André Karpov An American Artist El Sobrante, California
Andre Karpov has specialized in beautifying and renovating residential and public spaces in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area since 1998. [from wescover]
"Compassion Lives Here" Mural 2005
"Compassion Lives Here" Mural 2005, Artist: André Karpov, An American Artist, Assisted by: Jubal Stedman and Carey Lamprecht, Cunningham Place and Valencia Street, San Francisco, California

Various states govern or claim to govern in the name of the people. Both the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire used the Latin term Senatus Populusque Romanus, (the Senate and People of Rome). This term was fixed abbreviated (SPQR) to Roman legionary standards, and even after the Roman Emperors achieved a state of total personal autarchy, they continued to wield their power in the name of the Senate and People of Rome.[from wikipedia]

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