[from artist's website]

Amos Goildbaum, American Artist, San Francsico, California

I am a line-drawer, street peddler, and muralist based in San Francisco. You can find me and my wares at many San Francisco festivals as well as on the corner of Valencia St. and 20th most Saturday and Sunday afternoons. For my up-to-date location and schedule, see my posts below. For stores that carry my apparel, keep scrolling.[from the artist's website]

André Karpov, An American Artist, El Sobrante, California

Andre Karpov has specialized in beautifying and renovating residential and public spaces in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area since 1998.[from wescover]

Andrew Carson, Kinetic Sculpture, At The 66th Annual 2018, Sausalito Art Festival, Sausalito, California

I create my sculpture to interact with people and solve riddles of landscape both interior and exterior. Using a varied palette--electronics, illustration, the camera and mechanical systems I work very hard for elegant solutions for demanding problems of space.[from the artist's website]

Andrew Schoultz, An American Artist

Andrew Schoultz combines meticulous rendering with imagery both familiar and fantastical. Themes of chaos and destruction forewarn current political and environmental climate, taking form in large-scale installations, murals, paintings, sculptures and works on paper.[from the artist's website]

Andy Goldsworthy, American Artist

Andy Goldsworthy OBE (born 26 July 1956) is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist who produces site-specific sculptures and land art situated in natural and urban settings. He lives and works in Scotland.[from wikipedia]

Anthony Natsoulas, An America Born Artist

Tony Natsoulas has been working as a professional artist specializing in ceramic sculpture since receiving his Masters of Fine Art degree in 1985 at the University of California, Davis. His main interest has been large-scale figurative ceramic sculpture with a flair for camp.[from the artist's website]

Anthony Padilla, American Artist, Sacramento, California

Anthony Padilla has created sculptures and murals in Sacramento, California.

Antoine Marnata, Mural Artist, San Francisco, California

San Francisco-based artist Antoine Marnata is known for creating vibrant murals in the Bay Area since 2013. Originally from a small town of the south of France, Antoine learned graphic design, visual art and advertising in Toulouse, France and Brussels, Belgium before moving to the USA and becoming a mural artist.[from]

Anton Standteiner, Artist and Sculptor

With the Mountain Forge Inc. of San Francisco

Armand Vaillancourt

Sculptor, painter and performance artist

Athio, American Artist, Eugene, Oregon

The artist named @_Athio lives and works in Eugene, Oregon.

Aukis, An American Artist

Aukis is a San Francisco based mualist and artist.

Banksy, A Mural and Graffiti Artist

Banksy is an anonymous England-based graffiti artist, political activist and film director of unverified identity. Their satirical street art and subversive epigrams combine dark humour with graffiti executed in a distinctive stenciling technique. Banksy's works of political and social commentary have been featured on streets, walls, and bridges of cities throughout the world. [from wikipedia]

Barbara Hepworth

Jocelyn Barbara Hepworth, English sculptor. 1903-1975Her work was Modernism and she helped develop modern art.

Bayne Gardner, A Lane County, Oregon Artist

Bayne Gardner lives and works in Lane County, Oregon. He is a world renouwned artist, who paints bizarreanimals.

Betsy Wolfston, An American Ceramic Artist

Located in Eugene, Oregon, Betsy Wolfston is a ceramic artist who incorporates her respect for the functionality of pottery into non-traditional ceramic creations that speak of human feelings and of ageless wisdom.

Beverly Pepper

American Sculptorknown for her monumental works,site specific and land art.

Bip (Believe in People), An Anonymous East Coast Artist

Believe in People (BIP) is a graffiti artist who favors exaggerated realism. Itis believed he is male, although he prefers to remain anonymous.

Blek Le Rat, A French Graffiti Artist

Blek le Rat, born Xavier Prou, 1952, is a French graffiti artist. He was one of the first graffiti artists in Paris, and has been described as the "Father of stencil graffiti". Blek began his artwork in 1981, painting stencils of rats on the walls of Paris streets. He described the rat as "the only free animal in the city", and one which "spreads the plague everywhere, just like street art". His name originates from the comic book Blek le Roc, using "rat" as an anagram for "art".[from wikipedia]

Bordello II, American Artist

I was born in Lisbon, 1987. I belong to a generation that is extremely consumerist, materialist and greedy. With the production of things at its highest, the production of "waste" and unused objects is also at its highest. "Waste" is quoted because of its abstract definition: "one man's trash is another man's treasure". I create, recreate, assemble and develop ideas with end-of-life material and try to relate it to sustainability, ecological and social awareness.[from the artist's website]

Brian McEneny, An American Woodcarver

Brian McEneny is an American artist who grew up in Southwest Washington and now livesand works in Seal Rock, Oregon.

Bruce Beasley, An American Artist 1960-

"Nature arrives at this perfect point between change and stillness, between form that is evolving and form that is complete; nature does this most easily and with rare mistakes. Nature remains the ideal guide and the great resource; without it, there is no warmth, no heart and I insist that my work have both." [Bruce Beasley]

Bruce Hasson, (1954), American Sculptor and Painter

Bruce Hasson lives and works in the San Francisco Bay area and travels frequently to Italy and Latin America where he creates new work.

Bryan Putnam, A Lane County, Oregon Artist

I am a freelance artist/illustrator, educator, and entrepreneur based in the Pacific Northwest. My work is inspired by the folklore, wild beauty, and wonderfully odd milieu of folks who typify the place I call home.[from linkedin]

Cameron Thompson @StayAware, An American Artist

Painter, muralist, teacher, social activist — Oakland-based artist Cameron Thompson, also known as Aware, has played many different roles throughout his multi-faceted career in the arts over the past two decades.[from oakland art museum website]

Cedric Wentworth, Modern Artist, San Francisco

"With modern art you start off with an Idea but often you end with another. The actual process determines the aesthetic. What is celebrated is the freedom to discover something new and vital during production." [from the artist's facebook page]

Charles Ginnever

American Sculptorborn on 1931 in San Mateo, California.He worked in triangles and trapezoids that changed shape as one moved around it.

Choi Jeong Hwa

South Korean Artistborn in 1964

Chris Bolduc, Embrace The Universe 2016, Media: House paint on glass, Ridpath Hotel, Spokane, Washington

"Embrace" is a mural commissioned for Window Dressing, an urban revitalization project at the historic Ridpath Hotel in downtown Spokane, WA. Completed during the month of March 2016.

Christian Cluea, A American Artist

A little known artist whose work was a sidewalk piced near the Hult Center.

Clare Rojas, American Artist, San Francisco

Clare Rojas is a contemporary American painter and musician known for her use of flat geometric shapes of color to produce quilt-like images. Her works reference Quaker aesthetics, American folk art, Bauhaus designs, and Native American textiles as a vehicle for creating idiosyncratic personal narratives and abstractions.[from artnet website]

Colette Crutcher, An American Artist

My career began with painting and printmaking, but my work now covers a broad spectrum, from very large to very small, from public to intensely personal, from abstract to figurative, and across a range of media: painting and drawing, collage, assemblage, paper mache, concrete, ceramic and mosaics.[from the artist's website]

Conny Bleul, A German-American Artist

Before launching her painting career four years ago, Bleul-Gohlke had excelled in several fields. First, she is a well-known and highly respected birth doula, giving assistance and advice to new or expectant mothers, either informally or professionally — especially providing guidance and continuous support during labor. Second, she was a world-class swimmer, swimming on the German National Team (an injury forced her out of the competition), the 1984 German Olympic Team and in Berkeley on the Aquatic Masters team.[from Berkeley Side website]

Sister Mary Corita, Exhibit 1967

Diablo Valley College,Pleasant Hill, California

Dan Fontes, Bay Area Muralist, Individual Artist, Exhibits of Art

I have an ongoing interest in Bay Area history. I favor local and personal art over the trendy and fashionable art. At the same time, I try to gear my work toward timeless images. In both my murals and studio works, I try to consider attention to "place" or "site specific" pieces of art. Some of them are geared around surprising the viewer, some of them are about leaving a person with a sense of serenity and at other times the paintings can be whimsical or amusing. Often, my concerns for architectural heritage or historical storytelling play a large role in what I choose as my subject matter. When I make a mural, I try to focus in on redirecting or channeling the energy of the place. These newly created places can serve as landmarks, entranceways or emphasize historical properties or many other ideas; the possibilities are limitless. At best, they have taken the surrounding environment (its character, its architecture) or perhaps the light and movement of a place's activity into accont.[from the artist's website]

Dan Plasma, An American Visual Artist

Plasma, 40, recently finished "Free Leopoldo," a political mural that is both on the dining room floor of Pica Pica Maize Kitchen and on its exterior wall at the corner of Valencia and 15th streets.[from sfgate]

Dana Albany, A San Francisco Artist

In 1994, Dana Albany began making sculptures out of salvaged materials found on the streets of San Francisco. Her art work emerges from a mixed palate of recycled and discarded materials that are either symbolically representative as a whole concept or evoke new meaning by transforming materials out of their original context. Without any formal training, she has been very successful in her career and has exhibited for the San Francisco Arts Commission, SOMAR Gallery, produced several large-scale sculptures for Burning Man, and has been hired to assist and collaborate on numerous permanent public art installations in San Francisco, Sacramento, and Seattle.[from recology's website]

Daniel Chester French (1850 - 1931), An American Artist

Daniel Chester French (April 20, 1850 - October 7, 1931), one of the most prolific and acclaimed American sculptors of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, is best known for his design of the monumental statue of Abraham Lincoln (1920) in the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC.[from wikipedia]

Danielle Fodor, American Artist

Danielle Fodor is a artist whose work explores intersections between place, ecology, and culture. Her murals bring people together to turn dull spaces into vibrant places. They tell stories about the plants, animals, and people who inhabit a place. Mural images arise from conversations, community drawings, found objects, and physical traces at the site.[from the artist's website]

Dave Haslett

born in the Pacific Northwestwas an American Sculptor who works with stone.

