Matthew Floriani An American Artist
A house is never as secure as it might appear. I have always felt an immediate connection to home, a place not only of comfort, but a place of order. But a closer look inside the cracks and windows might just reflect the erratic and volatile chaos of the outside world. The sense of order and control, in whatever form it takes, acts as a mask, a shelter, a protective fa?ade, for those who live inside. [from the artist's website]
flor0509 2018
flor0509 2018, Artist: Matthew Floriani, 510 3rd Street, Oakland, California

On the other hand, my illustrations of ?empty? deer heads symbolize three brothers, the inhabitants of the home. I employ a drawn form of collage to resemble domestic textiles, bed sheets, and tablecloths as a soft shield that protects in some ways and not in others, provoking a sense of vulnerability in the most regulated of spaces. The tension created through the juxtaposition of a lifeless mask, the bleakness of a hollow home, and the comforting fabric patterns leads to a questioning of what exactly is being protected.[from the artist's website]

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