Bruce Beasley An American Artist 1960-
"Nature arrives at this perfect point between change and stillness, between form that is evolving and form that is complete; nature does this most easily and with rare mistakes. Nature remains the ideal guide and the great resource; without it, there is no warmth, no heart and I insist that my work have both." [Bruce Beasley]
Big Red 1974
Big Red 1974, Artist: Bruce Beasley 1960-, An American Artist, Washington/Jefferson Park, Eugene, Oregon

Bruce Beasley's Big Red is an outdoor sculpture installed at Washington Jefferson Park, located at West 7th Avenue between Washington and Jefferson, in Eugene. The red painted, abstract steel sculpture measures 12 feet (3.7 m), 9 inches (23 cm) x 11 feet (3.4 m), 6 inches (15 cm) x 36 feet (11 m), 5 inches (13 cm).[from wikipeia]

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