Dave Rubin, Visual Artist And Musician, From Ketchikan, Alaska

Dave Rubin is a visual artist and musician who has been living in Ketchikan for 29 years. Originally from New York, he brings to his current works a foundation in European painting tradition. Primarily he creates images of Ketchikan?s people and landscapes in oil paint and pastels, but recently has ventured into life-size bronze sculpture.

Dave Young Kim, American Artist

Born and raised in Los Angeles, currently based in Oakland, Dave Young Kim attended the University of California, Davis before earning an MFA at Mills College. Being of Korean descent he draws from cultural history, family stories and personal experiences in depicting images of identity.[from the artist's website]

David Breaux, An American Designer

David Breaux (aka Compassion Guy) is a Stanford University graduate and Davis resident who can be found standing on the southeast corner of Third & C Streets ("Compassion Corner") asking people what their definition of compassion is. He has had a compilation book published with writings from this experience. He hopes that it will be the first of many.[from davis wiki]

David Govedare, A Eugene, Oregon Artist

David has a big personality, energy, presence and at the same time he is humble because he knows the creative life he gives to his work comes from a place of nothingness - where the vision is given.[from artist's website]

David Nash

British Sculptorborn 1945.He works with wood, trees and the natural environment.

Deborah Butterfield

Deborah Kay Butterfield born San Diego, California 1949

Dee Clements

American Sculpture best known for his realistic bronze work.

Devin Laurence Field, An American Artist 1967-

Devin Laurence Field is unique among contemporary large-scale metal sculptors because of the level of articulation he achieves in directly fabricated steel.

Diane Herz, Art Found In Her Home

Original art by Diane found hanging in her home in California.

Dimitri Hadzi, 1921 - 2006

Born in Manhattan's Greenwich Village to Greek immigrant parents, Hadzi grew up in Brooklyn. As an artist, Hadzi is best known for his monumental, abstract or semi-abstract sculptures.

Dina Saadi, Artist and Muralist

Dina Saadi experienced a journey of colorful contrast between the East and the West; she was born in Moscow and raised in Damascus, and in 2012 she moved to Dubai. At the moment Dina is focusing on her Art career as a Visual artist, a muralist & a video blogger that travels to do art around the world and shoots videos to showcase all the stages of her artistic journey. While traveling and making art, Dina aspires to inspire other people and give them hope! her art is influenced by Pop Art & she has passion for bright colors and patterns.[from the artist's website]

Don Kennell And Lisa Adler, American Artists, Santa Fe, New Mexico

First, Don Kennell and Lisa Adler fell in love. Then they made an art car. Then they had a couple of babies. They both did their graduate work at Rutgers University, he in art, she in the social sciences. This was in the nineties. They have been collaborators ever since. Love is a founding principle of their partnership and of the company that they run today.[from the artist's website]

Donna Billick, A American Artisst

Billick Rock Art is a studio located in Davis California, for the creation of large scale public art, gallery and museum exhibitions and community build artworks. The director and lead artist is Donna Billick, a rock artist using the mediums of ceramics, mosaic, terrazzo, stone, bronze, steel and cement. Billick Rock Art was established in 1978 with the vision and mission of creating meaningful, beautiful, permanent works of art.[from the artist's website]

Douglas Tilden (1860 - 1935), An American Artist

Douglas Tilden (May 1, 1860 to August 5, 1935) was an American sculptor. He was deaf from a bout of scarlet fever at the age of four and attended the California School for the Deaf in Berkeley, California (now in Fremont, California). He sculpted many statues that are located today throughout San Francisco, Berkeley, and the San Francisco Bay Area.[from wikipedia]

Douglas Brett, Exhibit of Art

American Sculptor, living in San Francisco

Elizabeth Honrud, Artist and Muralist, Spokane, Washington

My name is Elizabeth Honrud and I have started a business that allows me to turn your favorite picture of your beloved pet into a beautiful painting you will cherish forever.[from her website]

Elizavaeta Davidove, An Russian Artist

Elizavaeta Davidove is a Russian Artist from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Ellen Picken, Geometric Artist

The integration of art, architecture, and environment is key to my public work. I use geometry to describe the patterns of our behavior and natural phenomena. A line can take on multiple characteristics, from motion and sound to volume and depth. Repetition and continuity can imply rhythm, balance, progress, or stasis. These visual cues can affect a person's perception of space and their place in it. [from the artist's website]

Elliott C Nathan, An American Artist

Finding Balance describes the mentality I had creating this body of work. Rather than beginning with a specific plan or intention I often begin painting, collaging, and layering -- following the flow of the brush and seeing what comes out. I'm drawn to bright colors and contrast which is a strong driver in the creation of this series. Working with clients to create custom artwork or murals is exciting, I love being challenged and making things to enhance a space or exude a specific vibe. Creating art is a pleasure and finding balance helps close each piece to move on to the next.[from artist's website]

Erin Mielcarek, Ceramist and Painter

Originally from Michigan, Erin is a Spokane based 2003 BFA from Eastern Washington University.

Ernst Friedrich August Rietschel (1804 - 1861), A German Artist

Rietschel's style was very varied; he produced works imbued with much religious feeling, and to some extent he occupied the same place as a sculptor that Overbeck did in painting. Other important works by him were purely classical in style. He was specially famed for his portrait figures of eminent men, treated with much idealism and dramatic vigour; among the latter class his chief works were colossal statues of Goethe and Schiller for the a monument in Weimar, of Weber for Dresden and of Lessing for Braunschweig cast by Georg Howaldt. He also designed the Luther Monument in Worms, Germany, and created two of its many statues, but died before it was completed.[from wikipedia]

Fernando Cisneros, Multimedia Artist, From Mexico, Now living in San Francisco

Fernando was born and raised in Mexico, but developed his art skill in the US. He is a multimedia artist and a graphic designer, inspired by pop culture and technology.[from the artist's website]

Finley Fryer, An American Sculptor

Finley Fryer made his mark on the international art community in 1998 with the construction of the "The Plastic Chapel" at Burning Man, in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. The creation of "Stan, Submerging Man" in 1999, "Coalita" in 2000, and the "Portal" in 2000 followed. These monumental scale projects clearly defined Fryer as a risk-taker and a dreamer, and his life as an artist continues to be driven by his strong spirit and desire to surprise.[from erickson fine art gallerywebsite]]

Fintan Magee, An Australlian Street Artist, Exhibits of Art

In recent years, Magee has solidified his position as one of Australia's leading public artists and has traveled extensively, completing projects in countries across the world, including Belarus, India, Jordan, Spain, Tahiti, USA, among many others. [from artist's website]

Fletcher Benton, An American Sculptor, Exhibits of Art

Fletcher Benton is a contemporary American artist best known for his kinetic sculptures. Throughout his oeuvre, Benton plays with shapes, lines, balance, and movement to create gravity-defying sculptures of all sizes, as well as abstract geometric works on paper.[from artnet]

Fnnch, Artist and Muralist, San Francisco, California

Fnnch's images are drawn from nature and include birds and bugs. He paints with multi-layered stencils, and he has developed several techniques that help him execute quickly and accurately. His work can be found in Alamo Square Park, Duboce Park, Hayes Valley green, Cole Valley green, and on sidewalks and mailboxes in the Lower Haight and Mission district.[from the artist's website]

Forest Wolf Kell, An American Artist

Forest Wolf Kell is multi-disciplinary artist working in Portland, Oregon. Kell Graduated Portland State University in 2017 with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art. Most of his works are paintings and illustrations with aesthetics influenced by graffiti and tattoo culture. Kell is the owner, head artist and co-curator of the Portland arts collective and clothing company,[from the artist's website]

Franco Fasoli, aka JAZ, An Argentina Artist

The Argentinian artist, known as JAZ, originally trained in scenography (the design and painting of theatrical scenery) and became one of the leaders of graffiti writing in Buenos Aires during the mid-1990s. JAZ is best known for his large scale murals and often portrays elements of the social and cultural environment of Latin American in his work.[from 20x21 website]

François Stahly

Sculptor1911 to 2006

Frank Boyden, An American Artist and Ceramic Sculptor

Boyden's long held belief is that his art reflect and literally grow from the immediate environment it was conceived to inhabit.

