Mr. And Mrs. Ferguson Art Penny Sculpters American Artist Team
Our collaboration began when we met each other at Burning Man in 2008. We wanted to create art that expressed the love we found with one another with hope that others too will find the look they seek. We were married under our art installation, Heart of the City in 2011. Every year since, we have lifted ourselves to challenges that test and strengthen our relationship. [from the artists' website]
Ursa Mater 2016
Ursa Mater 2016, Artists: Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson, Penny Sculptors, American Artist Team, Sculpture of Mother Bear with two Cubs, San Jose, California

Ursa Mater, affectionately known to the citizens of Black Rock City (Burning Man) as Mamma Penny Bear is a sequential installation to our Ursa Mater sculpture from 2016. This bear returned with her cubs. Third in our series of penny sculptures, this piece has the most coins we have ever placed to create the effect of a fur coat. This one has over 200,000 pennies. Ursa Mater was carved from foam and layered in a concrete stucco with the pennies placed in the wet stucco vertically, it took us and our 12 person art team, 4 months to complete.[from the artists' website]

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