Anthony Padilla American Artist Sacramento, California
Anthony Padilla has created sculptures and murals in Sacramento, California.
"Ascension of Life into Electrolyte Night" Mural 2014 "Solar Compass" Mural 2013 Marriott Entrance Mural 2018 Old Soul Company Mural 2018 Utility Box Art
"Ascension of Life into Electrolyte Night" Mural 2014, Artist: Anthony Padilla, Sponsored by: Pence Gallery, 212 D Street, Davis, California

Entering Heaven alive (called by various religions "ascension", "assumption", or "translation") is a belief held in various religions. Since death is the normal end to an individual's life on Earth and the beginning of afterlife, entering Heaven without dying first is considered exceptional and usually a sign of a deity's special recognition of the individual's piety.[from wikipedia]

Marriott Entrance Mural 2018, Artist: Anthony Padilla, An American Artist, Residence Inn by Marriott, Sacramento, California

Anthony Padilla has created sculptures and murals in Sacramento, California.The entrance to Sacramento's downtown Marriott hotel was decorated to resemble a bee hive.

Old Soul Company Mural 2018, Artist: Anthony Padilla (Kenetic Ideas), An American Artist, 1716 L Street, Sacramento, California

The current consensus of modern science is that there is no evidence to support the existence of the soul when traditionally defined as the spiritual breath of the body. In metaphysics, the concept of "Soul" may be equated with that of "Mind" in order to refer to the consciousness and intellect of the individual.[from wikipedia]

"Solar Compass" Mural 2013, Artist: Anthony Padilla, Sponsor: Pence Gallery, Behind 212 D Street, Davis, California

From the middle of the 19th century until late in the 20th century, the solar compass was widely employed for surveying land. Its original impetus was for use where magnetic compasses were susceptible to iron bearing minerals that made for inaccurate readings. It was then found to be superior to the magnetic compass even when local attraction was not a problem.[from wikipedia]

Utility Box Art, Artist: Anthony Padilla, An American Artist, Outside John Natsoulas Gallery, 531 1st Street, Davis, California

Utility box art is a form of street art whereby utility boxes on city streets are painted or otherwise covered in artwork.[from]

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