Frank Carson, An American Artist

Two local graphic designers named Mitchell Aronson and Frank Carson spent a summer painting the mural, then went on to do other promotional materials, like posters and calendars, for Tower, which went out of business in 2006.[from sac town magazine]

Fred Uhl Ball (1945-1985), American Artist

In the early 1970's Fred Ball began experimenting with placing torch-fired enamels on thin copper foil panels like a collage. Ball also explored the use of bronze as a surface by exposing white enamel at varying temperatures to create varied hues of color on the bronze.[3] These early experiments, described as unorthodox, also had him exploring fire scale and liquid enamels, which are quite common in enameling today.[1] In 1972 he published his first book, "Experimental Techniques in Enameling.[from wikipedia]

Franceska Gámez, American Artist

Born in the Philippines and raised in the Bay Area, Franceska Gámez now resides in Sacramento, where she practices in mixed media sculptures, creating murals and artist advocacy. She received her degree in Fine Arts at California State University, Sacramento in 2014. Her willful practice in the arts have led to dynamic bouts in music, writing, curation, art conservation, and project organization. [from calrice website]

Fujiko Nakaya, A Japanese Artist

Fujiko went to high school in Tokyo, graduating from Japan Women's University High School. After high school, she came to the United States to pursue a degree at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, USA. She graduated from Northwestern with a Bachelor of Arts in 1957 and went on to study painting in Paris and Madrid up until 1959.[from wikipeida]

George Rickey

American Kinetic Sculptor1907 to 2002.Rickey was born on June 6, 1907 in South Bend, Indiana.

George Segal

Pop Art Sculptor born 1924-2000Born in New York, lived in South Brunswick Township, New Jersey from th 1950s until his death.

Gerald Walburg, American Artist

Widely identified as a sculptor who fabricates work in steel, Walburg works in two-dimensions and other three-dimensional media as well, including pieces fabricated in brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, and clay. Commonly categorized as a non-objective artist, there is an inherent figurative underpinning of Walburg's works: formal relationships that reference human forms as well as a conceptual humanism and political liberalism that require some effort on the part of the viewer to uncover.[from parazoo website]

Geso, American Graffiti Artist, and Abstract Painter, San Francisco, California

Geso is an American born graffiti artist and abstract painter whose legacy spans over 2 decades.[from widewalls website]

Gilbert Menke, American Artist And Sculptor

Gilbert Menke is a Davis native and UC Davis alumnus and was the shop tech/Sculpture Yard master at the Art Building. He could be recognized by his black t-shirts, lumberjack boots, metal jewelry (made by the man himself), khaki cargo pants, and the work goggles he often wore on his signature shaved head,[from davis wiki]

Glenna Goodacre (1939-), American Artist

Glenna Maxey Goodacre (born August 28, 1939 in Lubbock, Texas) is a sculptor best known for having designed the obverse of the Sacagawea dollar that entered circulation in the United States in 2000, and the Vietnam Women's Memorial located in Washington, D.C..

Gordon Huether, Glass Art, A German-American Artist As Found Art

Gordon Huether is a German-American artist, and CEO of Gordon Huether + Partners, Inc., commonly known as Gordon Huether Studio or The Hay Barn, located in Napa, California, United States. Huether studied stained glass techniques at the Pilchuck Glass School, in Stanwood, Washington as well as developing his contemporary style during a collaborative project with the German contemporary stained glass artist Professor Johannes Schreiter. [from wikipedia]

Gouveid, American Artist

Guy Giehl, American Artist

At the age of eleven Diehl Giehl moved with his family from Pittsburgh to Pleasant Hill, California In 1968 he started taking courses in the art department at Diablo Valley College and then studied under Mel Ramos, one of the originators of figurative Pop Art at Cal State University, Hayward, earning a BA in 1973. Diehl says that Ramos taught him "discipline and professionalism" and, crucially, to incorporate the camera as a tool in his painting practice. Ramos also encouraged Diehl to attend San Francisco State University for graduate work.[from wikipedia]

Hans d'Hollosy, A Eugene Artist, Exhibits Of Art

Born in 1953 and educated in The Hague, The Netherlands, and Eugene, Oregon, Hans has lived and painted in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, CA, New York City and Eugene, Oregon.[from newzone gallery website]

Haig Patigian, Armenian-American Artist (1876-1960)

Patigian was born in the city of Van in the Ottoman Empire. His parents were teachers at the American Mission School in Armenia. He was largely self-taught as a sculptor. Patigian spent most of his career in San Francisco, California and most of his works are located in California. The Oakland Museum in Oakland, California, includes a large number of his works in its collection, and more can be seen in and around San Francisco City Hall.[from wikipedia]

Henry Moore (1898 - 1986), British Artist

Henry Moore is one of the most significant British artists of the twentieth century. He was born on 30 July 1898 in Castleford, Yorkshire, the son of a miner and the seventh of eight children.[from artist's website]

Hikaru Kodama, Chainsaw Artist, A Japanese Artist

Hikaru Kodama is a leading chainsaw artist in Japan who lives in Shimokawa, Hokkaido. Check out his work and see him at the US Open Chainsaw Sculpture Championship.[from facebook]

Hua Tunan, Chinese Artist, From Foshan, China

Chen Yingjie aka Hua Tunan, born in 1991 in Foshan, China. Individual independent studio founded in Foshan, China. Creative techniques: traditional Chinese art and Western art graffiti combine personal creative splashing ink on Chinese ink art.[from the artist's website]

Hush, Artist from United Kingdom

Currently residing in London, Hush?s style draws upon elements of Japanese influence, including anime and geishas. His approach combines traditional artistic techniques and street art style, creating a dynamic blend of graphic elements and abstract pop.[from 21x20 website]

Hyuro, Spanish Artist, From Valencia, Spain

Her work is intimate and very personal. Her universe, disturbing and seductive. Her language is honest and forthcoming. Her head are her hands and her paintings a gift for the streets of the city.[from the artist's website]

Ian Ross, American Artist and Muralist, From San Francisco, California

A prolific muralist, installation artist, and painter, Ian Ross is a San Francisco-based interdisciplinary artist whose love of the natural world deeply influences his practice. Born and raised in Marin County, he draws from his meditative, solitary experiences in Northern California's forests and beaches to inform his signature approach to abstract imagery.[from his facebook page]

Ila Rose, Artist, From Portland, Oregon

Ila Rose is an artist/illustrator working out of Portland Oregon.[from her facebook page]

Insomniack Designs, An American Artist

A muralist and artist who works out of Los Angeles, California.

Isamu Noguchi, A Japanese American Artist

Japanese American Artist, 1904 to 1988.Known for his sculpture and public works, Noguchi also designed stage sets for various Martha Graham productions.

Italo Scanga (1932-2001), Italian-born American Artist

Italo Scanga was an innovative neo-Dadaist, neo-Expressionist, and neo-Cubist multimedia artist who made sculptures of ordinary objects and created prints, glass, and ceramic works. Scanga's materials included natural objects like branches and seashells, as well as kitsch figurines, castoff musical instruments and decorative trinkets salvaged from flea markets and thrift shops. He combined these ingredients into free-standing assemblages, which he then painted. Although visually ebullient, the results sometimes referred to gruesome episodes from Greek mythology or the lives and deaths of martyred saints. [from wikipedia]

J Manuel Carmona, A Mexican-American Artist

Having been born in Texas along the Mexican border, raised in Mexico, and then spending the majority of my adult life in the USA, my work is greatly informed by my binational Mexican/American heritage, my queer identity, and the liminal intersection of the LGBTQI and Latino communities of San Francisco. I have explored these communities and concepts through varied and diverse artistic approaches, making murals, posters, sculptures, and art installations that in some way satisfy my own personal curiosity, respond to the immediate context, honor the message, and impact the spectator.[from the artist's website]

Jake Castro, An American Artist

He is a muralist, who has been creating amazing pieces for 12 to 14 years, as well as doing laser cut work. Originally from Chicago, he moved to Sacramento for its small-town vibe and the local artist community. He has his own brand and sells some of his works in local farmers markets and festivals.[from glascock realestate website]

James "Bud" Bottoms, An American Sculptor

James "Bud" Bottoms is a native Californian who lives in Santa Barbara by the sea,where he has spent his life swimming and diving. Although much of his sculpture isof sea mammals, he often combines them with humans to express our essential inter-relationship.

