Tio Giammbruni 1925-1971 An America Born Artist University of California at Davis Davis, California
For Tio L. Giambruni, total and passionate involvement was a way of life. His students, friends, and associates all felt the enrichment of their lives from experiencing the depth of vitality and enthusiasm that Tio directed toward all his endeavors. To know and to work with him was to know the energy, love, and integrity that he put into creating, teaching, and living. [from uc davis]
"Bum Bum You've Been Here Before" 1967
"Bum Bum You've Been Here Before" 1967, Artist: Tio Giambruni 1925-1971, An America Born Artist, University of California at Davis, Davis, California

Bum, Bum, You've Been Here Before is one of the weirder looking sculptures on Campus. It was created in 1967 by Tio Giambruni while he was a professor at UC Davis. It was cast out of bronze and aluminum at a campus foundry, and for that reason was considered a technological tour-de-force. From 1967 until 1976 it was on Russell Boulevard. It was then moved to central Campus over the spring break of 1987. Around that time it was appraised at $28,000. There was a front page article about this in the April 9, 1987 edition of the California Aggie.[from davis wiki]

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