James Lee Hansen, An American Artist

1925-, born in Tacoma, Washington, Hansen is one of the most talented of Pacific Northwest sculptors. His abstract work in metal reflects the influence of Chinese bronzes and totemic Indian sculpture.

jean Van Keuren, American Artist

Jean Van Keuren was born in Boston, Massachusetts and received her B.S. and MA from University of Rochester, New York. Her ceramic sculptures have been juried into such exhibitions as the Crocker-Kingsley, The California State Fair (Award of Merit), California Polytechnic State University, and numerous invitational and private collections.[from transamerica art walk website]

Jeff Downing, An American Artist

In the evolving world of ceramic sculpture, San Francisco-based artist/teacher Jeff Downing is well established as a formidable artistic force, creating a steady stream of innovative and adventurous work that pushes boundaries and breaks new ground even as it vividly reflects the artist's own path and the very personal touchstones that have marked his circuitous creative journey.[from the artist's website]

Jeff Koons (1955-), An American Artist

Jeff Koons was born in York, Pennsylvania in 1955. He studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He received a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 1976. Koons lives and works in New York City. [from the artist's website]

Jeffrey Andrade Hemming, An American Artist

Jeff grew up in Northern California and began painting in high school. A self taught observer he took his inspiration from the cold beaches and waves around Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay. While longing for more tropical climates, he moved to Oahu to attend college at Brigham Young University pursuing an art degree in painting. Living in Hawaii taught him to see the details and colors of nature and he began rendering tropical scenes of the North Shore, Koolau Mountains, and other sites.[from the artist's website]

Jenn Ponci, An American Artist

Primarily from northern California, lifelong artist Jenn Ponci spent much of her youth moving paint around the United States. After studying under artist/teacher David Ewing for four years in Sacramento, she moved to Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Portland and North Carolina.[from the artist's website]

Jim Evangelista, A Eugene, Oregon Muralist

Back in the 1980s, University of Florida student Jim Evangelista and his roommates had a sign that read "Welcome to Reality Kitchen." Later, when he started painting murals, Evangelista adopted the name for his Gainesville storefront studio, and Reality Kitchen evolved into a 24/7 coffee house and community center.

Jim Mattingly, A Western Oregon University Professor, Salem Oregon

In 1983, WOU art professor Jim Mattingly submitted a proposal to paint a mural in downtown Salem. The mural was to grace the rear wall of the Historic Elsinore Theatre, then a movie theater, but with a long history of vaudeville.[from the WOU website]

Jim Miner, An American Tattoo Artist

Jim Miner primarily tattoos at the San Jose workspace of the Analog Tattoo Arts Collective.

Jim Dine

American Pop Artst1935 to Present

Joan Brown

Figurative Painter, 1938 to 1990, best know for her Obelisks.

Joel Shapiro, Exhibits of Art

American Sculptor, born in 1941

Johanna Poethig, Visual, Public, and Performance Artist, San Francisco

Johanna Poethig is a visual, public and performance artist who has exhibited internationally and has been actively creating public art works, murals, paintings, sculpture and multimedia installations for over 25 years.[from the artist's website]

John Natsoulas, American Artist, Exhibits of Art

Established over three decades ago, the John Natsoulas Center for the Arts has earned numerous honors, supported emerging artists, and advanced fine art with its dynamic and forward-thinking concern.[from the center's website]

John Pugh, American Artist, 3D Muralist

The deceptive qualities of trompe l'oeil have always made it engaging, even in its most ordinary application. We have all experienced how trompe l'oeil murals "fool the eye," whether they portray a life-like cat or other image painted on the side of a building or a panoramic landscape on the wall of a restaurant. These commonplace trompe l'oeil murals are usually seen as curious decorative pieces of perceptual trickery.[from artist's website]

John Toki, American Artist, Exhibits of Art

Born in the Bay Area into a family that savored the rich Japanese tradition of ceramics, John Toki has worked in clay for over 35 years. A respected studio artist and adjunct professor at the California College of the Arts (CCA) in Oakland, Toki is also the president and owner of Leslie Ceramic Supply Company in Berkeley, which his parents founded fifty years ago, and the co- author of several notable books on ceramic sculpture.[from mission clay website]

Jonathan Borofsky, Human Structures

Located at 555 Missionin San Francisco

Jon Krawczyk

Artist snd Sculpture

Jorit Agoch, A Italian Artist

Agoch was put into detention and detained three days after painting a mural depicting a Palestinian adolescent activist, Ahed Tamimi, who had become an iconic figure among Palestinians after slapping the face of an Israeli soldier outside her home in the West Bank village of Nabi Salih.[from wikipedia]

Joseph Jacinto ("Jo") Mora, An American Artist

The Jo Mora Trust endeavors to honor the memory and integrity of Joseph Jacinto Mora, and his artistic accomplishments, in the spirit and style of his son, Jo N. Mora. The collection curator will strive to enlighten and educate the public about Jo Mora as they make his work available for exhibition and sale.[from jo mora trust website]]

Joshua Coffy, Artist and Muralist, San Francisco, California

Joshua Coffy is a self-taught artist living and working in San Francisco. He grew up in a variety of locales from Ohio to New Mexico to Florida and finally California. Moving from one region to another helped to shape his cultural views of the world as well as inspire him to create art in unique and varied ways. Coffy draws inspiration for his mixed media paintings from the natural world, scientific illustrations and his love of animals. Josh's work includes many layers of textures including paper patterns, maps, newspaper articles, and acrylic paint. Much of his work deals with animals and how humans relate to the birds and mammals all around us. His work is usually a light-hearted and whimsical approach to our ideals about animals. He has created a sense of symbolism and meaning with many of the images he paints. Illustrating the conversation between man and beast with a wink and stillness for you to make your own decisions about what the image is saying.[from the artist's website]

Joshua Martel, An American Artist

An American artist living and working in San Francisco, California.

Juan Olaguíbel, A Mexican Artist

Juan Fernando Olaguíbel Rosenzweig ( Guanajuato , Mexico , 1896 - 1976 ) was a Mexican sculptor , author of an extensive work that is observed in different parts of Mexico City (the Diana Cazadora , the Fuente de Petróleos ) and other Mexican cities ( Monument to the Pípila ).[from wikipedia]

Juana Alicia, An American Artist, Juana Alicia, (born 1953) is a muralist, printmaker, educator, activist and, painter. She has been an educator for forty years. Juana Alicia, as part of the faculty Berkeley City College, founded and directed the True Colors Public Art program. Her sculptures and murals are principally located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Nicaragua, Mexico, Pennsylvania, and in many parts of California., [from wikipedia]
Juanishi Orosco, American Artist, Sacramento, California

Juanishi Orosco was one of the founding members of The Rebel Chicano Art Front (RCAF) in 1969. the artists in this group set out to express the goals of the Chicano civil rights and labor movement, specifically to foster support for Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers.[from warnock fine arts webstite]

Juergen Eckstein

A German artist, born in 1942, lived mostly in Cologne, Germany, Tokyo, Singapore and Los Angeles beforesettling on the Central Oregon Coast.

Jules Muck, An American Artist

Jules Muck began writing graffiti as a teen in Europe and England in the 90s. Back in NYC she worked under Lady Pink for many years. Muck bombed with Spek and Since and was painting highways and rooftops with BTC throughout the late nineties. Her first interview in 1999 was by Zephyr for While you were Sleeping magazine. Smith took Muck into the nyc subway tunnels and the freight yards. Muck was christened into graffiti by some great early legends. She has been published in numerous books including Broken windows, Burning New York, Ganz's Graffiti Women and Cey Adam's the Art and Design of Hip Hop. Muck has had work in numerous collaborative projects such as the wooster collectives 11 Spring St., Hanksy's Surplus Candy, [from the artist's website]

Justin Gibbens, Pacific Northwest Legends (2015), A Natural History, Under Railroad Tracks, Spokane, Washington

In the fall of 2015, Will Bow assisted Justin Gibbens in completing a mural project for the City of Spokane. Located under the BNSF Tunnel on Post Street, this project was funded through the Spokane Arts Commission. Gibbens' 8-panel mural concept showcases historical and contemporary cryptids that inhabit the collective imagination of the Pacific Northwest. Each panel measures 7 x 17 feet. [from Justin Gibbens website]

Kari Johnson, Artist, Eugene, Oregon

Kari Jonson has painted several mural in the city of Eugene. Her art generally includes elementsof gardens.

Kate Thompson, An American Artist

I started painting full time in 2009 focusing on portrait/figure work painting in acrylics, watercolors and mixed media. Fractured Angels is the continuous thread throughout my work.[from kate thompson website]

Katia Goa, A Russian-born American Artist

Katia Goa is a Russian-born artist who, after years of traveling, settled in California. She received her Bachelor of Arts in printmaking and illustration from the Volgograd Art University in Russia in 2001 and has since worked professionally in a multitude of organizations as a graphic designer and art director.

Katja Ollendorff, American Artist

I currently live in San Francisco, but grew up living and traveling extensively overseas and on the east coast. I am influenced by the sights around me, the cultures I was exposed to in my youth, and the travel I do now. I am particularly inspired by folk cultures, city streets, and the endless beauty in nature. [from the artist's website]

Katy Welte, An American Artist 1989-

Katy Welte is and American artist who lives in Spokane, Washington.

Kelly Detweiler, An American Artist

Born in Twin Falls Idaho, his family immediately moved to Monte Vista, Colorado where he lived until age 12. Many of the idyllic memories of this childhood inform his imagination and enter into his work. Moving from a very small farming and ranching community, he was plunged into the crazed consumer culture of Southern California. He lived in La Mesa, California and watched as the entire face of America changed with Vietnam, rampant divorce, and then the summer of love. He attended Grossmont College and immersed himself in art. Seeking to escape the drug crazed beach culture, he set out for northern California.[from the artist's website]]

Ken Spiering, 1950-, Sculpture Artist, Spokane, Washington

Born in Wyoming in 1950 and now residing in the rural Palouse country of eastern Washington, Ken's life's work has been that of a professional artist. Since earning a bachelor's degree in art at Gonzaga University and a MFA from the University of Idaho, Mr. Spiering's emphasis has always been to master the design, drawing and painting of highly credible, yet contemporary images from those richest moments in nature.[from fineartamerca]

Kenneth M. Scott, An American Artist

An American sculpture who works in metal and fired.

Kerry Rowland-Avrech, An American Artist

Artist Kerry Rowland-Avrech was raised in the coastal areas of Venice and Santa Monica, California. In the late sixties and early seventies, the creative figures of the area varied from artists, muralists, surf culture, and poets, to the entities of the Hollywood music and film industry. Such an environment has given her a truly imaginative and unique perspective in the arts. As an eminent contemporary female painter in California, Rowland-Avrech's work shows a vast depth of understanding of American Culture and Art.[from john natsoulas center for the arts website]

Kiran Maharjan, Artist and Muralist, From Nepal India

Kiran Maharjan is a street artist whose works depict images painted realistically with spray, paint which have elements of calligraphy. His work revolves around the dual nature of man and of the artist himself. Maharjan completed his BFA degree from Kathmandu University centre for Art and Design in 2014. He has exhibited his work in galleries like Siddhartha Art Gallery, Nepal Art Council and in various other alternative venues like Alliance Francaise de Katmandou and Tings Tea Lounge.[from artmandu]

Lacey Bryant, An American Artist, A Painter and Muralist

Lacey Bryant was born in Louisville, KY and raised in the SF Bay Area. She was homeschooled as a child and spent most of her time making artwork, reading and creating elaborate games of make believe with her younger brother. She finds inspiration in the natural environment of California as well as with the faded Victorian houses and the various forgotten treasures she discovers walking around in the city, suburbs and country.[from the artist's website]

Lady Aiko, Japanese artist, Individual Artist, Exhibits of Art

Lady Aiko (also AIKO, born Aiko Nakagawa in 1975) is a Japanese street artist based in Brooklyn, New York. In the contemporary art world AIKO is among the most important female street artists from this millennium. In a largely male-dominated form of art, AIKO is becoming an influential figure in contemporary street art. "It's hard being a girl and a graffiti artist," she sighs, but continues to make bold artworks that rival Banksy.[from wikipedia]

Lango Har, An America Born Graffiti and Watercolor Artist

Lango has made his mark in the city. His craftsmanship is impeccable. He transforms walls to look into mythical worlds. Different from the other artists, he interpreted the theme as a celebration of life. Through this piece, he showed that not only has he mastered the art of spray painting creatures but also, as a well trained artist, boss in the usage of watercolors and ink to paint life. [quoted from 1:AM]

Lara Buelow, American Artist

Lara Buelow is a painter based in San Francisco, CA. Born in Germany, raised in the Bay Area, Lara creates at home and abroad. Her wanderlust has led to a love of sketchbooks and collage, incorporating bits and pieces of her surroundings into her work.[from daylighted website]

Laura Kimpton, Metal Art, An American Artist

From her website: Laura Kimpton is a California-based, American contemporary artist. Her creativity stems from a desire to question traditional views on social interaction, therefore invoking through her art a reaction from her viewers that ultimately completes her projects. She is continually exploring new mediums in her search for revelatory communication.

Lauren Napolitano, An American Artist

My mother is from Mexico and my father, from Naples. I feel very inspired by folk craft and medicine of Mexico along with textiles and tribal jewelry of Old World Europe. What I appreciate the most about being connected with my culture is that my art feels genuine. . .its in my DNA..regardless of technique, influence from my ancestors presents itself. I have been walking in the streets of old towns in Mexico and seen century old embellishments on buildings that strongly resemble artwork I had been creating on my own, it's an engaging and validating feeling.[from artist's website]

Leo Villareal, An American Artist

Leo Villareal's work is focused on stripping systems down to their essence to better understand the underlying structures and rules that govern how they work. He is interested in lowest common denominators such as pixels or the zeros and ones in binary code. Starting at the beginning, using the simplest forms, Villareal begins to build elements within a framework. The work explores not only the physical but adds the dimension of time combining both spatial and temporal resolution. [from the artist's website]

Linda Fitz Gibbon, An American Artist

Born in New York, lives and works in Woodland, CA. Fitz Gibbon has an MFA in Visual Arts from the Art Institute of Boston/Lesley University, and BA from Yale University. She was awarded a merit scholarship for the Vermont Studio Center, June 2019 and 2017 and was Artist in Residence at Anderson Ranch Art Center, CO, spring 2010. A dedicated educator in her community, Fitz Gibbon teaches ceramics at Cosumnes River College, Sacramento, CA and for YoloArts.[from artist's website]

Linda Galusha, An American Visual Artist

I don't think words can represent a visual (art) piece any more clearly than a visual (art) piece can replace words, except perhaps in poetry. Although, words in response to looking at an art piece, can open a new visual situation on understanding the art, the actual 'seeing' comes from a more personal, non-verbal, and internal place within the viewer.[from the artist's website]

Don Kennell And Lisa Adler, American Artists, Santa Fe, New Mexico

First, Don Kennell and Lisa Adler fell in love. Then they made an art car. Then they had a couple of babies. They both did their graduate work at Rutgers University, he in art, she in the social sciences. This was in the nineties. They have been collaborators ever since. Love is a founding principle of their partnership and of the company that they run today.[from the artist's website]

Lori Ann David, Design Studio in Santa Barbara, California

Lori Ann David Design Studios has developed a creative and experienced approach to clients needs, combining her unique style with over 30 years experience.

Louise Bourgeois

Louise Borgeois born Paris, 1911

Louise Nevelson

Louise Nevelson born Russia, 1899-1988, known for her monochromatic, wooden wall pieces and outdoor sculptures.

Man Lin Choi, Sculptor, South Korea

A Korean artist born in 1935. He was the Director of the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Korea from 1997-1999

Manuel Izquierdo 1925-2009, A Spanish Sculptor and Woodcut Artist

Best known for his abstract, organic welded-metal sculptural forms and his sturdy woodcut prints.

Marco Cochrane, An American Artist

Marco Cochrane (born 1962) is an American sculptor born in Venice, Italy, best known for his large-scale steel sculptures of nude women.[from wikipedia]

Maren Conrad, An American Artist

In dirty space between urban dwellings, above the frayed and broken concrete littered with needles and drenched in addiction, lies my opportunity to turn scenes of despair and danger into backdrops of joy, expression and value. These larger than life canvases of steel, brick and stucco become the destinations that define a city.[from the artist's website]

Marginalink, Nei Caetano Da Silva, Individual Artist, Exhibits of Art

Marginalink (Nei Caetano Da Silva) is an American artist who lives and works in San Francisco, California. Originally from Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil, he currently works as a Creative Director / Art Director.

Mario Cid, Urban Street Artist

Mario Cid is a street artist working in the San Francisco Bay area.

Marisol Escobar

Venezuelan Pop Art Sculptor1930 to Present

Mark Rivera, An American Mosiac Artist

Mark Rivera is the local artist who created the Plant Plaza Mosaic, the butterfly and hummingbird mosaic vase Flutter and Hum. He also worked on the A Street Bridge Mural.[from daviswiki]

Mark Sponenburgh, An American Artist 1916-2012

An Oregon sculptor, art historian and collector who taught a generation of Oregon art students and helped rescue a priceless Michelangelo statue from the Nazis.

Mark di Suvero

American Abstract Expressionist Sculptor born 1933.Born in Shanghai, China and educated at the University of California, Berkeley in philosophy.

Matt Small, British Artist

Matt Small paints directly onto found pieces of metal, bringingthe physical elements of the city directly into his work.[from nellyduff]

Matthew Floriani, An American Artist

A house is never as secure as it might appear. I have always felt an immediate connection to home, a place not only of comfort, but a place of order. But a closer look inside the cracks and windows might just reflect the erratic and volatile chaos of the outside world. The sense of order and control, in whatever form it takes, acts as a mask, a shelter, a protective fa?ade, for those who live inside.[from the artist's website]

Melanie Alves, Portuguese-American Artist, San Francisco, California

Melanie Pereira Alves is a Portuguese-American multidisciplinary artist living in San Francisco, Ca. Alves has a 5 years degree (equivalent to master degree) in Fine Arts at Porto university, Portugal. She also studied at ENSBA de Paris and ENSBA de Bordeaux, France. [from the artist's website]

Michael Christian, American Artist and Metal Sculpture

I'm inspired by the genius of nature and build things that make me smile I attempt to use the simplest language and smallest words possible. Life is big and complex enough as it is. I make things and don't spend much time talking about or explaining them.[from the artist's website]

Michael Stutz, Exhibits of Art

American Sculptor, featuring sculptures made of ribbons of metal.

Mika Aono, An American Artist

Every time I see a rusty nail on the ground, I put it in my pocket. I dream of what it was before and what it might become. Once I made a sculpture with discarded nails I happened upon and re-membered them. To "remember" is to put back together, to make whole. In my work, I'm interested in giving broken, cast-aside things new life.[from artist's website]

Miles Pepper, An American Artist

Miles Pepper is an American artist who makes sculptures from a variety of materials.

Miles Toland, An American Artist, and Muralist

Miles Toland grew his roots in the artistic city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. His creative juices have been squeezed from the fruits of graffiti culture, a BFA in painting and video at Cornish College of the Arts, live painting at music festivals, & creating street art traveling around the world. His painting style merges naturalistic human forms with transcendental designs structured by mandalas and geometric patterns. Miles treats his art as a spiritual practice of bringing resistance into resonance, honoring the beauty in the decay, and finding wisdom in nature's forms. [from the artist's website]

Mona Caron, An American Artist

Currently, Mona continues to focus primarily on creating murals in public space, and enjoys working in collaboration with kindred-spirited artists and activists. Some of her graphic work, including an archive of past illustration work, can be found in the Studio wing of this website. Mona does her own photography and creates videos and animations to expand the messaging of her work. [from the artist's website]

Monty Guy, A San Francisco Artist

Born in 1983 in Southern California, Monty's fascination for art began as a child. One of his earliest memories is drawing in the entry way of his parents' home. Growing up, his interest in the art world flourished as he continued to paint and draw. Upon completing high-school, he enrolled at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco; Monty was always drawn to the city and it's artistic, eclectic culture.[from the artist's facebook page]

Mr. And Mrs. Ferguson Art, Penny Sculpters, American Artist Team

Our collaboration began when we met each other at Burning Man in 2008. We wanted to create art that expressed the love we found with one another with hope that others too will find the look they seek. We were married under our art installation, Heart of the City in 2011. Every year since, we have lifted ourselves to challenges that test and strengthen our relationship.[from the artists' website]

Myron Stephens, Realism Artist

The works of artist Myron Stephens are best understood as stories that open up conversations between the artist and his audience. With a varied mixture of ingredients - including nostalgic images, snippets of text and trompe l'oeil realism - Stephens cooks up open-ended narratives that invite speculation. Each painting is a doorway to the artist's individual experiences and perceptions, offered up as expressions of aesthetic connection and friendship. [from the artist's website]

Nathan Richard Phelps, American Artist

In the summer of 2015 I set up a small studio space in a conference room at Kenshoo's North American headquarters in downtown San Francisco. Together with Patience Yi of Code and Canvas we came up with an idea. Instead of trying to get the tech community to come out to our art events and engage in our territory, let's bring the art experience to them. Over the course of 3 months I made 2 large murals and created an art studio where I could collaborate with employees in order that they could see first hand what it is to make art. Together we made over 30 entirely unique pieces with a watercolor technique I facilitated. At the end of the residency I framed all the work and created an exhibition which was open to the public and helped to advance the dialogue between art and tech in San Francisco.[from the artist's website]

Ned Kahn, An American Environmental Artist

Ned Kahn is an environmental artist and sculptor, known in particular for museum exhibits he has built for the Exploratorium in San Francisco. His works usually intend to capture an invisible aspect of nature and make it visible.[from wikipedia]

Nigel Sussman, An American Artist

Nigel creates complex isometric murals and illustrations. He can often be found painting pictures of giant cats or flying food. The detail is all done by hand and with a lighthearted sense of humor that keeps you looking, and smiling. Nigel has created art for a wide range of businesses and organizations, from large, innovative brands like Google, eBay and Adidas, and completed projects that include large scale murals to more traditional print projects for well-known publications.[from the artist's website]

Niño de Cobre, An Argentine Artist, Murals and Large Portraits

Argentine street artist Niño de Cobre was in San Francisco, U.S.A. a few months ago and painted this portrait of actor Robin Williams.{from argentine street art website]

Norman Collins (1911-1073), American Tattoo Artist

Norman Keith Collins (January 14, 1911 – June 12, 1973), known popularly as Sailor Jerry, was a prominent American tattoo artist in Hawaii who was well known for his sailor tattoos.[from wikipedia]

Noségo, A Philadelphia Based American Artist

Noségo is a Philadelphia based artist with a passion for combining fine art with contemporary styling. Through a marriage of dynamic patterns and vibrant colors, he creates whimsical environments with characters created from a place of playful imagination and the natural world. [from the artist's website]

Nychos, An American Artist, With Rabbit Eye Movement

Nychos was a street artist who painted fantastic creatures. He later formed the Rabbit Eye Movement group, a collection of muralists that paint all over the world.

Olafur Eliasson, A Danish Artist

Olafur Eliasson is a Danish-Icelandic artist known for sculptures and large-scale installation art employing elemental materials such as light, water, and air temperature to enhance the viewer's experience. In 1995 he established Studio Olafur Eliasson in Berlin, a laboratory for spatial research. Olafur represented Denmark at the 50th Venice Biennale in 2003 and later that year installed The Weather Project in the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern, London.[from wikipedia]

Orion Fredericks, Metal Sculpture

Exhibit at the 2009 San Mateo County Fair

Os Gemeos, A Brazilian Artist

OSGEMEOS (also known as Os Gemeos or Os Gemeos, Portuguese for The Twins), born 1974 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, are graffiti and street artists who are identical twin brothers Otavio Pandolfo and Gustavo Pandolfo. OSGEMEOS started painting graffiti in 1987 and gradually became a main influence in the local scene, helping to define Brazil's style.[from wikipedia]

P Vandenberge, A American Artist

P Vandenberge is a mosaic artist living in Sacramento, California.

Pete Beeman, An American Artist

A Oregon artist who creates large sculpture, man of which have a mechanical aspect.

Peter Forakis, An American Artist

Peter Forakis (born September 22, 1927, in Hanna, Wyoming, died November 26, 2009 in Petaluma, California) was an American artist known as an abstract geometric sculptor. The son of a Greek immigrant, he grew up on the Wyoming prairie until the age of 10 when his family moved to Oakland, California.[from wikipedia]

Peter Helzer, An American Artist

Peter Helzer earned a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture in 1983 from the University of Oregon. He runs his own bronze foundry on a small farm in the foothills of the Calapooyia Range in Dexter, Oregon.

Phlegm, A British Artist

Phlegm is a Welsh-born Sheffield-based muralist and artist who first developed his illustrations in self-published comics. The name 'Phlegm' came from one of the four temperaments in ancient Greek medicine; blood, yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm. Phlegm was believed to be responsible for an apathetic and unemotional temperament.[from wikiedia]

Phuong-Mai Bui-Quang, With P.M.B.Q. Studio, An American Artist

P.M.B.Q. Studios is an art studio founded by Phuong-Mai Bui-Quang in sunny San Jose, CA. We started drawing manga (Japanese style comics) as professionals in 1993, and thought we'd always be doing that. From 2001 - 2003, we drew our own action-comedy comic called Tea Club.[from the P.M.B.Q. Studio's website]

PixelPancho, American Artist, New York, New York

PixelPancho Studio is founded by PixelPancho, an artist born in Turin in 1984 and introduced to color and form by his grandfather, who painted occasionally. Over time, his passion for art and design led him to the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, followed by the Academy of Fine Arts in Valencia, Spain where he obtained his degree.[from the artist's website]

Rachel Wolfe-Goldsmith, An American Artist

Rachel Wolfe-Goldsmith, born January 13, 1991, is an American painter and muralist. Primarily self taught her practice evolved through working with other artists and mentors and taking specialized courses, carving out a style that is both classical and cutting edge. Immersed in fringe cultures, fascinated by science and ancient mystics, an avid traveler, and of African-American and Jewish heritage, her subject matter never settles in one place. [from artist's website]

Raul And Davide Perré, Known As "How and Nosm", American Artists

How and Nosm (Raoul and Davide Perré) are identical twin brothers known for their large scale murals and fine art that adorn city and galleries' walls around the globe. Their initial signature style of red, black, and white-based imagery with the addition of grey and pink gradients is instantly recognizable and commands attention through the impressive size and the intricate detail. Initially the color palette was limited for practicality but instead became a distinct calling card and formal choice that has allowed these artists to push their style to a new level. In recent years the brothers have experimented and have added a few more colors to their palette.[from the artists' website]

Raymond D. Hunter, An American Artist

Raymond D. Hunter, of a kind commissions, works in stainless steel, bronze, copper and brass. The Sculptor works in his Hunter Castle studio in Kings Valley, Oregon.

James Reka, An Australian Artist

James Reka is a young contemporary Austrailian artist bawsed in Berlin, Germany. Reka's art is a paradox between sharp design and graffiti, held together with a fuse of passion and spray paint.[paraphrased from the art and architecture website]

René Martucci, An American Muralist

René Martucci is an artist, musician and educator. With roots in the Bay Area and Sacramento Valley, Martucci has a special affinity for California, the regional art and local music scene. [from the artist's website]

Ray Losey, Survival 1977, A Totem Pole, Artists: Rex and Ray Losey, Restored by: Ray Losey 2014, In the Oregon Zoo, Portland, Oregon

Initially created for Greenpeace, this pole depicts Northwest wildlife: otter, bear, beaver, wolf and eagle with salmon. Each totem is in some way disfigured --a missing eye, lost teeth or otherwise damaged features-- to express the dangers of environmentalpollution.[from a sign below the totem]

Ric Gendron, Re-creations Of Paintings By Ric Gendron, The Ruby Gallery, First Avenue at Lincoln Street, Spokane, Washington

A partnership between The Ruby Gallery and The Northwest Museum Of Arts & Culture. Painting by Ric Gendron. Ric Gendron represented by the Tinman Gallery and MAC's Art @ Work Program.

Richard Louis Perri, An American Artist

Richard Louis Perri has held the master lease on the studio for the past twenty-five years. He is a San Francisco original, a one-of-a-kind brilliant artist who knows all the local merchants by name and never is seen in public without his trademark porkpie hat.[from sc2arts website]

Richard Deutsch

Born 1953 in Los Angeles, California, Richard Deutsch is an award winningsculpture.

Ricardo Richey (@apexer), An San Francisco Based American Artist

Apexer (b. 1978, San Francisco, CA), also known as Ricardo Richey, is a street artist who creates colorful abstract patterns through the use of spray paint. Part of the Gestalt Collective that engages in collaborative murals in San Francisco, Apexer curated mural projects on Bluxome Alley, other districts of San Francisco, and the SFMOMA display windows in association with St. Johns Community Center (San Francisco, 2002).[from the artist's website]

Rick Chambers, An American Muralist

Rick Chambers is a muralist who works out of Bend, Oregon.

Ricky Watts, An American Artist

Richard "Ricky" Watts is a visual artist most notably recognized for his abstract works of fluid shapes and psychedelic color gradients. A forever student of the D.I.Y. movement, Watts? self-taught techniques derive from his adolescent graffiti years. His versatility allows for easy transition between large-scale murals and intricate works on canvas.[from Ricky Watt's website]

Rivelino, A Mexican Artist

A Mexican artist born in 1973. His emphasis is on large sculptures.

R.M. Fischer (1947-), A New York Artist

R.M. Fischer's work predominantly includes sculptures of the last six years. It demonstrates the breadth of form, material and reference that mark his practice, itself having traversed territories of art, design, craft, commercial display, mechanics, fashion, architecture and public art since the late 1970's.[from artviewer]

Roan Victor, Artist, San Jose, California

I'm a painter. I work in watercolor, oil and latex paint. Watercolors keep me in order and oil painting is a party. When I paint walls, encountering various scales, proportions and settings excite me. I revel in the different ways I can present a figure in such a large format.[from the artist's website]

Robert Behrens, An American Artist

A sculptor and designer, Behrens was born in Teaneck, New Jersey, on May 12, 1939. He attended the Kansas City Art Institute earning a Bachelors of Fine Arts in 1965 in industrial design and sculpture, and went on to earn his master's in sculpture from the University of Denver in 1972. His public art career spanned more than 34 years, from 1973-2007.[from askart]

Robert Hess, 1935-2014 An American Artist

Robert Hess was a professor at Willamette University, and a world renownedsculptor and artist.

Robert Arneson

American SculptorAnd Professor of Ceramics1930 to 1992

Rodger Jacobsen, Sculptor

I also found that I am really interested in form and the space surrounding it and I would spend hours adjusting volume and placement in small degrees to get it right.[from glenn green galleries website]

Ruth Asawa, An American Artist

Ruth Aiko Asawa (January 24, 1926 - August 5, 2013) was an American sculptor. Known in San Francisco as the "fountain lady", her work is included in prominent art collections such as those of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. She was a driving force behind the creation of the San Francisco School of the Arts, which was renamed the Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts in 2010 in tribute to her. [from wikipedia]

Sainer, A Polish Artist

Born in 1988 in Lodz, Poland. A graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. Painter and Muralist who currently lives and works in Gdynia, Poland. Half of ETAM Cru, created together with Bezt.[from his website]

Sam Flores, An American Artist

Sam Flores was born in the state of New Mexico in the United States. As a young man, he moved to San Francisco, California. When he was younger, he was recorded to be inspired by the work of graffiti, which is what currently drives his inspirations for his paintings and works.[from wikipedia]

Sarah Farmer, A San Francisco Artist

A San Francisco native, Sarah received her BFA in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design, and is currently based in Los Angeles. Her expertise in multiple media ranges from traditional oil techniques, drawing, sculpting, and printmaking to ceramics; metal casting and fabrication, and fiber arts.[from sara farmer ebsite]

Saron Paz, American Artist, San Francisco, California

We accept challenging commissions as well as initiate our own adventures. We enjoy collaborating with friends and new acquaintances. We happily combine work & play. We like surprises, thrilled by restrictions and do our best to keep ourselves and the people around us fairly entertained.[from the artist's website]

Serge Gay Jr., An American Artist

Serge Gay Jr. is a Grammy nominated Creative Director and Art Director. Also a Painter, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, currently based out of San Francisco, California. His art infuses inspiration from living in cities from coast to coast. Influence in his work can be found from the culture sociology of his homeland of Haiti, New York, Miami, Detroit and San Francisco. Serge has taken residence in San Francisco where he continues to explore and share his talent with the world through career oriented and non-profit freelance projects.[from the artist's website]

Sergio Castillo Mandiola (1925 - 2010), A Chilean Sculptor

Sergio Castillo Mandiola (Santiago, May 13, 1925 - ibidem, August 19, 2010) was a Chilean sculptor and academic of the so-called Generation of Fifty, 1997 National Prize for Plastic Arts.[translated from spanish wikipedia]

Seymour Lipton, (1903 - 1986)

An American abstract expressionist sculptor.

Shamsia Hassaini, An Afgan Artist

Shamsia Hassani (born 1988) is an Afghan graffiti artist, a fine arts lecturer, and associate professor of sculpture at the Kabul University. She has popularized "street art" in the streets of Kabul. She has exhibited her street and digital art in several countries including India, Iran, Germany, Italy and in diplomatic missions in Kabul.[from wikipedia]

Shaun Burner, An American Artist

Shaun Burner is a Sacramento native. Burner's passion lies in all forms of art, including music and carpentry, but he is mostly known for his stunning murals. He is co-owner of 1810 Gallery, an artist-run platform dedicated to bring artists and the community together.[from the artist's website]

Shaunie Briggs, An American Artist

Lets preserve and enhance a sense of creativity, free spirit, and community, in the home and garden. By teaching and practicing the art of homemaking, we build on the foundation of daily sense of place in the home as a base or "launch pad" for creative endeavors and experiences.[from the artist's website]

Frank Shepard Fairey, American Mural Artist

Frank Shepard Fairey (born February 15, 1970) is an American contemporary street artist, graphic designer, activist, illustrator, and founder of OBEY Clothing who emerged from the skateboarding scene. He became widely known during the 2008 U.S. presidential election for his Barack Obama "Hope" poster.[from wikipedia]

Sidney Waerts, A Duch Based Artist

The work of Dutch artist Sidney Waerts is inevitably characterized by a feeling of discomfort: his paintings and sculptures show the moment when beauty loses its raison d`atre, and presents its darkest side. Behind his figurative images lies a disturbing analysis of our times.[from kallenbach gallery website]

Stephanie Scuris, An American Artist

An American artist born 1931 in Karyae, Greece. She emigrated to the US in 1947 and got a BFA and MFA from Yale. She also attended the Paier School of Applied Arts in New Haven.[paraphrased from artnet]

Stephanie Taylor, Califonria Artist

I'm one of those artists who is more concerned with a level of challenge and learning than I am in developing a "collectible" style. I thrive on a little risk: the feeling of starting a project not knowing exactly what to do or how to get it done, whether in words or images. It's like the fun part of traveling -- you never know what's around the next bend.[from the artists' website]

Stephen De Staebler

American Sculpture, 1933 to 2011.Best recognized for his work in clay and bronze.

Steven Lopez, A Eugene, Oregon Muralist

Born in Los Angeles, Lopez was heavily influenced by hip hop culture and graffiti art. He is a painter who has emerged from the graffiti subculture and academic influence. While attending the University of Oregon Lopez studied under the guidance of master sculptor, Dora Natella and design theorist, Leon Johnson. Lopez absorbed attention to form associated with Natella's sculptures, while refining his conceptual vocabulary through Johnson's critique on visual continuity. [from the artist's website]

Stuart Jacobson, 1995- An American Artist

An American artist that lives and works in the Northwest. He sculpts from stone and prefers to create outdoor sculptures.

Sue McNiel Jacobsen, An American Artist

She sought out professional sculptors whose work she admired, with whom to study throughout the U.S., France, Canada, and Mexico.

Tatiana Suarez, Individual Artist, Exhibits of Art

Born and raised in Miami, Tatiana Suarez's work draws you into a surreal, creamy, and ethereal world filled with doe-eyed figures ornamented by unsettling accompaniments and sexual undertones. On both canvas and walls, Suarez's work is rich with symbols from her Brazilian and El Salvadorian heritage, juxtaposing the beautiful with the exotic and creepy to create enchanted narratives. The natural mythology and folklore from her respective parent cultures influence her work, from the indigenous face paint and adornment used to the rich and tropical color palettes of the South American landscape. [from the artist's website]

Tavar Zawacki (1981-), American Artist

In January 2017, Tavar Zawacki decided to step out of his self-imposed shadow of anonymity, and start creating, and signing artworks with his real birth name - allowing more freedom of creative exploration, as well as liberation from the arrow icon he has associated himself with.[from wikipedia]

Telmo Miel, Artist and Muralist, Rotterdam, Netherlands

A muralist and image-making duo from the Netherlands, Telmo Miel is Telmo Pieper and Miel Krutzmann. They have worked together since meeting at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam in 2007, officially becoming Telmo Miel in 2012. Their murals are both surreal and realistically rendered, with a tremendous amount of detail and vibrant color. Able to work fairly seamlessly, their styles have combined to such an extent that they're able to execute multiple areas in tandem, exchanging places and completing each other's work. They often execute their pieces on a monumental scale, creating huge architecturally sized spray-paint paintings on building facades. Combining multiple elements in a single composition, they layer references to the human and animal worlds to create complex creatures and fantastic scenarios. With positivity, humor and a touch of the romantic, their work is arresting and epic.[from thikspace website]

Terry Buckendorf, An American Mural Artist

This mural of San Francisco's Columbus Cafe in North Beach, painted by Terry Buckendorf. This mural was restored in 1989, and again in January 2013, due to the mural's extensive water damage. Although the mural's image is of a San Francisco location, the placement of several prominent Davis residents, and the historical nature of the mural has made it an endearing and enduring addition to the downtown area.[from davis art walk website]

Thomas Holland (1917-2004), American Artist, Specializing in Equestrian Art

Best remembered as a sculptor and avid polo player, Thomas Holland was born in Alameda, California and studied at the California College of Arts and Crafts, UC Berkeley and the University of Mexico. [from ask art website]

Tim Foley, "Ascending" 1999, by An American Artist

A frog sculpture on the side wall of a building on S. Madison Avenue in Corvallis, Oregon.

Tim Gallagher, "Evolution Totem" 1994

Located near the corner of Broadway and Olive Street indowntown Eugene, Oregon.

Tim Gier, An America Born Artist

Tim Gier is a painter who produces photorealistic paintings.

Timothy Biggs, A Eugene, Oregon Metal Artist

My art takes a functional form such as a piece of furniture or a sign. I enjoy making things that move, light up and are useful; all while looking interesting.[from interview on]

Tom Bob, An American Artist

Whether it's turning electric meters into monkeys and lobsters or a sewer drain into Blinky (the red ghost from Pac-Man), Tom Bob pushes us to see new, fun possibilities in public spaces.[from my modern met website]

Tyler Fuiqua, An America Born Artist

Spearheaded in 2007 by Tyler FuQua, TFC is made up of a handful of skilled and talented people from the Portland, Oregon area. Tyler, having gotten started by making giant puppets with what was lying around his house, had set his focus on building bigger and better things with each new creation.[from the artist's website]

Ugo Rondinone, Moonrise Sculptures

Located at 555 Missionin San Francisco

Victoria Smith, An American Artist

I am proud to be Third generation Sacramento. Raised in Land Park, I grew up in a creative family. My Mother was a professional Artist and I realize now how unusual it was that she would let us use anything she had, her best brush or pencil cheerfully handed over to a seven year old with sticky fingers.[from Davis art walk webstite]

William Behrends, Sculpture, Inc.

Artist who sculpts famous people in bronze, marble and other materials.

Weltzin "Bill" Blix, An American Artist 1930-

Weltzin Blix is an American sculptor who lives and works in Eugene, Oregon.

Wes Horn, American/Canadian Artist

Wes Horn is a second-generation sculptor, ceramicist, mosaicist, and builder, making durable exterior artworks for the public and shared landscapes. Living and working out of Davis, California, United States, as well as Todos Santos, B.C.S, Mexico; he creates works matched for climates and vistas as varied as the western landscape.[from the artist's website]

William Wetmore Story, An American Artist

William Wetmore Story (February 12, 1819 – October 7, 1895) was an American sculptor, art critic, poet, and editor.[from wikipedia]

WK Interact, A French/American Artist

WK (aka WK Interact) was born in 1969 in Caen, France. He has lived and worked in New York since the early 1990s. WK is interested with the human body in motion, his paintings of figures frozen in a flight of movement reflects this infatuation. The artist?s unique process involves a technique of twisting an original drawing or photograph while it?s being photocopied, resulting in the monochromatic palette and streamlined moment-in-time appearance of his finished work.[from the artist's website]

Yayoi Kusama, An Japanese Artist

Yayoi Kusama (born March 22, 1929) is a Japanese contemporary artist who works primarily in sculpture and installation, but is also active in painting, performance, film, fashion, poetry, fiction, and other arts. Her work is based in conceptual art and shows some attributes of feminism, minimalism, surrealism, Art Brut, pop art, and abstract expressionism, and is infused with autobiographical, psychological, and sexual content. She has been acknowledged as one of the most important living artists to come out of Japan.[from wikipedia]

Yurik Riegel, A American Artist

Yurik Riegel's imagery speaks of the teachings of the Buddha, David Deida, Ray Kurtzweil, Deepak Chopra, Ekhart Tolle, and many other great thinkers. His art is an intensely emotional two-way conversation about personal transformation, spirituality, the coming technological singularity, and the challenge of saving ourselves from ourselves. It also dares to whisper a positive message --heralding the growing trends of urban tribalism, personal exploration, positive psychology and global connection. His paintings are an up-to-the minute reflection of modern man's struggle to know himself in an age of information and globalization.[from the artist's website]

Zhang Huan, China

"Three Heads, 6 Arms" Civic Center, San Francisco

Zio Ziegler, American Artist And Muralist

Zio Ziegler is an American artist known best for his paintings and murals, many of which appear in the Mission District of San Francisco, as well as around the world such as Tokyo, Los Angeles, London, Italy, and more. His paintings have been featured both in the United States and internationally.[from wikipedia]

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